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shock troopers 2nd squad ending relationship

There simply isn't enough punishment on your end for having those enclaves Moon and you could give them random gifts to improve the relationship. . SHOCK TROOPERS 2nd Squad to ACA NEOGEO WAKU WAKU 7. VGMuseum, bringing you videogame endings in static form since the 's. Imperial shock troopers were high-class stormtroopers pulled from the They served as elite frontline forces of the Empire, high-end security forces on.

I think there is too much related to the enclaves that was left out of the tutorials that should have been in them.

Imperial shock trooper

Give everyone a gun and they seem to be able to take care of themselves while you run aroud picking off the big daddies. One time everyone had just pistols, and albeit it was only one, a juggernaut came in and stood no chance. But the simple answer is, who cares? One juggernaut or three, those three radio messages are either a new enclave, an existing enclave nagging you, or they're leaving.

None of which are obviously going to be your concern if you're under attack. If you've already waited too long to help an enclave, there's no sense worrying about it now; there's nothing you can do about it.

There shouldn't be any reason you should be devoting any more attention to an enclave during an attack. An enclave leaving is better than permadeath.

Shock Troopers: Expert Scoring Strategies

This is how you prevent enclaves leaving at the worse times. But I've had two playthroughs in this game to realize that most enclaves are not worth risking your own community if your base is large enough and hopefully decently supplied to get attacks like that. Those are the ones that appear in the Ambient Goals.

There simply isn't enough punishment on your end for having those enclaves leave, so if they leave, let them leave and get over it. Their only benefit seems to be a free non-resource outpost if you get them to allied.

shock troopers 2nd squad ending relationship

They're only more important in the beginning of a game when you don't have a whole lot of friends and most importantly, influence to begin with. The ones you DON'T want to expire are the enclaves that do not show up in the enclave goals, Side Goals or whatever they're called. Those are usually the ones like the Drunken Enclave scenarios with unique story lines where they will give you a permanent emergency radio command if you see their missions to the end.

If you're trying to finish the game and not switching maps you will never get there as there's simply too many enclaves that show up needing help.

Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad - Neo Geo / Final Boss /Ending

Believe me I tried, even as a trader who can make resources appear out of thin air. There's a VERY small time frame when you've finally helped everyone on the list and another one pops up. I have seen some people comment on how there's too many requests, I feel there's that many on purpose.

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The enclave requests are meant to add reasons to make the gameplay longer, or something to do while waiting for certain missions like Legacy missions to pop up. I think a lot of people forget that you can't hold an infinite amount of resources anymore unlike the last game, so if you're 60 hours into a game and you've switched maps several times, those resources pile up.

If you're not trying to end the community by finishing the legacy, you've destroyed all the plague hearts, and venturing outside is only going to get you more resources you can't hold, what else are you going to do gameplay wise? I was set to go over there and give them the medicine? Plus, being able to buy rucksacks when they have them is super handy. Heavy Machinegun is great too. Vulcan works but unloads the shots very quickly, so you must get the close range kill almost immediately after you start shooting.

shock troopers 2nd squad ending relationship

All other weapons should be avoided unless it's a weapon you get right before a boss. Never, ever, ever pick up the flamethrower. It's a terrible weapon in every regard. Once you've got the "pushback"-into-close-range-kill technique down, you just need to start working it into regular play as often as possible.

Sometimes this is easier said than done, because often enemies will come out in big groups, or there will be one enemy behind another. In instances like this, it's often better to just go for the close-range attack only. Or if you're gutsy, get a close-range attack on the first soldier, then immediately start firing at the second for the combo pushback-close range kill. That's the best way to handle things, usually.

shock troopers 2nd squad ending relationship

Also note that different soldiers are worth different amounts of points. How much are we looking at? Basically it depends on how they attack you, or how they appear on the screen. Remember that a close-range attack is worth double the base value. Green soldiers that are hanging around, talking to each other, taking a smoke break, etc.

However, sometimes they end up running away so you must shoot them ASAP.

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Green soldiers that "drop down" to shamelessly use the Neo-Geo's scaling abilities are generally worth a shot. Green soldiers that are hiding behind barrels in groups of two are the most lucrative of the regular enemies - they're worth points a shot!!! Actually getting multiple shots on them is tricky Try practicing on the two groups behind the barrels near the beginning of Jungle Stage 1. Most other green soldiers will be worth or points per shot. This includes the ones that walk towards you, but then back up immediately If you can't shoot them before they back off, it's best to just let them back off, then roll through the bullet that they fire immediately.

It's not worth messing with a shot when you can just get the close-range attack much easier. Soldiers with rocket launchers or bazookas are worth a shot.

shock troopers 2nd squad ending relationship

These are easy targets to get multiple shots into a close-range kill on, because they don't fire that often. White soldiers are worth points a shot. That's a decent amount. Purple soldiers are worth points a shot Remember that purple soldiers take two hits to take out, after the first hit they will usually freak out, often jumping somewhere else and then firing all over the place when they hit the ground. If it's too risky to try to get close to them, just fire at them normally Remember that close-range kills are worth double points.

Bosses will also drop a free first-aid kit when killed with a close-range attack, so I'd say that's worth the risk of approaching them, huh? Just shoot a boss until he turns red, then wait for a break in their shots all bosses have easy-to-follow patterns, just pay attention to what they doand start stabbing away until he dies.

Of course, the last boss doesn't drop a first-aid kit, there's no need for that Kill him with regular bullets or bombs and you'll just get a "measly"Now that you know the best route to take, and the best way to kill enemies, you're mostly all set