Sonic chronicles sonamy ending a relationship

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sonic chronicles sonamy ending a relationship

at the end do you mean. well, you use knuckles uppercut and shades echidna rush In Relationships · How do you get the SonAmy scene in Sonic Chronicles ?. SonAmy is the romantic relationship between Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose. or guilty of twisting the truth into something it's not, to serve her own ends . Besides, in the Chronicles series, Amy and Sonic become a couple, and that . First off, this is set after Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, be a sweet little ending scene where Amy says that Dexter isn't real, Assume that in this timeline, Sonic wasn't the total sweetheart that us SonAmy fanatics made him media (if you don't count Sonic X), so their relationship "off screen".

She sends Sonic fan mail, but Eggman intercepts it and kidnaps her. Sonic rescues her and Tails another Freedom Fighter captured by Eggmanand they leave for the city of Mobotropolis. Although Amy continues trying to join the Freedom Fighters, she is still rejected; when she wishes on an ancient artifact to become older, her immature mind gives her away.

She helps the group defeating a number of powerful enemies, however, and is admitted after defending a fort from Eggman and his robots. She joins Freedom Fighter subsidiaries—notably the Team Fighters, which includes supporting characters Antoine D'Coolette and Bunnie Rabbot and with whom she rescues Sally and a number of echidnas from Eggman and his army of robots.

Amy is arrested early by two of Eggman's robots for associating with Sonic when she claims to be his girlfriend. Annoyed, Sonic rescues her and realizes she is a fugitive and must remain with the Freedom Fighters. Attacking one of Eggman's machines, Sonic triggers Chaos Control and sends him, Amy, Tails and other characters from their world to Earth. She is knocked unconscious by the impact, but Chris saves them both.

Yeah, that was it. That was what was bothering him. Not that Amy might possibly leave him, or that she wasn't stroking his ego with her attention You keep telling yourself that.

sonic chronicles sonamy ending a relationship

He shook his head and let out a sigh, reminding himself why he didn't allow himself to think too much. Some of the crazy things he thought about if given the chance would drive anyone bananas. If Amy really had moved on, so should he. So much for another topic She let out an adorable giggle. Rouge is driving me crazy. She thinks she's all that. And she flirts with everyone. She had to resist a serious urge to wrap the hedgie in a hug.

And I'm not Knux, he's into older girls. But anyway, did ya need something? It was nice to have Amy complimenting him again. Piece of cake" A sudden idea formed in his mind, and he ran with it. Amy blushed deeply but grinned. Amy's mouth formed an O and she pulled away, turning an even darker shade of crimson. A smirk carved up Sonic's muzzle. She glanced into his lime eyes.

You're not jealous, are you? While she could detect a softness in his gaze, Sonic was such a goshdarn puzzle that she couldn't make heads or tails of what he was feeling. One day he asked me out and I thought why not give him a chance? And I didn't regret it, I mean, he's just been really nice to me, and he does stuff for me all the time, like buying me flowers and candy And long, smooth, quills-" "A hedgehog? I'm glad you're happy, Amy, but She watched his jade eyes search hers.

sonic chronicles sonamy ending a relationship

It simply wasn't fair. Why could he read her like a book, and Amy couldn't even crack the cover open on Sonic's?

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He was a mystery Sonic had always been big on honesty. And she'd lied to him big time. She'd just insisted Dexter was real, and now if she told Sonic differently, that her heart had never left him This is so not the way to win his heart.

I've ruined my chance Tears pricked at her eyes, but she blinked them away, ashamed. Never would he have thought he'd have to prompt Amy Rose to share her feelings.

She looked back up at him and let out a sigh.

sonic chronicles sonamy ending a relationship

I cared for you Though she'd finally told the truth, Amy couldn't meet Sonic's eyes. Once in the Twilight Cage, the team encounter the rock-like Kron Colony, who assist them on their journey by providing them with a Chaos Emerald. Next, they meet the N'rrgal Colony, who will give the team their Chaos Emerald if they take a weapon from their enemies, the Zoah.

Having gained the Zoah's weapon by defeating their leader in combat, the team discover it is another Chaos Emerald — the two races realise they have been duped by Ix, who gave them the Emeralds to keep each other in check.

sonic chronicles sonamy ending a relationship

Two further Emeralds are found in the Voxai Colonies, inhabited by a telepathic race who have been controlled by a group of three Voxai known as the Overmind, whose dominating telepathic power stemmed from the use of Chaos Emeralds. The team defeat them, and the new leader gives them the two Emeralds that had been given to them by Ix.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood - Wikipedia

With the remaining two Emeralds on Nocturne, the team gathers the leaders of all encountered colonies and carry out a plan to invade the Nocturnus home world. The Voxai find weaknesses in the force field around the planet, the Zoah fly a spaceship created by the Kron towards it and launch a missile which deploys a small group of N'rrgal to eat a hole in the force field.

Splitting into two teams, they defeat two Gizoids Scylla and Charyb who each use a Chaos Emerald to wield the elements of fire and water, and also lower the force field surrounding Nocturne in order to allow the invading forces from the other Twilight Cage races to attack. Both Knuckles and Sonic's team then fights Ix, and are victorious; Ix then uses the Master Emerald to achieve a very powerful Transformation, but Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic, and finally kills him.

As Nocturne begins to fall, and is nearly destroyed, the team escapes to the Cyclone and heads back to Earth.