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Perfect Fifths (Jessica Darling, #5) by Megan McCafferty

Bittersweet and heartening, Perfect Fifths is an emotionally about their own relationship and about what had happened during their three years apart. But the more I think about it, the more I love the way the book ended – with a If you haven't yet read Megan McCafferty's Jessica Darling series, stop. Start by marking “Perfect Fifths (Jessica Darling, #5)” as Want to Read: . A Fanfic for those who didn't like the ending of book 4. . It's been three years since Jessica refused Marcus' marriage proposal, and both of . My advice to those who want to read the final installment of Megan McCafferty's Jessica Darling series?. Start by marking “Fourth Comings (Jessica Darling, #4)” as Want to Read: Megan McCafferty is best known for SLOPPY FIRSTS and four other books in the New York Times bestselling Jessica Darling series for teens and adults. JESSICA DARLING'S IT LIST is a new middle grade series.

Fourth Comings stands out as the most mature of the Jessica Darling books. And as someone who thrives on drawn-out drama and realistic, ambiguous endings, this was kind of perfect.

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It's so easy to get caught up in that magic of Jessica and Marcus but this book puts their relationship in an entirely new light - one that scrutinizes their flaws, destroying the idealistic image of these two we may have harbored before. Fourth Comings starts out with Jessica prepared to break up with Marcus, but before she can quite do so, Marcus abruptly proposes, leaving on a trip for a week and giving her those seven Marcus-free days to decide whether or not she wants to be with Marcus till death do them apart.

As an individual who doesn't believe in the institution of marriage - and who was prepared to break up with her boyfriend - a marriage proposal is outrageous to Jessica. And yet, she cannot bring herself to give an outright rejection either. As Jessica embarks on her achingly normal day-to-day activities, though, she slowly comes to realize what she really wants from life - and whether Marcus really factors into that picture at all.

Book review: ‘Perfect Fifths’ by Megan McCafferty

For me, what makes Fourth Comings so phenomenal is the mere fact that by the end, everything comes together. Although dispersed with small meetings and intimate stories, all these separate journeys make a full circle, helping Jessica to become the self-assured person she is by the end of the novel.

Fourth Comings continues to build upon the familial relationships Jessica sustains, both with her sister - who isn't the complete blonde airhead she once though - and her parents. I particularly loved this latter plot line as it was such a different, yet inevitable, type of relationship bred out of the follies of youth. Its contrast with the other romantic relationships in this novel, from Jessica and Marcus, Bethany and G-Money, or even Bridget and Percy, was stunning in its depth and subtlety.

I loved that McCafferty changed her style. No diary or letter - instead a third person narrator telling us a blow by blow account of thoughts and feelings of BOTH Jessica and Marcus. Yes, both of them! And that saved Marcus.

Book review: ‘Perfect Fifths’ by Megan McCafferty | write meg!

We got to hear his actual thoughts! Be privy to his insecurities! See the inner workings of his mind! All at the same time as our narrator dissected him. It was fabulous and returned Marcus to his former sexy bad-boy intellectual glory. Since they hadn't seen each other for three years we get some memories thrown in.

Fourth Comings (Jessica Darling, #4) by Megan McCafferty

Marcus was devastated after his marriage proposal was rejected as well he should have been and didn't take it with his easy peasy life is as life is philosophy. Which made me ecstatic. I wanted him to be wounded - if only because he had annoyed the crap out of me for the previous two books. I loved that he threw himself into an unhealthy and ultimately regrettable relationship that showed him that Jessica was the one he had let get away.

I loved Jessica's connection with Sunny, her contemporary Korean version of her high school self. It added much needed snark into the story. It added heartbreak and tension and humanized Jessica.