Fairy fencer eryn ending a relationship

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fairy fencer eryn ending a relationship

Eryn deeply cares for Fang and is seen constantly worrying about him over the course She is the only girl Fang is able to have a ending with in all three routes . I completed the game for the first time and got Tiara's ending which is apparently you watch all the cutscenes in the game and you get it. Fairy Fencer F You can have the Tiara ending with all the Eryn scenes in it except the ending itself of course. Poor Eryn Q~Q time for her ending this time. eryn's relationship didnt progress as far as it could've. in the end.

This takes place sometime after the Tiara Ending Sorry, no Eryn in this one I'm afraid but maybe next time, promise. Check my profile if you wanna know details of the Male OC I've written for this one. Truth Or Dare Darin Andrews Darin is the recently reunited brother of Tiara who prefers to not mention the family surname in order to keep them safe.

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The brother and sister were with Fang and his party and Fang of all people suggested a game where Darin could fit in to the group, little did he know that they had planned this in advance. It was evening time and it was the second time Darin was visiting the party at the Inn in Zelwinds and he had got to know the fencers in the party as well as their fury partners, but there was one girl that he had his eyes on, one that was mysterious and attractive to him and he wanted to get to know her.

He didn't know however that Ethel had a crush on him since she first met him and was hoping this game would give her a chance to do something that would be embarrassing at first but soon get used to. Sounds like a fun game. Truth is when you have to answer a question and you have to be honest and dare means that you to do what the person who asked dares you to.

Darin didn't mind his sister kissing Fang, he knew that they were in a relationship which happened sometime after Fang had to say goodbye to his fairy partner, Eryn who had to go back to the goddess. It still hurts Fang inside, but Tiara assured him that she will always be there for him and to keep him happy and loved as that was what Eryn would've wanted too. In a circle, next to Fang on his left was Tiara and to her left was her brother Darin, then Ethel, Lola, Pippin and Galdo completing the circle.

Darin didn't seem to pay attention to the answers, he was catching a few looks at Ethel. Truthfully, he liked her a lot and Ethel could only blush for she had yet to say anything. Fang began to show a smirk. That's our Fang, eh. Darin didn't seem to mind, he was still busy thinking about Ethel. Darin snapped out of his focus. Darin had an exclamation mark appear on his side. I'll live up to my word, but there'll be no refunds.


Ethel gasped before blushing again. I was just thinking of something again If you don't mind, would you like to tell me what is the source of your concern? Keeping things to yourself does not usually benefit the situation," Sherman says.

Seeing that she could no longer keep up her facade, Eryn sighs. I was just wondering Lord Sherman, is a romantic relationship between a Fencer and a fairy Never a situation of the It certainly is an uncommon occurrence, but I do not dismiss the possibility of it happening," Sherman replies.

Though, there may be certain cases of different species having the same emotions A blush comes to Eryn's face at his words. I just happened to be curious, that's all! But to what extent Sensing that she needed some time to think by herself, Sherman speaks up. I couldn't possibly think of disturbing you, so I will take my leave. Eryn looks down on the ground and starts to mull over her thoughts again. He always comes rushing in as soon as it's dinnertime.

fairy fencer eryn ending a relationship

Harley also looks around and notices another member missing. Tiara notices this and stares at him with a scrutinizing look.

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Just at that moment, the door opens and Sherman comes in. I had left her to think by herself a few hours ago, but I didn't expect her to be still out so late Finally, Fang decides to react for once. I thought that kind of thing goes against your gentleman crap! I'll go look for her. Tiara watches Fang leave with a look of understanding and resignation in her eyes. Eryn stares at her reflection in the water by the riverbank. She is a fairy. Fang is a Fencer. More than that, she is a part of the Goddess, and he is a human.

Not only is she a fairy, of a different species, but she's already a part of the Goddess that has to go back to her once she's revived. With all these things present, it only seemed to show that she and Fang weren't meant to stay together. She's a human Fencer like Fang, and though they were prone to having a few arguments, Eryn knew that Fang held some fondness towards her. And as much as she hated to admit it, Tiara was physically superior to her own body in every way.

Tiara was also a lot more mature than her, and her childish attitude was most likely why Fang would view her as a sister-like figure instead. Tiara was a good match. Is the better match. A tear escaped from her eye and made a ripple on the water below. Realizing that she was starting to cry, she furiously wipes away at her eyes with her sleeve.

She couldn't afford to wallow in self-pity like this.

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Knowing these facts, she has to accept them and move on. So whatever makes him happy will make her happy too. She hears footsteps approach. Eryn snaps out of her depressed mood as fear starts to make way into her. It was already dark out; some creeper must have come to make trouble for her! Eryn shuts her eyes as she turns around, a frantic "Hee-yaaah! Her kick must have hit him there.

You're the only one who hasn't come back to the inn, so I came to go get you. I'm your Fencer, so that makes me responsible for you. Even I knew that. It's okay, you don't need to act. You don't have to pretend to care.

fairy fencer eryn ending a relationship

I already knew that you found me annoying anyway," Eryn says with a wry smile. Fang widens his eyes at her words. What brought that all of a sudden? That should be a relief to you, right? I know you viewed me as a bother so I just wanted to say I'm grateful you helped me out this far," Eryn gives him a smile that even he knew held no genuine happiness. I don't tolerate things just for anyone, you know. Sure, it did seem kind of a nuisance at first, but I guess after meeting all these people in the Fang Gang, I thought that things didn't seem so bad.

Even Sherman, despite being the cocky bastard that he is," Fang explains. Then he looks at her straight in the eye, an unusual amount of seriousness present in his face that somehow made her heart beat faster. We're partners, and as your partner, I'm the one who's supposed to decide whether I'll allow it.

How do you know that? How do you know for sure? I'm just that awesome.


Going on and on about how he's the one who gets to decide his fate; never submitting to anything he found as a pain. Eryn had perceived it as total laziness on his part, but this Fang blinks at her sudden change in mood, feeling slightly embarrassed that she had laughed off his totally cool speech.

You're an idiot, so I still need to look after you. I'm your partner, after all! You clearly haven't grasped the essence of my charisma yet. That's your loss," Fang retorts in what he passes off as being offended, but the light tone in his voice and the smile on his face showed otherwise. If you're not gonna budge, I'll leave you here. Admit it, Fang, you'd be lonely without me," Eryn replies smugly.

As they start to walk back to the inn, side by side, just like they've always been, Fang watches the bright expression on Eryn's face from the corner of his eye and thinks that she's definitely a lot better when she smiles.

Didn't you go back to the Goddess? But I think I got a theory for why I got to stay in this world. Get to the point.