Royal rumble 1990 ending a relationship

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royal rumble 1990 ending a relationship

After three decades, the Royal Rumble match has given us plenty of at the end of , meaning that the Royal Rumble winner would be . During the early 90's, Sergeant Slaughter wasn't exactly known for his Instead, they let that rest for the night and went with a run that played into continuity, relationships, . The Royal Rumble is approaching fast, and you've had some very of been the year that I went in first and stayed almost to the end of it. Here is the thing where he really hurt himself and our relationship: Like many of the top heels in WWF during the late's and early's, Hulk Hogan was one. The Bushwhackers break up the Boston crab/legdrop double team tripping Jacques. Raymond goes to check on Jacques and they both get.

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Not to mention the fact that it was how many years ago. I understand and I think that the WWE is in a situation where we live in this age of political correctness, which I absolutely hate, but there are somethings I guess you just have to do.

Anybody black or white that knows him personally for any length of time can tell you he is in no way racist. What were the major contributing factors in your decision to make the leap to WCW at that time, and how do you feel about the way you were utilized there? This goes back to Marchpost WrestleMania 8. I called home and my wife confronted me with adultery. I made probably the best choice of my life right then.

I could of tried to lie my way out of that deal and all that would have done was eventually blow up my face. I threw myself on the mercy of the court, so to speak, and I really thought that my wife was going to leave me.

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If I had been her, I would have. I say that to bring you to where I was. When I went back to work for Vince after I had left inI realized that I have got to separate myself from this environment. Back then, we were all like rock stars. It was the next town, the next show, the next party, the next girl, and on and on and on. If you have a drinking problem, stay out of the bar. If you have a drug problem you stay off the street corner and get away.

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So when I went back to work for Vince, I went back to work as a ring-side manager managing talent and a color commentator. That did not require me to be on the road. The only time I was on the road was when I would go to the TVs which back then were done once every three weeks. I would go to the studio in Stanford for voiceovers once a week, the pay-per-views, and that was it.

Vince decided that he wanted to utilize me, so he put me with Sid Vicious, Steve Austin and a lot of other guys. That rub as we call it, was to help elevate those guys at the time and I understood that.

Where I think I failed was that when he decided to put me back on the road, the road for me was danger.

WWF 1990 Royal Rumble

The word had already gotten out that there was a possibility that I was talking to WCW. Which meant I was safe because I was not going to be on the road all the time. I just chose basically my family; to save my marriage and to save myself from destruction. You look at the WWE today and there are a lot of things in place now to help that.

They are only on the road four days a week and they probably have one of the most stringent drug testing policies going. As good as the ratings were, they were the best wrestling ratings ever. We were actually competing with NFL football, which is insane. The biggest angle in wrestling was the battle between the two companies and everybody knew it. A lot of the guys that moved over had this creative control clause in their contracts.

In other words, if you asked me to do something that I think is detrimental to my career then I have the right to refuse. I remember Eric Bischoff one night after a show having a beer at the bar said that he is going run Vince of the business. I literally laughed in his face. Goldberg had charisma and Goldberg had that look.

royal rumble 1990 ending a relationship

The war was going on at that time still because Ted Turner had basically bought all the talent created by Vince McMahon, but there was no new talent. So what did Vince do? He created new stars and thus the Attitude Era came into existence.

Vince would tell you he was pulling out all the plugs and doing whatever he could do to survive and I can understand that. Those three years at WCW is probably the worst years of my career in terms of not being happy at all.

The best part was that guaranteed contract. He is not the announcer now he is part of the nWo. When they did, they brought me back is as babyface manager for the Steiner brothers. Garvin fights back and knocks Valentine down as these two are laying into each other.

Valentine heads outside for a breather then returns and starts beating on Garvin then it turns into a slugfest as they knock each other down after Garvin delivers a headbutt. Valentine counters a backdrop attempt then Garvin tries a sunset flip as Valentine blocks that. Valentine chops Garvin in the corner then both men collide and end up on the mat.

Garvin blocks a figure four attempt then tries to cover him with a cradle but once again has to be reminded of the match stipulations.

Valentine knocks Garvin down then hooks on the figure four but the Hammer Jammer helps Garvin, who taunts Valentine. Garvin tries a small package then Valentine puts him in a backbreaker submission and drops him down. He drops an elbow and tries another figure four but that fails so he starts choking him out. Garvin gets up and hits some vicious chops before firing away in the corner.

Garvin now uses an Indian Death Lock but Valentine eventually makes it to the ropes. Valentine rolls outside then pulls Garvin out and they start chopping each other hard. Valentine blocks a piledriver on the floor with a backdrop then rolls inside. Back inside, Garvin tries to fight back but misses a charge in the corner and ends up in the tree-of-woe. The ref unhooks Garvin then both men collide and are on the mat.

Garvin is in pain now as the crowd is behind him. Garvin tries to reverse the hold and does but Valentine is able to reach the ropes. Garvin falls down as Valentine stomps the leg.

Garvin tries another small package then Valentine knocks him back down and heads up top. Valentine ends up tied in the ropes as Hart tries to untie him. Garvin yanks Hart inside and tries to hit him with the shinguard. Valentine grabs the other shinguard and sneaks up but Garvin turns around and waffles Valentine then puts on the Hammer Jammer as Valentine eventually gives up A brutal, hard-hitting match.

My one complaint was Garvin going for several pinfall attempts during this match. It made him look like an idiot. I get it happening once or even twice to put over the stipulation but it was too much here and took away from the drama.

It made sense for Garvin to win too since Valentine was going to be teaming with Honky but this turned out being the last meaningful feud of their careers. Okerlund is backstage with Mr. Perfect, who is sick and tired of Beefcake taking advantage of people while they are asleep. Okerlund then calls out Perfect for beating Beefcake with a chair as Perfect says he has victory on his mind Okerlund is reacting to the replay of the attack. Okerlund tries to get Perfect to reveal his number as Perfect said he picked the Perfect number, which is So now we know who drew 1 and Sherri comes out first as her and Brother Love trade compliments.

royal rumble 1990 ending a relationship

Brother Love refuses to let Sapphire speak as she continues to get bullied with Sherri doing a superb job at heeling on everyone. Sherri makes fun of Sapphire for being the same size as Dusty and that he needs a forklift to put her in the back then Sapphire says she has had enough and slaps Sheri down.

Mooney is backstage with Hacksaw Jim Duggan, who promises to stand up for himself and he is not some ordinary punk at the convenience store. Hacksaw Jim Duggan These two slug it out to start. Duggan reverses an Irish whip and hits a clothesline then knocks Bossman out of the ring. Bossman pulls Duggan outside and they brawl again until Duggan is pushed into the post. Bossman misses a shoulder tackle and collides with the post himself before the action heads back into the ring.

Duggan takes control until Bossman comes back with a corner splash. He rakes the back then hammers away but Duggan starts to pump up then fights back. Duggan drops his head then Bossman hits a double ax handle and is now back in control. Bossman targets the back and neck then cuts off another comeback attempt with a knee smash. Duggan tries to break out of a bearhug with headbutts but Bossman falls on top. They both choke each other out in the corner then Duggan gets out and clotheslines Bossman over the top rope.

Back inside, Duggan hammers away in the corner but misses a charge and gets clotheslined. Bossman heads up top now but misses a splash as both men are down. They collide in a goofy spot then Slick is up on the apron to distract Duggan but gets knocked off by Bossman.

Slick slips Bossman the nightstick and he uses it to whack Duggan but the ref saw the nightstick and calls for the DQ Duggan then sits in a chair that was thrown into the ring as Bossman is irate. This match started out good but Duggan appeared to be gassed towards the end. Slick cost his client the match and Bossman did not appear too happy about losing. Its a situation to monitor over the next few weeks.

Another reminder that WrestleMania takes place on April 1st. We now hear comments from some of the Royal Rumble participants. They were from those that had very little chance of winning the match. Ware is announced as 2.

royal rumble 1990 ending a relationship

Koko gets attacked as soon as he enters the ring. DiBiase hammers away but Koko no-sells a few turnbuckle smashes and makes his comeback.

royal rumble 1990 ending a relationship

He fires away then charges at DiBiase but is backdropped to the floor and eliminated. Jannetty ducks underneath and hits a pair of dropkicks but then eats boot on a charge. DiBiase turns Jannetty inside-out with a clothesline but gets caught with a punch coming off the top rope.

Jannetty fires away then tries a crossbody but DiBiase ducks as Jannetty goes over the top rope and is eliminated. Jake Roberts is 4 and gets a great reaction as he points at DiBiase, who is going nuts.

royal rumble 1990 ending a relationship

DiBiase knees Roberts out of the ring through the bottom rope and goes out to put on the Million Dollar Dream but is run into the post. Back inside, Jake hits a backdrop then follows with a short-arm clothesline before signaling for the DDT but DiBiase counters that with a backdrop of his own.

Savage beats on Jake as Queen Sherri is screaming on the outside. Jake gets double-teamed until 6 Roddy Piper comes out and beats on Savage and DiBiase as Jake is tied up in the ropes. Piper unties Jake as Jesse asks why he did that since its every man for himself as those two take control.

We have some near eliminations then 7 is the Warlord as he comes in and beats Jake down before going after Piper, who fights back. Savage holds up Bret, who ducks, and gets hit by DiBiase. The action slows down a little bit then 9 comes out and is Bad News Brown. Piper almost eliminates DiBiase but Savage makes the save as Jesse applauds Savage as Schiavone brings up what he said earlier about it being every man for himself. Dusty goes right after Savage until he gets raked across the eyes.

Bad News tries to go after Dusty then Savage charges but Dusty eliminates him with a backdrop. Savage is irate on the outside as the officials force him back to the locker room. Fuji and Heenan then go at it briefly then we see Andre beat on Dusty and Piper in the corner.

Rooster tries to dump Dusty then Piper eliminates Bad News with a backdrop. However, Bad News then yanks Piper over the top rope as they brawl on the outside and up the aisle.

The crowd is chanting for Piper here then we head back to the ring where Andre is beating on the Rooster. Andre nails both men then Haku comes out at Haku makes the save for his partner and goes right after Ax. Jesse puts over DiBiase for still being in the match despite drawing 1.

Not much going on now then Akeem enters at 16 and just blends in with the rest of the action.