Love likes coincidences ending relationship

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It's like a wink from the cosmos, a nudge from above to let us know that A relationship ending gives way to a new beginning and a chance for big love. a mission with an unwavering commitment to spreading Peace, Love. Meaningful Coincidences and the Stories of Our Families Robert H. Hopcke. some ways, the possibility of connecting with someone like Jim is not just possible the foundation for a subsequent dramatic, happy ending for their couples in love. relationship based on love but built and fortified by nightly drinking. For two years , we sat I no longer allowed for things like coincidence. Everything is Within minutes of ending my relationship, I realized I was fucked. I was twenty-three.

That makes me happy. Life and the Universe have a funny way of bringing us to the exact people, places, circumstances, and messages that our souls are calling for at the right time.

This phenomenon of seemingly meaningful coincidences is called synchronicity. When it comes to synchronicity, we do have a part to play and the all-important variable that we are in control of is FAITH.

We have to KNOW that every little action we take on behalf of our dreams is supported by unseen forces that are working for us and with us.

Even when times get tough and all signs point to giving up, we have to dig deeper and find the faith to keep going.

When our faith is strong, it colors our perceptions and allows us to see the interconnectedness of everything in our lives, even in our most challenging moments. A job lost creates space for a better job.

Why Our LOVE Relationships FAIL - Conscious Coincidences

A relationship ending gives way to a new beginning and a chance for big love. I was visiting Los Angeles this past week working on a few upcoming projects and I met some amazing people while I was there. That day I got two totally separate invitations to go to a live music event instead. Seeing each other at the show allowed us to hang and solidify the connection that had already been made.

I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for the way in which I was so clearly led to that situation.

love likes coincidences ending relationship

I also ended up introducing the two people who invited me only to find out that they had met before and their reconnecting sparked a conversation about a possible joint venture! To keep it alive, at some point you just have to let go and see what happens. When you work with all this nuttiness, love becomes more than mere romance. It turns into something way better: It has no end.

It is possible to work with the uncertainty skillfully. Instead of flinging yourself kamikaze-like into the flame of love, you can train in working with the heat. You want to play the odds. Applying the view of the three yanas could help.

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Three Yanas Hinayana As mentioned, Hinayana teachings are about personal conduct: You get your own life in order through discipline, honor, and effort.

You know how to make your bed, pick up your clothes, and make it to work on time.

love likes coincidences ending relationship

Basic stuff, but without which everything simply falls apart. When applied to relationships, Hinayana view could mean things like calling someone when you say you will. Listening when they talk and other such radical propositions. Mahayana When you are a stand-up human being, you can extend yourself to another in a more profound way.

In fact, you want to. You could find love and actually enjoy it. Once you get into a relationship however, you find out something pretty disturbing: For whatever reason, all the relationship books and TV shows in the world seem to be about how to get love, not how to give it—which is quite a complicated proposition. Central casting, send me someone who has a job, a car, and speaks English!

My stringent requirements for potential boyfriends, back in the day. You can get as specific as you want when you send in your requisition I need someone with brown hair who likes dogs but not cats, enjoys rowing, and has never eaten at Hootersbut eventually that person is going to break character.

Love Likes Coincidences

Alarmingly, you have to dispense with all your requirements and have a look at the actual person in front of you.

You see that this person is as important as yourself. This is the very teensy-tiny beginning of compassion: Now you can start to figure out what it really means to love. Vajrayana If the Vajrayana teachings are about meeting the circumstances of everyday life as a potential moment of transformation, then applied to relationships it could mean something like this: Every single thing that happens between you and your beloved is an opportunity to love more. Just as no one can tell you how to make giving birth or spilling your coffee into an opportunity to attain enlightenment, no one can tell you how to do so when your beloved leaves you for someone else or fails to empty the dishwasher.

Although he promised he would. Big or small, heart crushing or annoying, delightful or irritating, no matter what happens, in the Vajrayana view it is fodder for wakefulness, for love.