Sim girl tomoko ending relationship

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sim girl tomoko ending relationship

This walkthrough for Sim Girl [PC] has been posted at 10 May and is called "SimGirls achieving % completion and the Mega-Playboy ending (the best ending). . The girl you vote for will increase relationship points with you by Feb 7, Simgirls Visual Novel Series. improved and extended evil ending I don't really have stable internet connection due to nature of my work. However, you won't be able to see the SIMgirls ending movie (but you can puts it, is viewing which stage of the chart of relationship you're in.

Click the second option, which should be blank.

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This will enter you into a fight with two of your love rivals. Defeat them, and you will gain the relationship points. Repeat this as many times as necessary to reach your goal. Infinite Cash and Relationship Points Cash in the Sim Girls world allows you to take the girls on expensive dates and buy them more precious gifts. The better the date and the gift, the more relationship points you gain with the girl.

To get an infinite supply of cash, you must wait until it is "Underwear Day" when the girls ask you how much you think their underwear is worth at school. This falls on Day 34 of the game.

When you are asked how much you would spend on their underwear, type the letter "o. If you check your statistics, you will now have the word "Nan" in your cash amount, meaning infinite. You also will have full relationship statistics with all of the girls in the game.

Tomoko is now your Girlfriend. Then return home and study 3 times. She'd like the teddy here. I just can't emphasize enough how badly you want those lil' buggers, since they triple!!! Ami asks to study with you En. Do it, for the extra 20 Knowledge you acquire. You need 50 Knowledge for this exam, and you should have near or more, so you wont have any problems.

Date her successfully give her flowers here and you'll receive the Fitness Magazine, which raises the Strength cap to Afterwards you will still have all your energy. Train twice at the Pub for 50 Strength. You're left with 40En, so have sex twice at the Pub. Take her on the Space Trip.

Drive there to avoid the need to give her a ring. You should max out Strength by the end of the day. As a bonus, you can now go to the Mystic Shop and show Sana the magazines you've collected press Ask.

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She'll become a Good Friend and hand you 10 coffees, 10 medicine and 10 hankies. Ask her again and she'll become a Close Friend and toss you 10 flowers, 5 teddy bears and 3 diamond rings, all free of charge! Ask her once more and you'll receive the key to the secret room seems like Sim Man is quite the peeping tom: You can begin managing your models at the Model Manager in downtown.

The Manager mini-game consumes your entire daily Energy and consists of four rounds of your models vs. Take it to push the relationship points with both your girls beyond Ryuuji should be a piece of cake - it is possible to do it without using coffee at all!

You'll have 40En left so use it to raise Charm at the Pub. Ask her if she'd like to do something 'H', and she will comply. This runs as a regular date, only it doesn't end after you two kiss.

Give her a ring you should have the 3 Sana gave you and keep answering her questions until her mood bar is full - and voila! Now head to Kotomi's place and repeat the same process for her. Unfortunately no sex scene here, but if you return to her house afterwards and press Ask [watch sex scene].

The day begins with some random dance party, so suck up to everyone, yada yada.

sim girl tomoko ending relationship

Have sex twice at the Pub for added Charm. You can also date Tomoko to the Sleeping Forest the only location left for the sake of completion and the last puzzle piece, but it really doesn't give you anything beyond just that. First, max out Charm for all girls. If one of your girls caps Beauty or Charm before the end of the third day, proceed to training IQ.

Don't bother yourself with the competitor Sana just yet. On the last turn of the third day, you might try your luck with wishes. Simply reset if things turn out too sour.

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Let's just say money won't be an issue from now on for the rest of the game. You have 40En left, so study 4 times from your home PC. As soon as you wake up, you'll be automatically transported to the mall, where Tomoko will appear with a familiar necklane. Hang around with her a bit watch the funny scenes and Karin's necklace will be yours once again. Go to the Mall and buy between 5 to 10 medicine depending on how much you have - you should have 15 or more afterwardsthen go to Ami and keep working on the time machine.

Now head to the Mystic shop, save, and press Ask. You still have 40En to spare so go study some more. Apparently, she can fix it in 5 days, but she'd like you to show her the Golden Belt to see just how badass you are.

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If youv'e been following my guide, you should have it since Day 5: Return to the Model Manager. Here's your modus operandi for the next five days: Then proceed to finding jobs for the girls. If they perform poorly or Sana steals their fans more than twice a day, reboot and retry.

sim girl tomoko ending relationship

You have to be at least Close Friends with Kotomi totally beat that. Use the leftover 40En to study. Buy Tomoko's "Dark Angels" and be done with it. Enjoy Tomoko's nasty little PRG: P This is also the Fifth Sunday.

You can now go home and study for a while. Also take care of your Karin - this will be the last time you'll have to do it. She'll have Karin's necklace fixed and you'll be automatically transported back home for a scene.

You can now ask Karin for her background and she will upgrade from pet to maid, and will be able to take care of helself from now on. For whatever reason, maybe a bug that's the one that boosts Karin's Hentai level. Ask her to give herself to you twice and she'll gladly obey [ watch sex scene - you get to 69 the girl: Continue managing your models as per usual routine. Focus on doing jobs and making wishes. Hopefully, at least 2 of your models will have more than 10, fans by the end of the last day.

Study with Ami, as it will boost your knowlegde by 20 at once. Duels cost 50En so you can perform them twice a day, and reload if you've lost. Notice that duels will drain some of your stats, so you'll have to rebuild them later. Alternatively, work as a drug-dealer - as you wish. You still have full energy so enter school again and continue your Theatre sidequest. Tomoko must be your Girlfriend or Lover to proceed, which she obviously is.

sim girl tomoko ending relationship

You can now study 4 more times. Return to Ami's place and talk to her again. She will automatically become your LOVER for helping her in building the time machine [watch sex scene].

Use the remaining Energy to study, I guess. Choosing each scene gives you a chance to raise the Hentai level of the girl you pick by You don't actually need it 'cause you'll have 2 more chances to cap hentai levels, so feel free to choose any of them. I personally prefer Karin Tomoko's scene is just too messed up. The next day you have a nice scene with Akira. No need to do anything, just watch: You're halfway through the game and have all 4 girls as your lovers and Karin as playmate.

What remains to do is: Since school is closed for two days, we'll just keep milking them cash-cows Study 10 times a day for at least 35 Kn each day or until knowledge is capped, whichever comes first. Spend the rest of the time if any working in one of the available jobs. You can try and win out some fans by duelling, but it's really up to you. You may however want to participate in the Swimming Contest just for the lulz: It doesn't really matter who you vote for, though I personally favor Tomoko: Continue managing your models.

On one of the next days you'll probably end up having the maximum of 30, fans for each of your 4 girls. You can now duel Sana just for the fun of robbing her out of fans.

No matter what you choose, you will end up going to the hotel with Tomoko. A foreplay will commence, but then you'll notice Karin through the window. Once you spot her, she will restore your energy back to En no matter what it was before.