Explore the dungeon because i dont know ending relationship

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explore the dungeon because i dont know ending relationship

Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW is a terrible excuse for a dungeon crawler with nothing to offer anyone. "Adventure Time" was the hit that nobody saw coming, and its end is in sight. “A lot of shows don't last this long, but this felt different because it was just so popular.” relationship to the show is Jake singing the “Bacon Pancakes” song. No matter the colorful and giddy antics that define Finn and Jake's. Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! Finn the Adventure Time is well known for its open relationship between staff and the fans. The episode was described by multiple critics as open-ended, building towards an.

You trudge through floors of the dungeon, hacking away at enemies and picking up piles of treasure here and there. That's pretty much it. Of course, there are some great games that rely on this basic premise. Some offer you a diverse range of attacks that feel powerful and are satisfying to use. Some pit you against memorable foes who use attacks that require you to play smartly if you hope to emerge victorious. Some include deep character customization options.

Some have terrific gear you can find and equip to make your hero increasingly more powerful. Adventure Time has none of this. The game takes a few cues from the landmark multiplayer arcade dungeon crawler Gauntlet, but despite having the benefit of nearly 30 years' worth of genre advances and innovations to draw upon, Adventure Time fails to even be as exciting a game as that old quarter-muncher.

Yes, there are a number of playable characters with different abilities. Marceline can float right over pits and traps, for instance, while the Ice King can freeze enemies. But no matter which character you choose, the exploration remains slow and tedious; the dungeons remain bereft of interesting places, enemies to fight, or items to discover; and the combat remains excruciatingly shallow and simplistic.

No subweapon you might find and pick up in the dungeon, be it a kitten gun or a fire hose that is, a hose that shoots fire does anything to liven up the process of pushing buttons mindlessly until monsters fall before you.

Marceline ends up in tears as she sings. Simon wrote the note as an apology to Marceline for when he would not remember her. In "Finn the Human" and "Jake the Dog", it is shown what Marceline would be like if she had not become a vampire, and remained as a half-demon.

In the Farmworld timeline, she is an overweight, crazy old lady. She protected Simon's body as he died since he never became the Ice Kingand tries to warn Finn about the crown before she is killed by the Mushroom Bomb.

Jake, however, undoes Finn's and the Lich's wishes, and the world returns to normal. In "Bad Little Boy", Marceline overhears Ice King's stories about "Fionna and Cake" and tells him and his previously kidnapped princesses a story of her own. This version introduces her fictional male counterpart, "Marshall Lee". Her tale is set after the Great Mushroom War, and little Marcy ends up getting sick. Simon goes to great lengths trying to make her better while protecting her from the dangers around them.

She tries to discourage Simon from using the crown for its powers due to its negative effect on his sanity. Marceline recovers after Simon finds some chicken soup for her, but he ends up calling her "Gunter" instead of "Marcy.

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Princess Bubblegum eventually encounters Maja, and they make a trade: Maja is satisfied with the trade, explaining that the prized shirt holds far more "sentimental freshness" and "psychic resonance" than Hambo does.

Marceline and Hambo are reunited.

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After Jake eats the red erasers Marceline brought for food, she reveals that if she goes too long without feeding, she will lose control and would kill anyone around her. Knowing this, Jake ties her up, but she later escapes. Marceline drinks all of the pink "low-grade red" from her, but Princess Bubblegum puts the spoon on her nose and returns to normal. When she arrives at the Ice Kingdom, she is very happy to be reunited with her old friend. He projected an image of her holding the new bass with his horn, then made it disappear.

They all buy a can and wonder about the production of it, as the production has been ongoing even before the Mushroom War. Jake tells them that it is a good thing, and they shouldn't question it. Later, the drone who delivered the Super Porp scans all four of them and declares none of them are suitable.

explore the dungeon because i dont know ending relationship

In the process, they are attacked and nearly immobilized by the mother varmint, causing Bubblegum to break down. However, Marceline uses her shapeshifting powers to save the two of them, and they successfully escape the mines.

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In "Marceline The Vampire Queen", Marceline grows weary of her life as a vampire, and she later explains that she does not want to continue feeling empty and "messed up" inside for eternity. Marceline asks Princess Bubblegum to cure her of her vampirism so she can find happiness being able to grow up normally. Bubblegum discloses that she is unsure of the cure's effectiveness, but they both agree to carry out the experimental process of sucking Marceline's vampire effluvium out.

In "Everything Stays", Marceline's life flashes before her eyes as she is about to be hit by the sun, and she flashes back to several memories, including a pre-Mushroom War childhood memory with her mother, the moment when Simon, nearing total insanity, left her, her life as a vampire hunter, and her experiences befriending a tribe of surviving humans and protecting them.

In the present, she discovers that the sun has no effect on her and that Bubblegum's cure was successful. Unbeknownst to her, however, the process had unknowingly released the spirits of the high vampires which she had slain and whose abilities she gained from their sucked souls.

In "Vamps About", Marceline's excitement at being mortal again is interrupted by the reports of new vampire activity.

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Upon realizing that the high vampires are back to wreak havoc across Ooo, she enlists the help of Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum to stake them. In "The Empress Eyes", Marceline sets out alone to stop The Empress upon learning that she is going after the Ice King, whom in the past she had apparently manipulated via hypnotism as a servant of sorts.

Finn is dragged into the mess when the Empress manipulates the Ice King into capturing him so that she can feast on his human blood. After a struggle, last-minute intervention from Bubblegum allows Marceline to stake her. In "May I Come In?

explore the dungeon because i dont know ending relationship

The Hierophant is eventually immobilized and defeated, but in the fight she is severely poisoned by one of his cuts. In "Take Her Back", Marceline is still severely immobilized by the cut; in her unconscious state, she has two dreams: They are unable to immobilize her because of self-healing ability and end up luring her to Marceline and Bubblegum.

However, Peppermint Butler manages to stake The Moon, allowing Marceline to suck her soul and heal herself. In "Checkmate", Marceline gets ready to fight the Vampire King again, only to discover that he is unwilling to fight and actually wants to be rid of his vampirism, not wanting their past history to simply repeat itself in the present.

Bubblegum successfully carries out the procedure on the Vampire King, but an accident leads to his escaped vampire essence forming into a dark cloud and wreaking havoc across Ooo. In "The Dark Cloud", Marceline becomes disillusioned by the consequences that her desire to become mortal again has brought about. After some unintended motivation from the Ice King, however, she decides to help her friends fight the cloud.

She uses her soul-sucking powers to absorb it, but in the process the cloud's fangs bite her, leaving her a vampire once again. This time around, however, Marceline says that she is at peace with her status as a vampire, as her brief time being mortal again helped her to mature, just as she wanted. As of the episode, the Vampire King also seems to be able to manifest himself benevolently to Marceline in her head, and he remarks to her that Finn, Jake and Bubblegum seem like nice friends.

In "Skyhooks", after Patience performed her mega-spell, Marceline's body has completely turned to marshmallow. She even changed her identity to "Marshmaline the Campfire Queen" as a result of the change.

She now wears a red T-shirt, a giant brown sun hat with two marshmallows and a chocolate bar attached to it, blue pants, and red boots. In "Skyhooks II", Marceline is turned back to normal with everyone else, and catches Bubblegum as her body reformed at the top of the tower. She is also seen amongst those congratulating LSP for saving Ooo. Personalit Marceline's teddy bear Hambo Marceline is described as a wild rocker girl. Centuries of wandering the Land of Ooo have made her a fearless daredevil.

She is a lover of all things exotic and still travels across the land often. She has a mischievous personality and is rarely intimidated. Despite seeming evil in her first two appearances "Evicted! She is described by Finn as "a radical dame who likes to play games. She also occasionally has violent outbursts, as shown in "It Came from the Nightosphere. It is implied that some of her more malevolent traits are solely based on her vampire instincts.

In "Red Starved", Marceline slowly becomes vicious and sinister after having been deprived of food, trying to tempt Jake so that she could eat him. In "Vamps About", Marceline was fine with Peppermint Butler creating weapons meant to kill her as a contingency, stating that she could have snapped and killed everyone at any given time.