Person of interest dead reckoning ending relationship

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person of interest dead reckoning ending relationship

Person of Interest is an American science fiction crime drama television series created for CBS by Jonathan Nolan, who serves as an executive producer alongside J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Chris Fisher, Greg Plageman, and Denise Thé. The series stars Jim Caviezel as John Reese, a former CIA agent who is presumed dead. . At the end, a memorial bust of Finch's partner (Brett Cullen). Sunbunny reviews "Dead Reckoning,' an episode of 'Person of Interest.' Whenever it's anything less than magnificent, I end up disappointed. .. For me the central relationship is between Reese and Finch (and Bear of course!), so I don't. "Dead Reckoning" is the 13th episode of season 2, and the 36th produced hour of Person of Interest. It originally aired on January 31, Reese is abducted.

person of interest dead reckoning ending relationship

Snow never expected that both these agents would survive this, but look at where they ended up. For a while, they were on identical paths. They hid from the public. They both met men who offered them a purpose and gave them direction in life. They both used their skills to help someone else.

The Ordos Laptop

But the details matter here. Reese tried to better his own life and the life of those around him. Kara, however, worked for an organization that was even more cutthroat and ruthless than the CIA. How many other jobs had she done for that man? How long had he been promising her that name?

person of interest dead reckoning ending relationship

In true Person of Interest fashion we don't know his name, we don't know who he works for, and we don't know his plan, but we do know that he's fond of classic literature and thinks of himself as allied with the young gods to Kara's old god bosses. I'm not sure how literal we're supposed to take the Titan analogy the old gods, fearing the young gods, ate their young Working for answers about the people who tried to kill her, Kara captured Reese in the present day and strapped a bomb to his chest to form a two-man death squad with Snow, who was already Kara's bitch and had quit complaining about his own bomb a long time ago.

We didn't know what Kara's plan was, but it was still fun to see Snow and Reese working together by beating up ATF agents in broad daylight in the parking lot of a busy diner and waltzing past security with a few stern words, all while Reese showed us how far he's come since being a CIA goon whenever Snow tried to kill someone.

person of interest dead reckoning ending relationship

Our little Tin Man is really developing a heart! It turned out that Kara wasn't trying to download some government-grade super computer virus to wreak havoc, as Finch thought, she had the 2.

And after five months, the virus or whatever it was would do its thing and presumably take the global network hostage or the government's operations. The two managed to escape, with Reese sneaking up to the roof and moping about his explosive fashion accessory. That's no way for Batman to act, John!

Somehow, Finch was on the roof waiting for him and in a pretty contrived sequence dug up the universal unlock codes for the phone that was operating the bomb there were five codes but only three chances to enter them before the bomb exploded, which sounds like a terribly designed app if you ask me. There was some genuine bro time, and believe me when I say I always enjoy the bro time between Reese and Finch, and on the third try, Finch guessed right and saved the series.

person of interest dead reckoning ending relationship

Snow, however, decided to go out like a pimp. As Kara got into her car to grab a celebratory Fanta, who should be in the back seat but Snow and his ticking bomb vest?

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Both of them dead, rather suddenly. I don't know how Snow beat Kara down to her car maybe she took the stairs or stopped for a cigarette? I had expected Snow to fall haha this episode, but I figured Kara would stick around for a while because she's such a unique nemesis for Reese.

It just goes to show that Person of Interest does not mind killing off bad guys, or letting bad guys kill bad guys.

person of interest dead reckoning ending relationship

Person of Interest has a whole closet full of bad guys, and more of them keep showing up at the door every week. Still, I was shocked—and, I admit, a little sad. I liked Kara and Snow, too. At least she'll always live on in my Kara-Reese fanfic where they buy a house in the suburbs and become the adoptive parents of Finch.

Control orders Special Counsel to send the two responsible for the loss of the laptop, meaning Reese and Stanton, to Ordos to make sure it is destroyed, and then Control orders their deaths. Alicia Corwin is assigned to track Reese and Stanton to Morocco where she relays the orders to Mark Snow who sends Reese and Stanton on a mission to retrieve the laptop.

After which, Mark Snow orders each to "retire" the other as a way of tying up the loose ends from their pursuit of Casey and contact with the laptop.

This also ensures the destruction of anyone in China who has had contact with the laptop, because Control will not risk letting anyone live who may have seen a portion of the Machine's programming.

When they arrive at the location, a tech facility in an abandoned company town, they find a number of Chinese employees assassinated in the midst of a seemingly ordinary day, and one man still alive. Stanton questions him in Chinese about what had happened and shoots him when he describes "them" as taking "the machine". Reese takes the laptop List of Chinese citizen identification numbers, similar to U. SSNs As Reese and Stanton explore the site, they notice a list of 17 digit numbers with corresponding Chinese characters, but pay it little mind.

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Reese finds the laptop in a locker inside one of the offices that were raided, and slowly realizes that there is something odd about a raid that would do such extensive damage, yet leave the laptop behind. Reese puts the laptop in his bag and they leave the facility to wait for extraction.

Kara puts the laptop in her bag. Later on, Stanton puts the laptop into one of her bags and starts signaling the extraction team. Reese prepares to execute his orders to kill Stanton but backs off at the last moment, and Stanton turns around and shoots him in the gut. Reese realizes that they were told to kill each other so that everyone who came in contact with the site and the laptop would be dead. Seconds later, the CIA blows the place, destroying all evidence; however, Reese, Stanton, and the laptop all survive.

Mark Snow hears that a dissident group helped an injured CIA operative escape. Snow thinks it's Reese. But it turns out to be Stanton. He meets her in a Chinese hospital and shows her the laptop, offering her answers to why her government was so eager to destroy the laptop and kill her in the process.

Kara has little interest in the laptop.