Red alert 3 uprising yuriko ending relationship

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red alert 3 uprising yuriko ending relationship

Mar 22, Red Alert 3: Uprising Yuriko Ending. Cold Highway. Loading. Game. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3; ; Explore in YouTube Gaming. Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 for PC/XBOX shipped last fall and . Cast : [UR] means this character also appears in Red Alert 3 - Uprising. Lydia Look as Commander Naomi Shirada Lisa Tamashiro as Yuriko Omega (voice only) [ UR] return at the end of the week, a while later I went back to rent it again and the. Mar 23, Red Alert 3 Uprising - First Five Minutes . The real storytelling highlight is found within the unusual Yuriko campaign, which breathes humanity.

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Using her newfound powers, she managed to defeat the Imperial forces guarding the facility and reach the exit of the sanitarium. Unfortunately, just as she was about to escape, a team of Rocket Angels disabled her with their Paralysis whips, and she was overwhelmed by Imperial Warriors.

C&C: Red Alert 3: Uprising - Yuriko Omega Campaign Playthrough Part 1 (No commentary, Mission 1)

She was returned to her cell, and the Imperial scientists continued their experiments on her, eventually creating a small army of Yuriko clones with similar, albeit weaker, versions of her abilities. Deployment History After her attempted escape, which caused billions of yen worth of collateral damage, the Imperial Shogunate considered the Omega Program successful due to the destructive powers she demonstrated.

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As a result, Yuriko was given the codename "Omega" and a psychic dampener that controlled her temper. Yuriko and her clones were deployed in many battles during the War of the Three Powers, and were nearly unstoppable on the battlefield. The Allies first learned of the existence of "Yuriko Omega" when an elite school of Allied dolphins patrolling off the coast of Kyushu discovered her.

Here, you take control of Yuriko, the Empire's commando unit, and take her dungeon crawling, using her four psionic powers to wreak havoc. The campaign is a stripped-down action role-playing game.

With Yuriko's main attack, you can demolish entire buildings, whereas four additional abilities let her shield herself, unleash a formidable psychic blast, brainwash enemy infantry into fighting on her behalf, and pick up objects and enemies and fling them at each other. It's over quickly and not all that satisfying. Granted, it's cool to rip up entire swaths of enemies and fill the screen with colorful particle effects. Yet the gameplay feels too watered-down.

There is no onscreen minimap you need to hit the escape key to view the maptwo of the three levels take place in the same unimaginative environment, and you can't zoom in to get a better look at the action. It can be a bit tactical, particularly during the final boss battle, but it isn't strategic enough to work in the context of an RTS, and it's certainly not as engaging as a good action RPG.

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The campaign was a good idea, but it doesn't feel as tight as it should, particularly in light of Dawn of War II's far superior foray into that hybrid realm. Standard strategic gameplay within the campaigns succeeds better, though not having a co-op commander to join you keeps large battles from feeling as grand and sweeping as they did in Red Alert 3.

However, there are some nice highlights. Defending a central base with the help of century bombers and cryocopters is enjoyable, and some of the new units fit in nicely, such as the Soviet's awesomely named mortar cycle. Perhaps the most impressive new unit is the Empire's giga fortress, which is great fun to watch in action.

When gliding through the air, its powerful beam slices through units below, and in its five-armed floating form, its barrage of rockets makes short work of flying foes. You get to put these powerhouses to good use in the Empire campaign, in which objectives are stacked against you and the giga fortress's potent missiles are a great boon.

red alert 3 uprising yuriko ending relationship

In skirmish games, they don't feel properly balanced, which is also the case for several other imposing additions. Of course, balance would have been more important in a multiplayer skirmish, but even with a good number of new single-player maps to play on, these overpowered units make battling the AI less enjoyable because it isn't as satisfying when you win, and it's frustrating when you lose.

Moskvin however decided to stay in New York claiming he wanted to have more Even Evil Has Standards: While he is somewhat Ax-Crazy and mentally unstable, he does show genuine respect to fellow officers and knows to hold back personal grudges to do what needs to be done. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising [Instant Access]: Video Games

He has an unhealthy fascinations of terror drones and Tesla weapons. He's a former Tesla Trooper, though, so this is not much of a surprise. Has shades of this. He's mentally unstable and feels joy in the war, but is good at what he does and knows what's needed to be done.

Yuriko Omega

Is paired with the Allied commander against the Empire. He looks for the thrill of besting enemy combatants. I never would have lost were it not for the incompetence of my forces! At least they're dead!

red alert 3 uprising yuriko ending relationship

Commander - General Role: Soviet Armour Divisions Commander "Well, look at what the wind blew in.