Santa sweatshop ending relationship

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santa sweatshop ending relationship

will across the social spectrum, to demand an end to the inhumanity of the sweat- shop. forces labor geographers to consider anew the relationship between consumption and (1) See ``Santa's little sweatshop'' by Jeff Elliott, Albion Monitor. Dec 12, It is not nearly as glamorous as what you'd see in a Christmas movie. An undercover investigation into Chinese toy sweatshops in southern. Mar 12, Yet relationship between workers, factory and brand remain unchanged. The agreements ended sweatshops in the US apparel industry – that William and Mary, Santa Clara University, Cornell, Rutgers, Oberlin College.

As a school that is founded on and continues the legacy of empowering women of color, it is important that we not participate in to the exploitation of women globally.

victory | United Students Against Sweatshops

Affiliation is just the first step in the right direction to assess our global institutional impact. As one of the founders and leaders of SAS, I was ecstatic to hear the news. We had not anticipated such a huge victory in merely a matter of months, considering that we are an entirely new student organization. From the first week of the semester this year, we dropped letters to President Boren, proposing the affiliation and requesting a meeting.

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Often, our letter drops included cookies or other treats. It was during this delivery that we were informed of a meeting with President Boren that Friday, just three days away.

The meeting went surprisingly well, and the president seemed interested and open to our idea of affiliation. He agreed to look further into it and get back to SAS in a few weeks. We hosted a worker tour, at which Maritza and Yenny, Alta Gracia workers, presented a huge banner for attendees to sign.

The banner was delivered to President Boren, and approximately two weeks later, the success was announced.

santa sweatshop ending relationship

It feels amazing to have been a part of this Sooners Against Sweatshops campaign. I never considered myself a leader before I became involved in this cause, and I think everyone in the group feels a lot of pride in obtaining an affiliation with the WRC, especially at one of the largest sports schools in the southern Midwest.

santa sweatshop ending relationship

The pressure to affiliate is spreading across the country and across the world. The key to victory is persistence and passion.

We delivered this check to President Michael Young with the hope that he would take action to ensure Adidas paid this money owed to their workers. After hearing straight from the brand that they had no intention to pay severance to the PT Kizone workers, UW students continued campaigning full force, urging President Young to cut the contract.

After more actions took place, including ones where we dressed up like zombies and threw on our PJs in the middle of the afternoonwe had another chance to speak to Mr.

Toys for Christmas: Inside the Chinese sweatshops that make them

Last week, we received word from President Young that he would be ending our business relationship with Adidas, effective immediately. What is especially significant about this action is that President Young did not include a remediation period that is customary of contract cuts.

This victory also coincided with another victory for Adidas workers this week. In Mayworkers at Flying Needle, a Adidas supplier factory in Nicaragua, formed a union to exercise their legal right to bargain for an end to sweatshop conditions in their factory.

santa sweatshop ending relationship

After the formation of the union, Flying Needle management initiated an aggressive anti-union campaign, which included the illegal firing of 17 union leaders. The victory at the UW, as well as other USAS campaigns across the countryoffered the support these brave workers needed in order to fight and win against this Adidas supplier.

Investigation uncovers squalid conditions in Chinese toy sweatshops

Adidas claims to consistently monitor its factories to ensure compliance with local labor law, Flying Needle demonstrates that the opposite is true. For five months, Adidas did nothing to secure the reinstatement of the unjustly fired workers, even after the Ministry of Labor had directed local management to do so. It was only when workers reached out directly to international labor rights organizations and buyers that Adidas acted to encourage their supplier to remediate the violations.

Moreover, Flying Needle is far from an isolated case for Adidas.

santa sweatshop ending relationship

Union leaders were also illegally fired when they formed unions at Adidas suppliers Augusta Manufacturing Nicaragua in March and Pinehurst Manufacturing Honduras in August Adidas has failed to implement any comprehensive solutions to stem this pattern of anti-union behavior. Nevertheless, the victories at Flying Needle and the University of Washington are a true testament to the power of student-worker solidarity. Ohio State University Denies Monopoly Apparel Deal to Dallas Cowboys November 15, Today, student activists at Ohio State University are celebrating a major victory after the university denied a single-source apparel contract to Silver Star Merchandising, a subsidiary of the Dallas Cowboys, which has been embroiled in an international scandal over its workers rights violations across the globe.

The OSU chapter of USAS built a coalition of student groups across campus, as well as faculty and community members, which came together to urge the administration to not sign a monopoly apparel deal with the Dallas Cowboys.