Rannoch geth ending relationship

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rannoch geth ending relationship

Mass Effect 3ME3, "Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons" Mission . Legion says he was created at another time for organic relations or something. .. that the geth aren't hostile, as shown by the "peace" ending of that arc). The geth and the quarian forces finally meet at Rannoch, the original quarian home This description of the relationship between the geth and the quarians of creating a happy ending for the war in the Mass Effect universe nor a chance to . i think you need either very high renagade or very high paragon score to actually pull it off, this is what i did to make peace. saved the two.

Would you allow Reaper-Tech to be walking around the Citadel, when there are Reapers killing people? It's concerned about poetntal enemies in your borders. When you are actively at war with a faction, you wouldn't keep their tech or creation of said-tech from entering your borders? I were reacted to out of the fear thatr they would end up like the geth and kill for seemingly no reason. The geth seem to punish other organics for the quarians actions out of fear.

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The quarians attacked the geth out of fear. What part of THAT do you not understand? The Quarians tried to exterminate the Geth when the Geth did not do anything to them.

They did so because they Geth were synthetics and they feared them. That is called prejudice. The Geth responded to that prejudice with their own prejudice because they not only killed the Quarians but they judged all organics based on the Quarians attempt to kill them.

Nope the Quarians hated peace more because they attacked first. Geth had no problem living with the Quarians. The Quarians had a problem living with the Geth. You tend to make stuff up and exaggerate.

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Why doesn't she do this? You are the one guilty of trying to parrade opinion as fact when you have absolutly nothing. You just now stated that you have the "right" to not accept anything you don't want to -- the epitimy of a prejudiced view. And nither is it a warning.

It's a sign of indifference. Silence can be interperted any number of ways. Including as simple lack of intrest. Again, if you want to diffinitively turn someone away, you have to actively tell them, because organics are not psychic.


The humans have right to the worlds they settled, as do the quarians. And FYI, the geth don't live on those worlds either. They live in stations. Rannoch is the sole exception. It doesn't belong to the geth.

rannoch geth ending relationship

Dad has a Native-American great-uncle: D AND my mom's side had ancestors who were colonists that setteled side by side with the locals in the last century, not drive them out. Besides, I already DO have plans to move -- I want to see europe in the future. You have done nothing but promote prejudice and oppression.

You want genocide instead of co-existance. You think that "I take it, it's mine" is lawfu and just.

rannoch geth ending relationship

It's not -- It's racial conquest and domination. Both things I thought you claimed to hate, yet you seem to advocate. Seriously, drop your double-standards already. Likewise, the geth exterminated millions of quarian civilians that had no part in what their government decided.

rannoch geth ending relationship

They are the SAME. Both sides reacted in fear and self-preservation. NOT out of a hatered, or a supremicy complex. And you once again advocating prejudice in a discussion where it does not apply. You advocate situations that make you a hypocrite. Also, FYI, The quarians didn't judge all synthetics based on the geth, considering how the quarians have multiple V.

Operated Cybernetic Implants, and have V. The geth are just as guilty and faultible of their own actions. Perhaps thankfully, Joker never hears this story. Some players got to see a host of Salarians in place of the Krogan, being given another speech by Major Kirrahe, Mr.

But even fewer players got to see the totally new character Salarian Colonel Vaykom delivering that speech. Here is specifically what you have to do to get this no name placeholder where fan favorites Wrex or at least Kirrahe would be.

Once Shepard becomes a Spectre and Anderson gives them the Normandy, three main story missions become available. In fact it is possible to complete Feros, Noveria and even Virmire before going to Therum. If Shepard waits that long to rescue Liara, she will think that Shepard and their squad are a hallucination induced by her prolonged capture.

After the mission is complete she becomes even more distraught. Sheer curiosity alone would have probably been enough for most players to decide to keep the Geth on the Normandy instead of sell it to Cerberus.

However, if Shepard does decide to sell or never activate Legion, it comes back to bite Shepard in the ass. This room in the Cerberus Headquaters can also carry another eerie reminder. If Shepard waits too long to answer the distress call from Grissom Academy, Cerberus will capture Jack and her biotic students. Then when Shepard hits the Cerberus HQ, they can find audio files of Jack being tortured and reprogrammed.

And finally they will encounter Jack transformed into a Cerberus phantom. Both Jack and Legion will appear as enemies if the requisite choices are made for double the horror.

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Several resourceful ME 2 players on PC have discovered unused game assets if you can finagle the restricted squad mates onto your team earlier than the final product intended.

Tali will remark that she and Garrus bunkering down is just like old times. Also on Omega, you can get some humorous reactions to the alien plague from Tali. That means securing their loyalty to Shepard by completing their loyalty missions. Most of the missions are unaffected in how they play out if you postpone them.

With one huge exception. If Shepard has at least two other squad mates left after the suicide mission, Shepard can choose to leave Zaeed to die in the fire he started.