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In the melancholy of the near end, Katze passes again all the situations in his life. 'Melancholie der Engel' Directed by Marian Dora . I always interested in Death&Sexuality relation themed stories in literature because there are so few. Melancholie der Engel (English: The Angels' Melancholia) is a German independent Depressed, feeling his mortality, and fearing he is reaching the end of his life, Katze decides to meet his old friend Brauth, who has a Christ-like. Angel ends up looking like the director playing with himself for two and a half hours. I recently endured Melancholie der Engel (Angel's Melancholy). .. foster an adversarial relationship with those of differing viewpoints.

A personal work of director Marian Dora, the movie defies all formal conventions of storytelling.

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In nearly all scenes the movie breaks up to the audience's expectations. Established viewing and thinking habits as well as generally accepted and provided moral patterns are getting destroyed and stay unusable.

However, the movie can't deny its German roots and openly admits its highly controversial underground cinema status: Poetic, radical, original, unwieldy and impossible to forget. As bad as people make out Possibly, seen as a must for die hard horror fans Its just waaay too long Which for me is the biggest bummer, as regarding the storyline, there is just nothing to grab onto, at all, its basically just random scenes of emptiness I'm guessing this movie got rated so sick for the animal cruelty in it, which of course is bad However compare that to the extreme scenes of paedophilia in 'A Serbian Film' The first, Reise nach Agatis English: Voyage to Agatisis a minute film produced by Engelfilm.

This film deals with the everyday life of a man, Carsten Carsten Frankwho works on the set of the film Zombie Nation for Ulli Lommeland was filmed at the time Dora worked there as assistant, producer, actor, and technician.

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Reise nach Agatis[ edit ] The film opens with a scene of a woman tortured and killed on a beach. This is followed by a seemingly innocent and pleasant yachting cruise under the sun: Before the end of the day, she is running for her life as they reveal their psychopathic and violent nature, hoping to wake up from a demented nightmare.

Cave of the Sharksand David D. Osborn's novel Open Season are mentioned and the film ends with Lisa being stabbed multiple times in extremely graphic detail. Blood splatters onto Rafael, killing her. He then proceeds to ram a knife into her vagina, followed by disemboweling.

Debris documentar[ edit ] The man working on the set of a zombie film is planning to realize his own film, a task he finds extremely difficult. First, the man tries to place casting ads in a supermarket. During his daily work on the film set, the man seems frustrated.

Also, he is isolated in his private life, and spends his time by watching and masturbating to his opulent VHS film collection of homosexual rape pornography and films such as Cesare Canevari 's Last Orgy of the Third ReichDennis Donnelly's The Toolbox MurdersPeter Schamoni 's Potato Fritz, and Rino Di Silvestro 's Werewolf Womanand tinkering with props for his own planned film.

In his spare time, he shoots photos of animal cadavers while playing with them. He also collects them as he seems to have a sexual attraction to them. He rapes a woman Carina Palmer in the woods while she urinates. He indulges in several disturbing sexual fetishes including defecating, urinating, necrophilia, bestiality, anal fisting, rape and murder. He has regular contact with a prostitute, Patrizia Patrizia Johannwho puts an enema into her anus, and defecates into a bucket while placing the man onto a table, and shoving her fist into his anus, pulling out feces while he is putting the bucket to his face.

After a while he contacts a woman, Franziska Alexandra Dumaswho read his advertisement in the supermarket, and meets him at his house.

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After meeting up with a third woman Anja, played by Patrizia Johannthe group heads out to a house in the middle of nowhere. The cinematography is amazing. The whole thing feels like a nightmare, a vivid, disturbing, pretentious nightmare.

If there is a strong point to this film, it is definitely the visuals. In fact, each individual scene is well done and effective on its own, mixing a highly disturbing feel along with a high-art vibe and ending up with a Marian Dora film. But there are two big problems with this movie, the first one being the mistreatment of animals. The other problem I have with Melancholie der Engel is that it seems to all be done for the shock as opposed to the story.

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