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Kevin Ryman was an officer of the Raccoon City Police Department. Relationships The latter is the "true" ending of the scenario. . Like all characters in Resident Evil Outbreak, Kevin starts each scenario with a fifth inventory space. Resident Evil Outbreak File 2 Kevin FAQ Probester/Sam C. Here is a list of all the characters and their relationship with Kevin as AIPCs. . no 45 rounds, so save it for the end -collect the magnum revolver if possible -look at Jean's memo . Kevin Ryman was an officer of the Raccoon City Police Department. Leon Scott Kennedy, but the extent of their relationship (or lack thereof) is unknown. In Kevin's "Remain Hopeful" ending, Kevin rips up a job application form, Resident Evil Outbreak, Kevin: Opening (Outbreak) (Resident Evil Outbreak cutscene).

Lumpohero Lumpohero 9 years ago 3 No Jim doesn't suck, he's just annoying.

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Grab Yoko and Cindy. They always seem to be the best team for me. Cindy will heal you naturally if you go into orange, and yoko never EVER leaves your side and is good item storage. I don't see why you want 2 not to follow you but if you do pick david, maybe kevin. Still don't see why though. Jim doesn't suck if you play as him, but as a partner there is nothing good about him and he runs off the most.

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OverLordDramon OverLordDramon Topic Creator 9 years ago 4 The thing i'm looking for is though i don't want my other partner to follow me but i want yoko to follow me even if she doesn't help me. She nearly always help me when i'm crawling, She has "ALWAYS" kept items that help you get deeper into the scenario and she isn't that agrresive to monster's.

Since i tend to have two weapons with me i'll let her have herb's and such so she or me might need it later But it's a pain having somebody either following me or yoko! That's what i need help on. When your Jim or have Jim as a partner on the other hand. And i realised something It's impossible to be jim and get yoko to folow you without your other partner constantly following you or yoko around.

Help me out here! I'll give them a shot but then again i trust yoko more cause she never shoot's unless she's in a boss fight or i'm crawling. Then she'll help me up, though she let's me go quickly most of the time's which sometimes end up me falling back down which is annoying.

I can remember this one moment on FB on Very Hard mode.

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I kept on getting hit by different monsters and i never had yoko nor kevin i chose kevin as my other partner cause he's got a gun which in my opinion is cool enough Then i got pinned down After a few second's after two moss zombie's there greeny like zombies i think they cause poison to you roaming around me i saw yoko coming up and although she had a gun she never used it till she got me back up, and then she just dropped me off when i was clear of the zombie's then i as a coward decided to run away to heal myself cause yoko never had any herbs and i didn't have a weapon cause stupid old kevin stole that grenade launcher along with it's ammo as well as my only weapon "The Handgun" ran out of ammo Then after waiting a while constantly trying to avoid the axeman since i desperatly wanted to see yoko and not get killed at the same time she finnaly came out and while i do not and will never know this the axeman went straight after her then she went back into the room she was in.

Hellfire - A large hotel, on fire, filled with zombies and lickers.

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Possibly the most frustrating scenario, mainly because the survivors use the external fire-escapes not to flee the building, but to actually go back in! Decisions, Decisions - The final scenario, unlockable only after completing the other scenarios, is set in Raccoon University, where the player must try to earn a degree in 'Basic Plotline Continuity'.

The final boss is the Tyrant, which the player can kill with "Daylight", an improvised vaccine for the T-Virus. Now we can pay extra to play the exact same level that we played in the first game! Wild Things - Conveniently, the only route to an evacuation point is through the City Zoo. The scenario introduces a whole host of new creatures to battle, including infected flamingos, fluffy kittens, and a rather unfriendly Dugong.

The final boss depending on events during the scenario can either be an aggressive elephant or an equally aggressive lion. Underbelly - The survivors have obviously learned nothing from File 1 as they head underground again in an attempt to flee from the living dead. Finding the subway infested with giant fleas, they come to the solemn conclusion that they made this metaphorical bed and now they're going to have to combine the metaphorical keys to lie in it.

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The group stumbles across a cabin owned by a strange old man, Al Who, for all they know, could be a paedophileor worse, a liberal. He leads them to an abandoned hospital, which, rather than go around, they decide to go into.

Ever get the sense there's a running theme of stupidity in these games? The final boss is a large mutated plant which, it turns out, Al was trying to feed by luring the survivors there! So he was a dirty liberal after all! Desperate Times - Taking place just before the events of Resident Evil 2, the players find themselves among the last remaining police officers of the Raccoon Police Station.

Their goal is to find a way out before the zombies manage to break through the barricades. There is no final boss; the player must simply figure out just how many times has the police station been featured in a Resident Evil game?