Futurama benders big score ending a relationship

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futurama benders big score ending a relationship

Wife: Turanga Leela (see the Relationships section for details on Leela as his wife) frozen seconds into the year , having fallen in just as ended. In Bender's Big Score, Fry traveled back in time to the year twice and created. News & Interviews for Futurama: Bender's Big Score . the rest of Earth, Leela and Lars' relationship builds and eventually he proposes marriage. I've always had such a soft spot for Fry and really liked the story by the end. "I want to hear how it ends." Bender's Big Score, Season 5. The Episode:This "episode" was actually a Futurama movie, so the Tap to play At the episode's end, Fry turns to Leela and asks, "What do you say?.

The crew lounges on the Nude Beach Planet. While making a delivery to the Nude Beach Planeton which the entire crew must remove every aspect of clothing from their bodies, Leela notices that Fry has a tattoo of Bender on his butt cheek, which even Fry is surprised to find.

Later, Bender is approached by the nude alien Nudaralong with two other associates, to sign a petition and to give them his email address, managing to get most of Planet Express crew to sign up. Back on EarthLeela is dealing with a lot of spam. Similarly, Amy is also getting spammed, and manages to order some anti-depressant pills. Bender is keen on the fact that he can Get Rich Watching Porn, but ignores when his system tells him to perform a virus scan, and is immediately infected with a virus.

Zoidberg also finds himself victim to a Nigerian scam. When Farnsworth finds out about the scams, he decides to teach the crew how to spot scams on the Internetbut he too becomes a victim as well. Despite warnings from the rest of the crew, who now know better, he signs a form on the site. Mere seconds later, the trio of nude aliens from the Nude Beach Planet still completely nude, as they are nudists arrive and inform him that they now own the company, presenting a contract signed by the Professor.

Bender, under the influence of the virus, addresses them as his masters. Later, Lars returns to bring Hermes his permanent jar, saying that the museum has also been scammed and that the repairs on his body are delayed. He then asks Leela out, which again upsets Fry. Fry has always loved Leela and is confident they would end up together some day, but the only thing that puts Leela off about Fry is his immaturity, which consistently dashes his hopes of ever being with her.

While searching for information around the building, the scammers sense a large amount around Fry, which is revealed to be coming from the tattoo of Bender on his ass. As the crew examines the tattoo, they discover a binary code on the pupil of the tattoo's eye. As Bender reads the code aloud, the Galactic Entity hears it and sends back a time spherethe key to time travel. As the scammers debate what they can do with the time sphere, Nibbler reveals himself and intervenes, shocking everyone with his ability to speak.

Nibbler warns them about the consequences of using it, saying that it could tear the universe assunder; though they acknowledge this risk, they still intend to use it. The Nibblonians launch an attack on the scammers with their kitten-class ships.

However, they are defeated as the scammers knock them away with folding chairs. Nibbler laments as the universe is now doomed. Bender's Big Score Part 2 Nudar decides to test the powers of the time sphere; Farnsworth objects, because time travel invariably creates a paradox, but Nibbler informs them that it is a paradox-correcting time code, which means everything will work out all right—except if the universe is destroyed, after which he objects as well.

Nudar travels back to one day prior and returns with a duplicate of himself; he met himself the other day, and apparently made out with himself. Suddenly the Smell-O-Scope falls upon the new duplicate of Nudar and kills him, thus resolving the paradox. A problem occurs with the scammers' plans to steal all things of value in Earth 's history as the time sphere can only get them back to the past, not forward into the future—they may be able to steal things, but they would be dead before they could reap the benefits.

Bender informs them that he can last for thousands of years, so he can travel back in time, steal the stuff, then wait in the cavern beneath the building, and emerge as if he were gone for hardly a second.

And so his stealing of Earth's past values begins. Farnsworth wants to sell off his doomsday devices in order to make money, but he won't sell his favorite, the Spheroboomwhich he places in a satchel he handcuffs around his wrist. The scammers order Bender to get it, replacing the real satchel with an empty one.

Bender does this by sawing off the Professor's hand. When Hermes sees how well Zoidberg sewed the professor's hand back on, he asks if he could do the same for him and his body. Hermes asks Bender to go back in time and get an undamaged body from the past; Bender, curiously, does not object.

Unfortunately, after they get the body, Zoidberg puts Hermes' head on backwards. Act V Fry escapes to January 1, The Professor has invited the Globetrotters to assist in figuring out how paradox-free time travel is possible, and their calculus confirms it is.

The reason is due to the " doom field " in the equation, which means that a duplicate created from a time travel is always doomed to die. This essentially means that, although no paradoxes are created, the universe balances itself out by eventually destroying duplicated matter. This also means that Hermes' new body from the neck down is doomed as well, but Hermes says he only needs the body long enough to win LaBarbara back.

As Lars and Leela go out on a series of dates, Bender eventually manages to steal everything the scammers wanted. However, now that the scammers are rich, they suddenly care if the universe gets destroyed. They intend to delete the code from Bender and vaporise Fry—rather than just removing the tattoo—in case he memorized the code.

Fed up with the scammers, and jealous of Lars, Fry escapes by using a mirror to read the code off of his tattoo. He travels back to January 1, Bender is ordered to travel back a few moments before he arrives to be safe and terminate him mimicking "The Terminator".

futurama benders big score ending a relationship

Act VI Bender arrives at He goes back 19 seconds in time and creates a time-paradox duplicate of himself to wait for Fry to come while he goes to the bathroom, unaware that the duplicate is doomed.

Before Fry arrives, another copy of Bender arrives in a tuxedo and says that he is Bender from "way at the end," and he needs to put the Bender tattoo on Fry's ass in the first place.

He tattoos the time code on the backside of the Fry duplicate that is within the cryogenic tubethus revealing how he got the tattoo in the first place. Fry arrives, and the duplicate Bender threatens to kill him, but he goes through a moral crisis and ultimately enters his Automatic Destruct Sequence due to an internal error in programming caused by the tension. Before he can explode, Fry kicks the duplicate into the freezer and sets it for 1 million years. The original Bender in the bathroom leaves, and spots Fry waiting for the elevator.

He tries to catch up, but he loses him. He considers commiting suicide in what he initially believes to be a suicide boothonly to stop after realizing it's actually a telephone booth. After giving up on suicide, he begins his hunt for Fry.

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During the electionhe attacks Al Gore 's manager, named Philip Joshua Fryin Florida, and winds up destroying Gore's ballots, resulting in a victory for Bush. This also explains the in real-life voting controversy in Florida during the presidential election. After 12 years, he finally catches up to Fry on the docks of New York City. Fry has grown a long beard and is walking off a boat, but it's clearly him identified by a brief shot of the tattoo.

Bender calls for a cab driven by Al Gore and starts a taxi chase, but his taxi gets into an accident, and Bender is hurdled to Panucci's Pizza.

futurama benders big score ending a relationship

Bender lands in front of Pannuci's near Seymour. While he at first thinks he's lost Fry, he spots him in the window above the restaurant, and shoots into the window, destroying much of the building and fast-fossilizing Seymour in the process. It collapses, and Bender is suddenly overcome with remorse over killing his best friend. Bender's Big Score Part 3 Bender walks up from the basement in the Planet Express hangar, where he announces the success of his mission to the scammers, who delete the virus and erase the time code from his memory.

In Central Parkthe crew holds a memorial for Fry. Bender arrives at the scene and explains it was he who killed him, though the crew understands that it wasn't really his fault. Fry then suddenly reappears out of nowhere, which greatly relieves Bender. Fry explains how he is where he is Knowing where he could find free pizza, he went back to Applied Cryogenics, but since the pizza was cold, he traveled back an hour to eat it while it was still hot, where he saw himself kicking Bender into the freezer, and thus a duplicate is made.

The duplicate Fry left and the original remained. Fry then realized that his frozen self has a lot of old money, but since his pants were pulled down due to the tattooing of his buttocks, he touched his own butt while reaching for his wallet. In his disgust, he tripped and fell into the tube with his frozen self. The original frozen Fry walked out of the tube on December 31,the other Fry froze himself for another 7. He explains that he just came back to the park from the Cryogenics Lab at that moment.

Lars, who is here with Leela, leaves as Farnsworth explains to Bender that the Fry he killed was doomed anyway, being a time duplicate. Fry learns that his duplicate lived for 12 years before Bender killed him, so Fry wonders what his life was like.

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While the crew members may never know, a series of flashbacks are presented to the viewer. In a flashback, time-duplicate Fry returns to Panucci's, but instead of asking for food, he asks if he can rent the storage room upstairs. Panucci gives his permission and Fry begins living there. He began living life doing all the things he otherwise couldn't have done, but it is clear that he still misses Leela.

Inthe duplicate Fry resolves to stop living in the past his past, anyway, as it was in the future and move on with his life. While watching the news, Fry learns of a rare horned female narwhal named Leelu at the aquarium, who is deeply depressed. Fry decides that this is his calling, and he applies for a job at the aquarium as Leelu's caretaker. Some of the lines, especially in the initial third of the film, are questionable and would not have made the final cut under the regime that provided us with the standard series.

Hermes, only occasionally an entertaining character, gets too much screen time in a somewhat superfluous side plot featuring his equally unentertaining wife and his irritating enemy Barbados Slim. The villains - the scammer aliens - are disgusting when they should be fearsome.

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These are the things that lose the film a perfect rating, and are the sorts of niggles I would have expected after such a long hiatus - after all, much of Family Guy's comeback season number four is terrible when stacked up to the classic old episodes and a fair few new ones. But I marvel at what they did right.

It makes good use of screen time and never drags it heels which I felt both the Family Guy and Simpsons features did. In the end, both of those other features were such a plot compromise, where you ended up had so little bearing on where you started you had to laugh unintentionally.

With this Futurama feature although the plot is bombastic in the greatest sense of the word like a Queen record for example it ties up everything I wanted to know in a timely fashion using classic storytelling techniques - and where necessary awesome, seamless and not gratuitous 3DFX - throughout. Now I've covered the good and the bad, it is time to address the ugly - the backlash. Some have moaned that there isn't enough humour in this feature.

Yes it has several moments of great humour - a nice fifty-fifty of building set pieces and incisive one-liners - but it balances them well with a poignant story which I think they pull off as well as 'The Devils Hands Are Idle Playthings' if you consider that they had to pace it out over nearly ninety minutes which is over four times the length of a standard episode.

It's a tall order for almost any script writer used to cramming in the jokes in thirty minutes or less, but these writers don't have a lot of trouble with it.