Person of interest 3x21 ending a relationship

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person of interest 3x21 ending a relationship

Relationship with Finch. On May 8, , . Grace is leaving for a job interview for one in Italy, and her cab driver is in fact a Decima member. Before he can. Apr 30, Person of Interest - 3x21 - Beta - The ending. Game of Interest. Loading Match Members Are 3X More Likely To Find a Relationship. Join Now for Free!. Nov 18, #TheOriginals 3x21 "Give 'Em Hell Kid" - Kol and Davina. Vampire Diaries Cast, Vampire Diaries The Originals, Vampier Diaries, Original Vampire, Mystic Falls, Amai, Week End, Selfish, . Kolvina: A Real Relationship Has The Vampire Diares, Vampire Diaries Cast, .. Last frame short people problems.

‘Person of Interest’ Officially Ending After Season 5

I'm hoping Fusco is part of the new uncorrupted police force and that he's recognized for his heroism Will the Machine continue to sort through relevant and irrelevant numbers to keep people safe? We saw the Machine reboot itself back up, check out citizens' social security numbers and even give Shaw a ring on a public pay phone. But just because it's online, does it mean it will go back to doing Finch's work? And without an admin and troops on the ground, how will it come to the aid of people in trouble other than opening elevator doors for them and setting their home thermostats?

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This is the ultimate question that viewers can fill in their own blank as an answer, but I like to think that it continues to watch over people in a more understated role.

A new team could be involved, but for now, I'm guessing the Machine works alone. Will Finch ever know that the Machine survived? Finch made it to Italy with his boo Grace Carrie Preston before he could ever know that the Machine started itself up again. Obviously all the Machine has to do is send a Snapchat to Finch's phone to let her daddy know she's alive, but I'm wondering if that's such a good idea.

Finch has a chance at a normal life — something that seemed impossible halfway through the series finale — and that's the happiest ending the series provided.

I doubt the Machine would want to ruin that, even though Finch and the Machine have a father-daughter relationship. But maybe down the line they could reunite after Finch has gotten a taste of the good life.

Why did Reese have to die?

Person of Interest S1E21 - Ending

No one wanted John Reese to die except for a small portion of the fanatical pro-Root fandombut his death made the most sense. Reese was only alive because Finch saved him, and when Reese had nothing to look forward to or fall back on, Finch gave him a purpose.

That was the general theme of the finale: Having accomplished that purpose by helping people, Reese felt his work was done and paid his good friend back with the ultimate sacrifice. He gave his life so that Finch could have his, and continue it with Grace.

person of interest 3x21 ending a relationship

And did you see that little smile from Reese as Finch made it off the rooftop? That was a man who was pleased with his decision. Sarah Shahi, Person of InterestPhoto: What will Shaw do? Root's Amy Acker dead and Shaw's job with the Machine is done, so what's left for her? At night they sit outside the museum and Finch begins to tell her that there is something he wants her to know about his past and that it might surprise her.

person of interest 3x21 ending a relationship

Grace stops him, and the two kiss. She accepts and henceforth they are engaged. Losing Harold Grace at Harold's grave. She assumes Harold is dead when she goes to the emergency triage center set up near the blast site, and is unable to locate him.

She is told to check the personal effects of those whose bodies could not be recovered and finds the book with which he proposed to her severely damaged. Grace tearfully says how she wishes Finch could have had at least one other person who cared about him. She cries as she looks on at the gravestone. It is implied that, even though her work as a non-digital illustrator is falling out of practice in modern culture, Harold has been assuring that she always has work through his many business connections.

Grace meets Reese when he locates Finch's early residence while attempting to learn more about him - he introduces himself as Detective Stills and helps carry her magazines inside. She briefly tells him about her life with Harold and Reese expresses sympathy. When he looks back, Grace is gone.

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Finch has no choice but to comply. Root says that Grace thinks she writes children's books.

person of interest 3x21 ending a relationship

Before he can sedate her, Reese and Shaw appear and take him down, and take Grace with them. After a while, she notices the papers on the walls and finds a report concerning Stills having gone missing - realizing that Reese is a phony, she prepares to leave when Root gets in her way, warning her that armed men are waiting for her outside.

Shortly afterwards, Root uses her phone to remotely set off a bomb in a nearby building, throwing off the police and allowing Grace to be safely escorted out.

While they drive, a car crashes into theirs, and a Decima member named Zachary steps out. He grabs Grace and leaves, and despite Shaw and Reese's efforts to stop him, he escapes. Greer sits down in front of her with tea.

He opens a folder containing all of Grace's background info, and begins asking simple questions about her life, eventually asking if she had a lover. She mentions Harold, and this confirms Greer's suspicions, he asks more about Harold, saying that he was a very anonymous man an perhaps lied to Grace. Confused, Grace gets up to leave and Greer attempts to calm her down, and Grace then snaps, telling Greer about how her father being alcoholic and ruining the family made her good at identifying lies, and knew that Harold never did as she gave him her trust.

Greer then gets up to leave, and simply tells her that her tea has gone cold when she asks why he's interested in Harold. Harold catches Grace silently.