Defriended ruth baron ending a relationship

Defriended by Ruth Baron Book Reviews

defriended ruth baron ending a relationship

Crime Romantic Relationships Social Networking Violence. Other Books You Might Like. card-image. Book. Slumber Party. By. Christopher Pike. Grades. Defriended Ruth Baron Point Horror, May ISBN Trade There is a lack of certainty with an online relationship. Baron's near-manic mentions of social media and technology quickly become tiresome and only serve to jar the narrative flow away from the.

It helped that the protagonist, Jason, has a better sense of humor and more common sense than most. The horror aspects center around the creepiness of a dead friend on Facebook and while there are scenes you might not want to read while alone on a dark stormy night, Baron shows class as she avoids inserting anything truly disgusting just for shock value.

What surprised me most is that the book is also very much a crime novel, and a well done one at that. There are only so many options to explain a Facebook relationship with the dead, after all, and most if not all of them involve some kind of a crime.

Baron crafts a clever solution to the situation and adds a twist or two to keep the reader guessing. SherrieCronin Aug 10, year-old Jason is thrilled that he has finally found the perfect girl When Jason discovers that Lacey supposedly died in an accident a year ago, his once boring, mundane life is thrown for a curve.

With the help of his best friend, ladies'-man Rakesh, and a collection of characters from Lacey's past, Jason is on a mission to rescue his damsel in distress. Interesting twists of plot and a captivating read. If you are looking for a good "horror" story, this book falls short.

I would classify it as more of a murder mystery suspense novel. SheilaCornelisse Jun 2, I have never been a sociable person and will admit that I tend to hide from big crowds. I am not one to boast about having more than a couple of close friends, but have never complained. Like many others, I have used Facebook as a tool to meet new people. Oh, fuck off, Jason. You are a terrible person, Jason. He talks to a few people, then breaks off into the trees for a bit of mental peace and quiet so he can think about Lacey again.

And I am left wondering why he uses a tiny keyring flashlight when anyone smart would use the flash on their phone. It gives off far more light. He thinks someone is following him and he falls over and loses his flashlight.

Then he gets up and finds his flashlight. As they leave, he thinks he sees a blonde driving a Volkswagen, which naturally has to be Lacey, right?


I know, I know, kind of stalkerish, but in my defense, I really like you and I just wanted to know more about you. You probably know where this is going… I found your obituary. And then I found your memorial Facebook page. And then I visited your actual memorial in Brighton Park.

And then I called your house.

defriended ruth baron ending a relationship

Jesus, typing this stuff out it seems crazy, and it has FELT crazy. I hope you write back soon. Were you following me at the bridge last night? Or am I just insane? Not sure I want to know the answer to that one…. That would not have been how I worded it. My letter would have gone like this: So, who the hell are you really? And honestly, do you really want to be outed as the person who pretended to be a dead teenager? Gimme a blindfold and some stupidity: Literally everyone does it.

That said, I would be very wary of putting my login details in a proxy site. Jason is a moron, not a member of Anonymous. I know you met Jenna yesterday. She knows Jason met Jenna?

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There was a body, right? Rakesh has a moment of sense, which Jason promptly shuts down. He later friends Jenna and asks her to meet him. She agrees to meet him at a coffee shop. Jason admits that he knew Lacey online, but is vague about when they started chatting, which Jenna accepts no catfish points there, because it was neatly done.

Then Jenna says that she thought that might be the case and she wanted to meet him because he might know what happened to her. Lacey had changed before her death, kind of zoned out and spending all her time with a guy called Max who was teaching her to play guitar. The same intruder has rifled through this desk too.

defriended ruth baron ending a relationship

I swear Rakesh only exists to give diversity. He might be our first Indian character, though. I now want to actually track racial diversity in the books, but not enough to actually go through and do all the research.

I already spend too much time raging over these stories.

defriended ruth baron ending a relationship

Just so you know, Jenna is the only person I like in this story. Jason does in fact go and buy a load of vinyl LPs. And then he watches Goonies. I swear I typed the above before reading the next chapter. Renaissance Man did this much better. They did a rap about it. Before Jason could ask what he was doing there, Jenna slid into the booth and urgently whispered the news to him. As he heard it, he felt the earth tilt under him, as if any moment the three of them, complete with their booth, would slide away, like deck chairs on the Titanic.

The weirdest part was that he felt even more betrayed than he had when he found the obituary. He told himself it was silly — he was overreacting, and slowly his vision righted itself. Like so many other things, this was just a misunderstanding. In another life, Jason and Max could have been friends. In another life, they could have met up at shows and traded playlists, even started a band together. But right now, in this restaurant, Jason was filled with angry envy that Max had spent time with Lacey, had seen the light of day move across her face and the swing of her hair, the movement of her arms.

So far, I ship Jasax more than Jacey. The former sound better. In fact, all it does is suggest strongly that one of the people at this table is pretending to be Lacey.

defriended ruth baron ending a relationship

Yes, Wing, you are now a verb. She was also arguing with Troy. And after that Lacey cooled off their friendship. This is fucking fascinating.

The plot moves at a glacial pace and everything is so teen drama. Who cares about her secret boyfriend? Then we check in with Rakesh, who decides to say what every reader is thinking: So what if she had another boyfriend?

And I said she could trust me. He must do this alone. No way would I break the law for a catfish. However, taping it under the back bumper is stupid. There are magnetic boxes specifically for that use. The story does actually mention that Luke has upgraded to one of those magnetic boxes. Why was this information held back from Jason? It was a clumsy anachronism of a McGuffin. The drive has a video on it. Definitely wouldn't re-read or recommend. I don't consider myself to be the sort of YA reader who expects too much sophistication from a book, I really read for an enjoyable story a given since I love my 80s and 90s Point Horror's.

To be honest, without even great expectation from this book I was disappointed overall. I enjoyed it only to a small extent.

There were some things I had a problem with: Unli Being a 80s and 90s Point Horror series absolute fanatic, and given the exciting premise of this novel, I bought it without hesitation. Unlike the older books there is obviously a hugely different context, technology-wise, which may or may not work for you, as the nostalgic feel of the Point Horrors is one of the reasons I read them.

I read this book knowing the plotline, how big a part technology plays in it, but, and this is without comparing to the original Point Horror seriestechnology was used annoyingly much, as though the author had exaggerated technology use in an attempt to get the usage right for teenagers.

If you compare this book to another contemporary YA book you're likely to notice how much technology has been referenced, and unnecessarily so, as if there was a count which had to be met.