Ippo vs sawamura ending a relationship

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ippo vs sawamura ending a relationship

Makunouchi Ippo has been bullied his entire life. Constantly running errands and being beaten up by his classmates, Ippo has always dreamed of changing. This is list of episodes from Hajime no Ippo (Fighting Spirit) anime series, based on the manga The first season, Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting!, is 76 episodes and covers Chapters . Unfortunately for Oda, Keiko, his girlfriend, decides to break up with him if he loses his match, due to him losing his passion for the sport . He had a rematch spar again and Ippo this time won succesfully. having this outline relationship, although none expressing their feelings yet. . Japan's Strongest Infighter; VS Sawamura Ryūhei: First fight with a counter specialist . PhantomRenegade07 wrote:The "you have to cross the line" idea isn't the end all be all.

They had unique boxing styles, showing him the world is vast with many different types of boxers. Ippo had a difficult time dealing with them, especially with the genius Wally whom might just be a future World Champion.

He defeats them succesfully each with a lesson for himself and improves drastically once again as a fighter and gains plenty of more experience. Rivals also progress with him, by their own road to glory. As the match with Miyata doesn't happen due to certain eventshe pushes forward to the worldand he gets matched with the 2nd ranked in the World, Alfredo Gonzales.

Takamura suspects that Ippo has grown weaker. The day of the match happens, and he fails to deliver, but it was nowhere near easy for both, Ippo did great damage to the world ranker. Sometime after, his love interest Kumi tells him it is better to stop boxing, but Ippo promises her the next time he loses he will retire.

That causes a lot of thoughts of him being broken. Once done, Takamura takes Ippo back to the gym to test out his skills.

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His first test was to spar with a rookie the same age as Ippo, Ichiro Miyata. Ippo keeps taking hit after hit and gets knocked down twice.

Takamura summarizes Ippo and Kumi's relationship in Chapter - Album on Imgur

After receiving some advice from Takamura, Ippo keeps getting back up to fight. To everyone's surprise, Ippo keeps absorbing Miyata's punches. Suddenly, Miyata hits Ippo's chin, causing his brain to move back and forth.

ippo vs sawamura ending a relationship

However, Ippo was able to keep up with Miyata's movements, but unfortunately lost to Miyata's superior skills. However, the owner of the gym, Genji Kamogawa, was impressed by Ippo's determination and decides to train him every day in the gym. First, Kamogawa himself, helps Ippo to focus on his jabs and the one-two technique. After getting the hang of it, Kamogawa instructs Ippo to practice shadow boxing.

Though some patrons in the gym show him how to do it, Ippo tries again and again. However, as he watches Miyata sparring, he starts to finally understand how to shadow box. Takamura and Kamogawa realize what a great talent Ippo has, but Miyata feels jealousy towards him. During that time, he begins working on more techniques.

Mashiba Kumi

Also, he learns more about Miyata's father, who was a former professional boxer who believes in skill surpassing power. However, in his final match, he lost and realised that that power surpasses skill. Since then, Miyata is trying to prove that his father's way of boxing is correct. After more training, Ippo is finally ready for his rematch with Miyata. With Takamura as referee, the rematch begins.

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Both fighters begin their four-round match, each displaying their progress during the last three months. Each one knocking each other once, taking their audience's breath away.

After Ippo gets knocked down, he struggles to get back up. Once he gets up, Ippo continues with his assault. The punches keep on flying, but then Miyata changes strategies in order to slow down Ippo's movements, which succeeds. After a few more hits, Ippo finally gets his chance and launches an uppercut, grazing Miyata's chin.

This causes Miyata to fall to his knees, losing due to a K.

ippo vs sawamura ending a relationship

Even though Miyata felt humilitated, his father still thought he had a good fight. Ippo went to bed later that night, feeling proud. Ippo experiences all the hardship his mentor endures since he prepares for a championship match. She is also angry that he seems to not care who she cheers for, and only makes up with him after his victory over Sanada.

Like this, the two steadily grow closer over the years, until their romance is obvious to all who see them, even though neither are officially together or have really been together as a couple.

ippo vs sawamura ending a relationship

Some notable moments of their closeness are when Ippo sits with her as she watches her brother's match in which he gets suspended, whenever she tends to his injuries after a fight, and when the two almost kissed but were rudely interrupted as the sled Kumi was lying on fell down. This resulted in Kumi snapping mentally, as she realized a chance like that was just too rare. Comically, she began snapping at any mention of the word 'fall' and seemed to have a break down.

One note about her relationship with Ippo is that over the years she occasionally wonders if he even has feelings for her, as he seems too focused on boxing, has never made any kind of romantic move to get closer to her, and seems too timid and too slow in general.

However she excuses this, as the slow pace in a way suits her and because she finds his behavior endearing in its own way.

ippo vs sawamura ending a relationship

In New Challenger, she accompanied the Kamogawa gym to the beach. It was then that Ippo confessed his feelings to her, but she didn't hear due to her falling asleep. Appearance She is beautiful with short brown hair and dark colored eyes, furthermore she isn't tall like her brother. She first appears as a high school student and attracts the attention of many boys. However, her overprotective brother scares most of them off, resulting in her not having a boyfriend throughout her school years.

She disappeared for awhile afterwards but reappeared as a nurse after Ippo's fight with Volg Zangief.

ippo vs sawamura ending a relationship

As a nurse, she often worries about Ippo and the other's wounds and even occasionally examines Ippo after his fights.