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ittefaq ending relationship

Ittefaq entrusts all its cracking scenes and lines to an efficient our brain, first by presenting a dead-end mystery that needs solving, and then. excellent screenplay with solid background score and with lots of ittefaq The beginning and the ending,they are really it could blow my mind at all . Ittefaq keeps you on tenterhooks as its pace ensures that you do not get to think a prior understanding of the relationships between the major characters. Though Sinha continues to struggle with her part till the bitter end.

But while he was talking to the police, her phone that he had stolen got a message, he saw it was from a lawyer she was working with who had all the proofs and would make sure he was punished.

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And to wait for her husband to get home. Once her husband was home, he killed him, switched shoes, and made sure the police would find the photos from the private investigator of the affair, photos he found while searching the death. And now he is strolling away, back to London, where they will not let him be extradited without a massive push and much more evidence.

Not because of the twists although they are wonderful as wellbut because of what it reveals about society. She is a faithless wife. A beautiful rich woman who does nothing useful. We hate her, naturally. She is even played in a way to make us hate her.

Ittefaq movie review: A crackling whodunnit

Too perfect in her protestations of innocence, too delicate with her little griefs. The styling helps as well. Her make-up and her hair is slightly too much, overly fake, hair that is never that straight, make-up that is too dark and false. Her clothes too, loose and casual, but also thin and sexy, hard to get a handle on them, hard to understand the message she wants to send.

We naturally dislike and distrust her. She is never redeemed by the film, there is never a moment when she suddenly appears more real, her make-up is wiped off, anything like that. Yes, she had an affair. Yes, she is an unpleasant selfish person.

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The film gives us the same challenge over and over again. Especially with men versus women. But does that mean we should not believe them?

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She HAS to be white. The relationship of an NRI to a white woman is what this whole thing was about. Akshaye is our audience stand-in, the one who is torn between all these stories as are we. And he makes an immediate connection with Siddharth because they speak the same language, literally and metaphorically. Siddharth may have been raised abroad, but he speaks good Hindi. When the police first come for him, the constables use Hindi slang and make fun of his English, joke that he will be speaking Marathi by the time they are through with him.

But Akshaye is different, Akshaye reads English language books and moves between English and Hindi as easily as Siddharth. They are the same class, the same intelligence. And the same gender. But that does not mean she is lying, it just means she is a woman and he is a man. We see that over and over, the gap between genders in this way. Akshaye and his wife Mandira Bedi have a delightful happy healthy marriage, but it involves him appreciating how often her remarks surprise him, and vice versa.

They know they are not the same and enjoy that. The suicide victim and her father have a similar gap between them.

ittefaq ending relationship

And she cannot explain it to him. Also, Mandira Bedi is really good in the film. And looks great with short hair! I like to think it is Preeti from DDLJ, who moved to Bombay, cut her hair, and met and married this cool outside the box thinker husband That is what throws Siddharth into confusion, when he is not able to predict his own wife. He is surprised that she sides with the suicide victim.

She places gender loyalty, and loyalty to the right thing, over loyalty to her husband or the chasm between culture and experiences and everything else that separates her and the suicide victim.

This is perhaps the first time he has been surprised by a woman, or by anyone.

ittefaq ending relationship

Sweet, kind, trustworthy, told them he wanted to tell her story in order to help others. And then once he had it, he did not even seem to know them, walked passed them on the street. But he cannot manipulate his own wife. His wife, who is the owner of the publishing company that is publishing his book. Presumably another woman he has used in the years past.

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And now he cannot use her any more, she has surprised him, he is driven to the wall and forced to try a desperate stratagem. He is just as desperate with Sonakshi, resorting to pure violence to control her.

The film is an adaptation of the thriller that was directed by Yash Chopra. A few weeks ago, the makers of the film released an intriguing trailer that hints at the premise of the film. With two suspects and one investigating officer, the film solves the mystery of two murders. From the trailer, the treatment feels quite Rashomon-esque but we will know more only once the film is out.

Advertising But what was it about the film that the makers decided to adapt it almost five decades later? The film is about a painter, Dilip Roy Rajesh Khanna who is framed for the murder of his rich wife.

With no way to prove his innocence, he is held by the police on the basis of circumstantial evidence. The inconclusive murder case is still under investigation when another murder takes place and somehow Dilip finds himself connected to two murder cases. The film focuses on solving these two murder cases. Did the same person kill both victims? Or are the cases completely unrelated?

ittefaq ending relationship

This is what forms the plot of the film. Rajesh Khanna in a still from Ittefaq Express Archive The film is about 95 minutes long and the flow of the story is not disrupted by any songs.