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While the end of that story is a fantastic one, I think the fact that Michael has freed ShopRunner members now get unlimited free delivery from Domino's. of GSI Commerce by eBay Inc. In connection with the proposed acquisition, GSI. 20 reviews of Domino's Pizza "We frequently order pizza delivery. I used the tracker and it said the delivery man left at pm he end up at my house at . ShopRunner | Free 2 Day Shipping on hundreds of stores and thousands of brands. Love it. Get it.

Called the store, same rude girl! I tell her the situation, she says she will have it remade and I'll get it in an hour! Are you kidding me?! I get there and ask to have the order comped, since it's been nearly two hours and I've got starving kids at home and the manager says from the pizza line, "seriously, she wants it free?!

Your customer service is horrible, you can't be held accountable for your mistakes and on top of everything you're rude to your customers whom you've inconvienienced because of your error.

Been here for carryout and a few deliveries, I'd say, times over the last years. Here's the breakdown of all the bad stuff, both past and present employees: The moment I handed him the receipt, he looked at it and stopped what he was saying mid sentence and made a disappointed face.

Tried to continue the conversation and he just said "Yeah. Called to inform them and was told they'd put a note on my account for next time. Ordered delivery the next time, mentioned the note, they said they had no note. Paid for 2 sides of ranch again and didn't receive them that very same order - Ordered a vegetarian pizza with my girlfriend and found pieces of pepperoni in our pizza, was told pepperoni sticks to cutting tools, so if you're a vegetarian, don't order from here - Came in for carryout, was told pizza wasn't ready.

Sat for 20 minutes and went to ask, and they said it still wasn't ready. Pointed to the pizza behind him on the rack that had been sitting since I got there, he checked, it was mine - Came in for carryout and stood at the register while the staff looked at me occasionally, waited about six minutes before someone came over - Ordered jalapenos as a topping, the pizza had five pieces of jalapeno - Final straw had no issues with the staff, but pizza was extremely sloppy and not cut all the way through, looked like a nightmare but they still sent it out Quick note: Literally said to the customer "No tip?

Abhorrent, wildly unprofessional, and mind boggling. The staff here, even over the last three years, have been the major source of these problems. They act like they don't want to be there, and I've witness them treat other customers poorly as well. It made me extremely uncomfortable to go and pick up our pizzas, and I started having to tip them just to avoid them instantly looking to see if I tipped and making a face when I didn't.

They are disorganized when it comes to taking orders and getting them ready. I've had to remind them about the rest of my order whenever I pick up more than one item. I've heard them argue with each other in front of customers, and argue with customers. They don't speak to you in a polite tone. The pizzas initially were okay, but have declined in quality.

They look terrible, and even if you get two toppings, there are sometimes pieces with only cheese or one piece of topping on it. The last pizza we ordered and I mean last was awkwardly cut and not cut all the way through.

Cheese and toppings were extremely light but the sauce was dripping off of it. This was not during peak hours whatsoever. I really don't like writing these kinds of reviews. But I really want to implore the owner to change the way they're doing business. Read the other bad reviews.

Several, from this site to another, mentioned the staff being rude when you don't tip for carryout. Don't read one review and make up your mind. Go see the similarities between mine and others. They range from years ago all the way up until now.

I'll deal with bad service, food that's a bit off, whatever. I'm the least pickiest person in the world and I'm very forgiving. But this place has the worst staff of any place I've ever been to, hands down.

I ordered for delivery on the website and after the order was finished they put it in as Carryout. Which it was not. I then called and they told me my address was out of delivery locations and that I had to come get it. I go to the location and tell them my situation they were entirely insensitive and basically told me it was my fault.

I asked to speak to the manager and the kid upfront refused and finally asked the manager if she'd like to speak to me. He was disrespectful and the manager didn't assist me in anyway and just told me to call corporate which I will be doing.

I normally like Domino's and we order from there fairly regularly for work. Today we got a pizza that was all burned and crammed into the box. Dominos is a decent pizza spot, but nothing super amazing about it. The good thing is the variety of the things they offer for a reasonable price. My favorite thing there is probably the parmesan bites with the garlic dipping sauce.

If you want something quick for a good value, then dominos is the way to go. We decided to drive down to order pizza. What should have been a 20 min wait turned into an ordeal.

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First, they claim they called out our pizza. Well, considering we were the only ones in there I can tell you for sure that if they called out a name it was not ours.

Our name was not difficult! Then we asked where our food was and they brought out one little pizza. Uh, where is the rest of the order??? They argued with us that we only ordered one pizza.

Why are you arguing with me? Not even an apology! We order a lot because we are lazy and it's fast - I really wish that this location hadn't decided for some reason to not offer the bread bowl for pasta anymore. It shouldn't even matter if I am the only one in the entire city who ordered it - it's freaking pizza dough with pasta in the middle So minus 2 start just for that.

Never seen such a poor service! Waited for min in front of order counter, lady took phone call, guys taking out orders, other ladies chit chatting but no one ever bothered to say Hi.

I'm only about 2 miles from the store but I'd still call that very speedy service. Pizza was piping hot upon arrival. I was a big fan of this store but one day we make an online order here with 5 large pizzas. The order was made at 9: We even call multiple times. Most of the times, no one picks up at the store and once someone picked the person told it would come within 1 hour. This is due to rain and all.

We said okay but again it did not come in one hour. It was already 3 hours since I made the order. All my friends who were expecting pizza were really exhausted. In the end, we just said we want our refund back.

We don't care anymore for the pizza. It was one of the worst experience I have in college station. Really made my complete day very bad.

There might be some good reasons for not able to deliver the order since it was raining but at least have the courtesy to inform us. Or if the number of orders are too much, then don't take the order only. Ordered from here twice now.

Both times the delivery drivers left the store according to the tracker and took minutes to deliver a mile and a half away. This time the chicken Alfredo came with very little sauce and hardly any pasta at all.

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The brownies I ordered were completely burnt on the bottom. I'm done ordering here, they continue to mess up orders both in person and delivery. I wish I could give this place zero stars! I waited over 3 hours for my pizza to get delivered. I called about 3 hours into the order and they time me that my pizza was ready to go but was still at the store ready to get picked up and ready to dropped off.

They told me that they were so beyond on orders that if I wanted my pizza I was going to have to come and pick it up. So I obviously cancelled the order. Absolutely worst place that I have ever been go to papa johns, Pizza Hut or Gumbys! Worst service I've ever had! Dominoes may be my favorite pizza, but I ordered a pizza from this location at 9 pm and I had to call them 6 times and call after call they told me my pizza was minutes away from delivery. They have about 3 minutes of adds before you can reach a human on the phone and they love hanging up on you.

We came to an agreement for a free pizza that I ordered but another two hours go by and did I get a refund. They deliver me a cold small cheese pizza. I have diabetes and my blood sugar was quite low. I ordered a pizza to give myself a boost, but because of these ass hats I was forced to drink portable mayo packets.

And I love dominoes I ordered my pizza well over an hour and a half ago, I think it's a no show. I've called twice and both times they said it was out for delivery. I've seen dominos drivers go by multiple times to other apartments. I've never had service like this before. Both times they said it was out for delivery was a lie.

I asked on the fourth call if I should just call it off and go Get something, and they assured me it was currently on its way. Another 30 min later the pizza arrived. Total distance from pizza shop to apartment about 1.

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They're the closest place to order and they get it ready when you walk in. So nice and considering. When I ordered the 3rd, they were behind on orders due to the game.

Gave me an extra ranch to make up for the time. Wasn't such a long wait, about 5 minutes tops. I order Domino's a lot because I'm just far enough from Northgate for it to be a pain to walk, and I get free delivery through ShopRunner.

They're particularly quick, making it to the house in around minutes, and I don't think they've ever gotten our order wrong. Maybe a mixed up dipping sauce or something?

But nothing so egregious as meat on a vegetarian's pizza. I'm suspicious at how much sauce they consider extra because the delivery driver doesn't ride a tidal wave of robust tomato to my house.

The pizza is always piping hot when it gets here, albeit I live a ten minute walk away. It's good for a fast food pizza delivery chain, and they have miles more vegetarian friendly toppings than Papal John's. Bread sides are meh, don't waste your time unless you truly like to say, man, I thought this was going to be better. I literally just got the worst pizza in my entire life.

It was so cold and stale. I really cant believe how cold and old this pizza was.