Gundam 00 s1 ending relationship

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gundam 00 s1 ending relationship

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 is an anime television series, the eleventh installment Ptolemaios and the remaining Gundams. Setsuna struggles with the monstrous Alvatore, but in the end succeeds in killing Alejandro. Premiering on October 4th, , Mobile Suit Gundam 00 note Pronounced Haptism and Saji Crossroad about love and relationships in Episode 18 of Season Two. Bell," the intro used at the beginning of the anime, to close out season 1. Not to mention that the trail of GN particles seen at the end is similar to the one. In season 1, he pilots GN Gundam Exia and he pilots GN 00 Gundam and. Setsuna is notable for his relationship with Princess Marina Ismail; one of mutual . At the beginning she acts hesitant; but at the end she is able to find her .

Sharp visuals and battle animations. Varied and interesting Gundam designs.

gundam 00 s1 ending relationship

Excellent acting in both languages. Ludicrous end to season 1, act 2. Could do with more relationship conflict. Several side characters receive far too much screen time before they become relevant. Ultimate ending in the movie forgets why the story started.

gundam 00 s1 ending relationship

In the yearfossil fuels have depleted and the world has turned to solar power by building three orbital elevators to a ring of solar arrays in space. Furthermore, the alliances secretly increase their military strength in defiance of the treaties. An independent group known as Celestial Being appears, intervening in wars and crushes all sides with the goal to end all conflict.

They have the most powerful mechs the world has seen, allowing four Gundam Meisters to take on armies. One of the best story pitches ever. Gundam 00 engaged me within minutes and kept the frames turning until the very end, despite its flaws. Plenty of good action in Gundam We have a bloated cast here, but the focus is on the Meisters, Tieria, Allelujah, Lockon, and Setsuna, who receives the most screen time due to his Middle Eastern history. He barely says anything nor does he emote at all.

His archetype has a fine line between great and rubbish — I never find anyone in between. The other pilots are good, Allelujah in particular with his split personality; however, while each pilot does have a short arc to illustrate their motivations, outside of those arcs, they lack interpersonal conflict, except Setsuna, for his birth country is at the centre of the main conflict. Much of the cast bloating comes from a Chinese celebrity who helps fund Celestial Being, which the camera cuts to every episode, but all she does is sit there with a servant and make innocuous comments.

Similar situation with uni student Saji and his girlfriend Louise; they serve to show the conflict from a civilian perspective without any effect on the plot until season two.

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Saji and Louise should have been peripheral to her thread until needed. Terrorist attacks on the streets. Some dialogue made me cringe as well. Injured almost gravely, Lockon lost his right eye, mainly used for targeting during sniping. Setsuna, who was returning from Earth, attempted to retrieve and save Lockon.

However, the GN Arms component nearby Lockon's drifting form exploded before he could be reached, killing Lockon. Setsuna mourned Lockon's death along with many other members of the crew. Setsuna chose Lyle because they both have similar feelings about changing the world and it would be fitting to have his little brother replace him. Lyle comes to slowly respect Setsuna and to follow his lead until he kills Anew Returner to prevent Lyle's death.

Lyle then resents Setsuna for this, almost shooting him in the back at one point, but finally declining to do so. It is unknown whether Lyle has or will ever forgive Setsuna over this sensitive matter. Tieria Erde Tieria and Setsuna were never exceptionally close.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 – Anime Review

Even in the beginning, Tieria disapproved of Setsuna's being chosen to become a Gundam Meister for his extremely young age. Throughout the series, Tieria and Setsuna are loathe to work together, and Tieria typically considers Setsuna to be unfit for his position.

However, the two have shown capacity to be considerable allies, notably during the desert assault of episode At this point, it was a likely possibility that the two could become friends, but upon Lockon Stratos' death, Tieria lashed out at Setsuna, blaming him for Lockon's death.

Sumeragi Lee Noriega had to intervene. After the interlude between seasons, Tieria seems to be very glad of Setsuna's return. From this point on, they both share a renewed relationship of respect and trust. Tieria even becomes responsive to Setsuna's de facto leadership, something that would have been unthinkable in the past.

When Tieria is killed by Ribbons, Setsuna swears to avenge him, but Tieria dissuades him by telling that he will live on as a part of Veda.

This act shows that Tieria cares for Setsuna as if he were his own brother. Allelujah Haptism Setsuna and Allelujah did not seem to interact very much, apart from the typical battle forecast meetings by Sumeragi Lee Noriega in which both had to be present simultaneously.

During Allelujah's missing in action period Setsuna showed real concern for him and was later relieved and happy when Allelujah was found along with Marie Parfacy. Sumeragi Lee Noriega As commander of tactical operations, Setsuna always carries a planned assault from Sumeragi. Interestingly it's the other Gundam Meister's that are more strict with Setsuna than herself.

gundam 00 s1 ending relationship

Sumeragi shows concern towards Setsuna, as with the other members of Celestial Being. After her separation form Celestial Being, when Setsuna comes to pick her up, she is shocked because she thought Setsuna had died in the battle against the UN forces.

After this, Sumeragi is pushed by Setsuna to rejoin Celestial Being. At the beginning she acts hesitant; but at the end she is able to find her determination inspired by Setsuna and her fellow CB members.