God of war 1 ending a relationship

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god of war 1 ending a relationship

In God of War, being a mother will end your life, either literally or metaphorically. One of them, Faye, is dead at the start of the game, though clearly beloved by a hypothetical bad ending for Kratos and Atreus' relationship. The new 'God of War' works a lot better if you understand the journey In the game's final moments, Kratos has one, final encounter with the. She was seen as a neutral character in God of War II, and her place as For this reason, Athena and the other Gods sought to empower Kratos to save Athens and put an end to . As the Goddess of War and Wisdom, Athena was one of the most powerful . Athena's relationship with her brother, Ares, was quite complex.

Could it be anything else?

The mother is a McGuffin. The entire existence of Atreus is clearly calculated as a way to humanize this cartoon sociopath, and although it does work to an extent, it takes a very long time to reach that point.

It indulges in a very videogame way of stalling, with Kratos and Atreus on the cusp of reaching their goal only to find out they have to go to some other location first, with that repeated two or three times in a row at the end of the game. It feels like padding. God of War and the growth of its central relationship would be stronger if that story was a good bit shorter.

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The aloof, constantly disapproving father will probably resonate with the core audience of adult male gamers, but to others it will feel staid and familiar. There are TV commercials that accomplish in 30 seconds what God of War stretches out to a couple dozen hours. The one possible upside of that length is that it basically forces you to explore the sprawling confines of the nine realms. Roaming this world is a highlight because it strips the game down to its strengths—combat, discovery, and level design that often coils around itself like the Midgard serpent.

Like with The Legend of Zelda: If you get obsessed with collectibles in games, God of War might be dangerous for you.

Kratos starts with a new weapon, a massive axe that he can hurl at enemies and reclaim at a whim, with it hurtling through the air back into his hand like Mjolnir returning to Thor. He stripped away Kratos's power to teach him a lesson. But he also has an offer for the Spartan: Stay loyal to the gods from here on out and all will be forgiven. Angered, Zeus kills the short-lived god of war with his own blade and wipes out the entire Spartan army.

Before he can land once again in the Underworld, Kratos is saved by Gaia, a Titan and one of the forebears of the gods of Olympus. She explains how, long ago, she raised a young Zeus who then betrayed the Titans because of the way his own father, a Titan named Cronos, had treated the gods of Olympus.

Gaia has an offer for Kratos: Go find the Sisters of Fate, corporeal manifestations of destiny, and use their power to undo his own murder at the hands of Zeus and get revenge. He agrees, and sets out to find the Sisters, encountering a number of Titans along the way: Prometheus, Typhon, and Atlas. After freeing Prometheus from his endless torture, and earning the power of a Titan in the process, Kratos escapes from the clutches of Typhon.

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His journey then takes him to the island home of the Sisters, where he meets Atlas. The imprisoned Titan reveals that Kratos has again not been given the whole story: Gaia and her fellow Titans really just want revenge on Zeus because he defeated them.

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Atlas also reveals that Zeus is vulnerable to the Blade of Olympus. Kratos eventually reaches the Sisters' stronghold, where he learns that Zeus, after murdering the one-time god of war, destroyed Sparta.

Worse, the Sisters not only refuse to help Kratos, they also try to change the past so he loses to Ares. They don't succeed and Kratos kills all three, gaining control of their Loom of Fate in the process. He uses the powerful artifact to return to the moment Zeus betrayed him. With his strength fully restored, Kratos attacks and nearly kills Zeus She gets between the two gods and impales herself on Kratos's blade.

Athena has one major revelation to share before she dies, however: Kratos is actually the son of Zeus.

god of war 1 ending a relationship

The elder god attacked his child out of fear; a younger Zeus had overthrown his own father, Cronos, long ago. He was afraid Kratos would do the same to him. In his final act, Kratos travels back in time to the moment the Titans were defeated. He saves them all and brings them to the present. The game ends as Kratos and his new allies converge on Mount Olympus. As Kratos and his Titan allies scale Mount Olympus, Poseidon, god of the sea, comes forward to stop them.

Kratos kills him with some timely assists from Gaia, flooding all of Greece in the process. Then, Zeus steps in. As he casts the invaders off of his mountain, Gaia shows her true colors: Instead of helping Kratos, she lets him fall, calling him a pawn in the Titans' scheme to unseat the gods of Olympus.

Abandoned, Kratos once again finds himself weaponless and trapped in the Underworld.

god of war 1 ending a relationship

There, he meets the spirit of Athena. She's realized she was wrong about Zeus; to save humanity, Kratos must overthrow Olympus. The only way to do that, she says, is to snuff out the Flame of Olympus — a mystical fire powered by none other than Pandora's Box, which only Pandora herself has the power to retrieve. Kratos journeys across the underworld, eventually recovering his lost, god-killing Blade of Olympus and using it to slay Hades.

This is only the start of what turns out to be a murderous rampage through the Greek pantheon, Titans and gods alike. He also maims a wounded Gaia, severing her arm during his second ascent of Olympus and sending her plummeting into the sea. Finally, after many battles, Kratos reaches the Flame of Olympus with Pandora in tow.

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Zeus tries to stop them, but he's too late; Pandora quenches the Flame, sacrificing herself in the process. The final showdown starts out as a three-way battle, with Zeus and Kratos trading blows while a still-injured Gaia reappears and tries to kill them both. Kratos first destroys the Titan and then, with help from the spirit of Pandora as well as those of his dead wife and child, Zeus himself.

In the game's final moments, Kratos has one, final encounter with the spirit of Athena. She reveals that his original act of opening Pandora's Box to defeat Ares released an evil that infected all the other gods. She commands him to return the power he'd taken, so she can rebuild everything. Kratos, now mistrustful of all gods, refuses and stabs himself with the Blade of Olympus.

Doing so releases his power, restoring Greece — which became increasingly devastated as each god was murdered — in the process.