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Funn Lim's detailed commentary on TVB drama, "Eye in the Sky", starring Last episode and frankly, what a stupid fan love sort of ending and not . and it was a start of a relationship which loved up shallow Jan wanted and. Currently is 天眼 which in English is Eye In The Sky. he could do it, bunch of logs fell on him thus ending the poor life of Cheng Lik Hang. . was a start of a relationship which loved up shallow Jan wanted and one Kevin felt. the relationship between the three of them experience a big change. . I miss Kevin Cheng and Tavia Yeung of TVB, while Ruco has been in .. Dramas Eye in the Sky - 天眼 (EPS END) - 25 PTS (Peaking at 27 PTS).

During his tenure as a security supervisor, he encounters Cheung Lik Hang Ruco Chanan aspiring security guard with a secret past. Romance, mystery and comedy abound in this drama series. Does the eye in the sky refer to the surveillance cameras and CCTV or does it proselytize didactic values?

The title inevitably leads one to consider if something greater than humanity is monitoring human behavior. With TVB, the ending always closes with justice and morality, so perhaps it is a promotion of didactic values. On the flip side, this title actually rhymes. Are the producers trying to compose a nursery rhyme or a clever and memorable title? At least, the Chinese title fares slightly better as it adequately points to surveillance cameras.

I can name more scenarios but will refrain from assembling a tirade of obvious associations. Did the producers think no one would notice the similarities or were they just so brazen that they equate plagiarism to poetic license? The core of the series should be a battle of wits between their Moriarty-like rival, Kong Wui Hoi, and their Sherlock copy, Szeto Shun, but the storyline opts for the overused and unoriginal plot about a separated and lost at birth twin, who very naturally turns evil while seeking recompense for his early suffering.

At least, that would have made a better story than their mediocre plot involving another tragic victim of circumstance and an unlikely and impossible romance between Szeto and Jan. Suddenly, super sleuths, such as Szeto, loses investigative prowess because his detective work now relies heavily on recorded evidence and entrapment. Anyone can be a good detective if irrefutable proof of crime is readily available on camera and entrapment is considered viable or even admissible evidence in a court of law.

Because this is a drama series about surveillance, every type of camera or recording device has been thrown into this production. This is a true festival for all electronics advertisers while viewers are bombarded with camera phones, video cameras, espionage spyware and even the bulky SLR camera that every investigator carries during their stakeouts.

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Even worse, nonexistent technology, such as cameras embedded into a human being, seamless mirrors and holograms that generate shadows, have been included in this real-time drama.

The fictional technology presented in this series is not only unrealistic but also insulting to viewers. This is not a science fiction fantasy where any type of technology exists. Rather, this is a series about modern day crime investigation, so please use real technology and clever crime solving skills to impress the audience. The familiar prayer-like hand pose and the theory that eating hinders brainwork are only some of the borrowed traits from the character of Sherlock.

Although this shameless act of imitation is largely the fault of producers, I would have expected more integrity from a two-time award winning best actor such as Kevin Cheng. I think he should have declined the role of Szeto Shun just to preserve his own artistic merit.

Like Sherlock, the character Szeto insists on not understanding romantic love. Not only does Sherlock lack this understanding, he literally has no consideration for anyone regardless of age, gender or relation while Szeto is completely cognizant of compassion as demonstrated by his affection for his parents and his sympathy for Ho Ye Gu. But by default, the producers create a dichotomy in this character, leading to an inconsistent gap in the character of Szeto.

Anyway … Last episode and frankly, what a stupid fan love sort of ending and not worth remembering. And as suspicious too! Karma kills, as this series explains. Now the whole changing of identity for the title and the series I believe is not deliberate. I believe it was purely accidental. There is nothing poetic, nothing elegant, nothing beautiful, just an ending meant to facilitate the ultimate end and therein lies the greatest injustice done to what would have been a promising journey towards an explosive end.

A great idea pulled down by the need for a perfect ending for the fans.

eye in the sky tvb ending a relationship

And yet inside the so cop out ending there is a little bit of genius except you gotta dig it out. Now a bit of recap. In short, Ruco went insane. He injected himself with whatever and that magnified whatever paranoia or insecurity or whatever he has that he went on to kidnap a bus load of people, quite simply to kill Jonathan. Kevin is there to stop him after having fake kidnap Lin Xiawei. Oh and Tavia still in coma, needs a miracle to wake up and guess what?

A great scene though was when Ruco visited Tavia and squeezed her errr breathing tube? Some tube as if to kill her and Tony and Samantha arrived and Tony punched Ruco who scared the hell out of Tony when he threatened he would have no trouble killing Tony who betrayed him. Here I gotta pause a bit. Notice a pattern here? We have a psycho who is not a psycho.

His descend to insanity or evilness is a. No murder of a human being. If it started with him watching Hor Yee Ku die thus chipping away his humanity away, it should have culminated with the murder of Kong Wui Hoi who died of a heart attack and the end of his humanity when he violently murdered Jan.

Unfortunately none of these was done so you have essentially a cartoon villain because in real life a man as angry and as insane as Lik would have committed a heinous crime and to some poisoning a cat is one but for me that should have been a start.

Or shoot some in the bus but even that a stray bullet hit a boy, not sure if it is his anyway. The descend is not rough and it is not realistic.

Earlier when Kevin was arrested, the first thing his parents did was to confront Ruco and begged him to let his brother go. I can tell you why. Of course the fact Lik is such a bastard really made the justification so much easier. But Kevin felt insincere. At the funeral, surprisingly no Tony anywhere, that ungrateful git, the parents saw Ruco as the Lik they first knew; happy, helpful, kind.

We all know he was never really kind, he was human. Why must I always lose to you? You were born 1 minute earlier and yet you had a good life. I could have your life!

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No… I will kill you… yes when I kill you and then kill myself, then… only then we are equal! I believe people always have a choice on the path they take. But by this one lie Kevin gave Ruco a perfect end. His parents, best friend and the world thought the best of him, having redeemed himself and only Kevin will know the truth and keep it to his grave.

He owed Ruco nothing more. And it is this rationalisation that makes that revelation in the end when we know the truth, that Ruco never changed that is the genius but it has got to be implied. Imagine if the series concentrate on that, how beautiful this series would have been.

eye in the sky tvb ending a relationship

Anyway Kevin left HK to study criminal psychology, quit as cop because he felt he did all he did to save one person who in the end he could not save. Felt like a horror film for that moment.

Later Tavia was in a cinema alone when Kevin sat next to her and it was his turn to hiccup, she held his pinky finger or whatever and he held his and it was a start of a relationship which loved up shallow Jan wanted and one Kevin felt no longer any restriction to getting since well… it is episode 20 and it has to end that way.

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And for me the ending was such a cop out but if you look at my rationalisation, that is the only ending. What stopped him was Ruco and feelings of guilt and since both was lifted, therefore so did the barrier to love Tavia freely. She should have been dead. By her living Ruco maintained his humanity.