Jacksepticeye undertake genocide run ending relationship

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jacksepticeye undertake genocide run ending relationship

be feels)" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Undertale fanart, Chara and Fandom. Undertale genocide run, bad time sans fight scene. Find this Pin and . Even without genocide route it can get pretty dark and gruesome. Find this Pin . [UNDERTALE] Mom Jokes by on DeviantArt (Jacksepticeye got this pun long before I did). Find this .. A+, Flowey. Relationship Problems, Relationship Advice, Funny We got Sans his happy ending assuming you did pacifist and didn'. @therealjacksepticeye's Genocide run tho. THE BANDWAGON D: welp. it wasn't originally going to be undertale-themed but it ended up looking pretty cool, .

He swears he will not rage during the video, but that changes about a minute in. In episode 10 of his Sims 4 series, Jack was very excited to see Steve and Betty take off in their rockets together, and although he did see the takeoff, he never got to interact with them in space, and was very visibly and audibly disappointed afterwards.

jacksepticeye undertake genocide run ending relationship

In his Passpartout series, the paintings he uses in the thumbnails get progressively more accurate and complex as the series goes on. Jack's current girlfriend Signe started out voicing her status as a fan of Jack's videos on Tumblr, got into contact with him when he wanted to use her art for a thumbnail for one of his videos, and the two are now a couple.

If he's unsure how viewers will react to a certain game, he'll also ask if he should continue it. Kampus Krismas, his second character in Hard Time. If that doesn't get you into the Academy of Manly Bastards, nothing will. In "Broke Protocol", he adopts the superhero alias 'Jack Hammer'. During one episode of "Drawing Your Tweets," he was asked to draw a "bowl of awesome.

Surprisingly, while playing IbJack takes to voicing all the characters This reached a climax on Halloween, when he appeared to possess Jack and kill him via Neck Slash. All but required when you're a Boss.

In his "Draw my life" video, he even says he was born in a bosspital. One example from a "hate comments" special of Reading Your Comments: Get away from me! After reading that you can murder a girl by shoving them off of the roof, Jack decides to try to this out, but not before having Yandere-chan strip naked first with nothing but Censor Steam covering her.

Yep, she shoves a schoolgirl off of a roof and into a dumpster while naked. The car promptly starts breaking apart and rolling towards him on it's own.

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He is understandably freaked out. Rounds the corner Another car! Hi the- car starts breaking up and rolling towards him Hi!

jacksepticeye undertake genocide run ending relationship

H- What the shit?! Jack plays a collection of games by a man called Robert Yang. What transpires really has to be seen to be believed. In the game Fan Fright, Jack gets the "mustard gun" again, and laments it with this line: I don't know what to do with this gun.

Might as well be pissin' on people.

And I can't do that! In part two of his CHKN playthrough, he makes a horse-snake. He observes it looking sad, so he narrates the creature's internal monologue.

jacksepticeye undertake genocide run ending relationship

Why am I alive? Why did you birth me from your mind vagina!?

jacksepticeye undertake genocide run ending relationship

When Jack finally gets to fight Sans, and finally gets to "the REAL battle," he decides to write down all the attacks. His use of Buffy Speak when referring to the "don't move-ys" and the "random crap" is hilarious.

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Jack has a running gag doing a dull robot voice for Mettaton. You can see the dawning glee on his face as he sees the opportunity. In the first episode, Jack takes a bathroom break.