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south park virtual reality ending a relationship

Oct 11, South Park has taken aim at The Simpsons in its latest episode, which Despite maintaining a respectful relationship with its animated rival. Following their successful infiltration by the end of "Fort Collins" (and the election .. So, Cartman decided he was going to kill everyone in South Park, but he . The relationship between Cartman and Butters has become as significant as Stan and Kyle. Thus While under the influence that everything was Virtual Reality. Nov 13, Last night, South Park used Oculus Rift and The Matrix to fall into a their reality "wasn't real"—over and over, until we ended up just as lost as.

That's when he discovered the perfect disguise, anger, rage, racism, chauvenism, all out in the open. The last season will be a time skip to the boys 18th birthday. South Park will be completely destroyed, everyone will be dead, except for Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski.

They'll have to face down and defeat their old "friend. He's well, chronicly unable to die. Cartman is just big boned Look at his family. They're all obese except for his mom.

As an adult he keeps his general appearance though obviously slimmer due to taking care of himself and since he isn't a child. Well, his mom is quite the whore, so perhaps she wants to maintain her figure or rather that is how she maintains her figure. Cartman's father isn't Jack Tenorman It was a lie and his father is someone else. Or they got the DNA test wrong. It makes so much sense. South Park inspirted MeanGirls First off, the four main guys have a lot in common with the plastics.

Most celebrities are immortals, this would explain how could they come back in Kenny is also an immortal. His long absence was caused by his unvillingness to resurrect; he wanted to take a break from being killed horrifically Once an Episode.

If Kenny can pick and choose when he resurrects, then why does he get angsty about it in the Coon and Friends arc? Butters's parents aren't actually abusive. When he's his meek self, he gets picked on. And his parents ground him.

When he was a "vampire" he had a ton of confidence and couldn't get grounded. His getting grounded never comes up when he pretended to be Professor Chaos. When he's acting sensitive, he has a Butt-Monkey complex and sees any actions his parents do as bad. When he has confidence, they're pretty good to him. Cartman was pretending to be Butters, and Butters was imagining his picture as a normal one, respectivelly.

Heck, going by this, South Park isn't so bad. Butters just imagines all these bad things happening to him to make himself a Woobieand his overactive imagination is stimulated by whatever's on the news at the time. Butters' parents are VERY abusive. Even before we started seeing him as a regular main character, as early as "Super Best Friends", he mentions that he wakes up most mornings screaming. And in a tone that is almost cynical for an innocent guy like Butters.

I don't think I'm very happy. I always fall asleep to the sound of my own screams.

south park virtual reality ending a relationship

Eh, see, the reason that you are unha- Butters: Do you think I'm unhappy? Remember he mentions being sexually abused, and also how he subconsciously sees his father as some kind of monster. Don't forget in "Butters' Very Own Episode", how he finds out that his mother tried to kill him, and then his parents tried to cover it up with some really awful lies.

Stan asks him if he's okay after hearing that, and he says "Yeah, I'm fine" then adds, "No, I'm lying". His treatment in "The Death Of Eric Cartman" is also rather horrific - if he didn't have issues before, I'll bet that after about 14 hours of anal probing he will now. At the end of "Marjorine" his parents lock him in the basement. You don't see him in "Follow That Egg!

He doesn't even show in the background at any point. The most rational explanation? That his parents kept him in that basement for up to a week before they worked out he'd only faked his own death. Another moment in "Marjorine", when he's sobbing in the bathroom as Marjorine, Butters tells the girls tearfully, "You have no idea how hard it is to be me!

That moment really suggests that for a long time Butters has been faking a lot of his smiles.

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Kenny is Jesus Yeah, I know Jesus exists in this world it's pretty much the basis of the theory. Jesus' power is Resurrection, the ability to return from death. Kenny has done this constantly for the whole run of the show even when he really DID die and had his ashes consumed by Cartman. He's the second coming of Jesus and South Park is Purgatory.

Trey Parker has, at one point, claimed that there might have been a correlation between Jesus' death in "Red Sleigh Down", and Kenny's reappearance in the same episode He's the result of a Cult creating an immortal kid.

But definitely not Jesus. Butters is a Transgender girl He just gives me that vibe in general. He did like crossdressing a bit too much, more so then the typical crossdresser. Though he did cross the line at dressing up as Courtney Love. Plus he was cross-dressing as a character, not as himself.

He could just end up being Gender Fluid, meaning some days he is Butters, other days he is Marjorine, just depends on his mood. This does give some more insight to the line "You have no idea how hard it is to be me!

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It may or may not also suggests a little bit as to why he is bi-curious. The eye colors are like this.

south park virtual reality ending a relationship

Originally brown as stated in "How to eat with your butt" Cartman described him as having a "winking brown eye" and hazel according to the draft of The Movie. Now blue, as shown in his anime form, Major Boobage, and Starvin' Marvin. Kyle - Brown eyes. Well, they were in his anime form. He had black hair too, but maybe he just didn't think ninjas looked good with red hair or dislikes it.

Cartman - Brown eyes. He should have blue now due to an eye transparent with Kenny, but a continuity snarl applies here. A few official drawings of him have him with brown eyesStan - Blue.

Confirmed in "A Very Crappy Christmas" though his anime form had brown ones. Apparently ninjas can't have blue eyes either. Wendy - Gray or brown. I can't remember where it was stated but I recall seeing it or at least it being hinted. Seems like he was referring to his eyes. His face wasn't peeking through the parka, something else was.

Come on, skippy, you can figure it out. It was a Double Entendre. But the real guess comes here: He thought it was wrong, and so asked her why she did it and she replied "Oh ummmm. It's because I loved you sweety. That's a sign of love. Their interactions years later is just his mom keeping up the charade. Mr Garrison's mother didn't molest him. He's such a naturally absurd character it wouldn't be surprising if he has no rational reason to be like he is.

I expect it to be something revolving around the gang and the pairing. Homosexuality has complex ramifications in the South Park universe Note that this might only apply to males, as lesbians have not really been touched upon.

Anyway, sexuality in South Park is a spectrum, although everyone is at least "a little gay," with some being "very, very gay" i. Suppressing homosexuality turns into an obsession with being in control of other males Mr. Garrison is always in control of his relationship and is obsessed with being the teacher, Stephen is always in control of Butters, Cartman is obviously obsessed with authoritah, Jimbo is in charge of his "relationship" with Ned, Randy suppressed it with Gerald in the hot tub and has since turned into the de facto leader of South Parkand possibly insanity the suicides in the conversion camp, Jimbo's crazed hunting, Randy's ever-increasing stupidity.

The more homosexual and overall horny they are, the crazier they get Garrison wanting to be molested by his parents, split personality, complete disregard for his students' lives, going through the entire sexual spectrum including the opposite sex and back.

Had Garrison not suppressed it, he would have ended up more like Mr. Slave proud, happily married, and acknowledging that the life of a whore is a bad one. The Super Adventure Club learned of this and have been suppressing their feelings for adult males in order to become fully committed to authority and shed themselves of any remorse in their pursuit of power, while having sex with boys in order to prevent insanity.

Members who lean closer to heterosexuality have sex with girls to prevent the opposite chaos. Mormons are special and possibly ignore these rules. Possibly connected to polygamous practices, although that aspect has never been touched upon by the show. The "other dimension" that DP drilled into was in fact Imaginationland Perhaps the portals were disposed of by burying them in the Gulf and on the moon.

This would at the very least explain why Cthulhu, well known as a character in H. Lovecraft's stories, is suddenly real in another dimension. Butters will eventually be promoted to the opening title. The relationship between Cartman and Butters has become as significant as Stan and Kyle. Thus, Butters will eventually be added to Cartman's part. Kenny's lines have supposedly been changed in seasons 3, 7, and 10b plus he was replaced by Timmy in season 6so rerecording the Core Four's lines so that there's an updated feeling all around doesn't seem too unlikely.

He's already in the front line right right behind the main four. Kenny will blackmail the Joozians to let humanity back into the galactic community They're likely already pissed that Earth had all contact forcibly cut off from it. All they need is a little push. His immortality is implied to because of the dark lord Cthulhu, so maybe he has to give up that power and sacrifice himself to stop Cthulhu.

He controlled Cthulhu and partook in Mass Murder. Cartman is actually pretty decent in this episode, since before the other boys can mess anything up, he takes on the negotiator. The boys at first think he's gonna hand over a calf, and then How about we make a trade, just show that we can trust each other.

What do you have in mind? Well, how about you send out one of the calves? Oh, Mike, you're breakin' my balls here, Mike. Just one, that's all we want. All right, how 'bout this? You guys have all the leverage and we have nothing. So how about we give you one calf I, I can't do that. I thought we were talkin' here, but I guess you're not talkin' to me. No no wait, oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. What reason do you have to trust me? I'm just a guy from Lakewood trying to make ends meet, you know?

Just a blue-collar guy like your dad. Don't have a dad, Mike. That's not gonna work. All right, fine, son of a gun, let me see what I can do. The best moment for me had to be when he got a crate of ammunition and weapons into the room, and while he's negotiating, you see Kyle and Butters assembling a couple of weapons in the background. Thanks to Cartman, they lasted six days, kept all the calves with them, and got everything they wanted except North and South Dakota.

south park virtual reality ending a relationship

That's longer than most hostage situations last. And I never did see them give back those weapons Plus, thanks to having Cartman around, they even get food supplies through his mom, who goes as soft on him as ever.

For once, this is an episode where Cartman really pulls his weight because he knows how to play the grown-ups too. In "Titties and Dragons" Bill Gates and the founder of Sony arrive at Red Robins while the fourth graders are there during the war over video game consoles.

It turns out that Stan contacted them because he was sick of seeing everyone else fight, ultimately ending the war. You want a war so bad? In "Wacky Molestation Adventure" Stan gets his parents framed for molestation.

Though a Kick the Dog for Stan, seconds later Shelly raises her fist ready to beat the crap out of him, before he sends the police onto her as well. Perhaps the only moment in the show Stan has successfully gotten revenge on his usually unstoppable abusive sister. In "Safe Space", Kyle is ordered to either filter the negative comments out of Cartman's Twitter feed or face detention.

Kyle takes the detention without question. Wendy follows immediately afterward. Neither character will betray their principles just so Cartman can avoid getting his feelings hurt. Garrison has been performing sexual acts in his class with Mr.

Slave and tells Principal Victoria. Though in the process, he calls him a sick queer and is threatened with being sent to a tolerance seminar unless he apologizes.

Chef's response is "Kiss my black ass. A number of Kenny's Heroic Sacrifices are considered this. Cartman busting Miss Stevenson and Ike in the same episode.

You like bear mace ice head?

Grounded Vindaloop

You're going with Christ. The sarcastically incisive Spoof Aesop from ""particularly when weighed against the irony of Comedy Central censoring the entire thing due to threats of violence: Throughout this whole ordeal, we've all wanted to show things that we weren't allowed to show, but it wasn't because of some magic goo; it was because of the magical power of threatening people with violence.

That's obviously the only true power! If there's anything we all learned, it's that terrorizing people works! Don't you see, gingers? If you don't want to be made fun of anymore, all you need are guns and bombs to get people to stop! All you need to do is instill fear and be willing to hurt people, and you can get whatever you want!

The only true power Kyle, Jimmy, and Token fight Zuckerberg in the middle of main street and get in a few good hits before they are beaten by him. But then, Cartman goes into a monologue about how the three of them were protesters trying to promote justice for black people, the handicapped, and Jews that Zuckerberg took down.

Zuckerberg tells him that's not true to which Cartman points to the side to reveal Craig filmed the whole thing on Facebook Live and the video is going viral. Zuckerberg is forced to take down the site, foiling Professor Chaos's plan.

The fact that Butters' dad grounded his son for spreading lies across Facebook is also very awesome, since this time, out of all the times he unfairly grounded Butters, it's actually justified as punishment. After Heidi dumped Kyle in three episodes prior, she mocks him about it when the group wants to help him find Ike. Kyle gets fed up and shuts her down with a sentence that makes her realize how far she's sunk. Oh, what's the matter Kyle?

You don't want me around 'cause you had the hots for me and I shot you down? Cartman as a whole during "Obama Wins". Even Stan lampshades how impressive it was for Cartman managing to steal thousands of voter ballots without being caught. Knowing he can't outright expose Cartman, Kyle instead teams up with a real TS sufferer, Thomas, and lures several pedophiles onto the show, whereupon they shoot themselves upon seeing Chris Hansen, thinking it to be a bust on To Catch a Predatordisrupting the event and preventing Cartman from making his speech.

Granted, he didn't know Cartman had already given up on his plan, but it was still nevertheless a gambit one would normally expect Cartman to pull off.

Stan and Cartman cutting through a horde of zombies with chainsaws in "Pinkeye". What makes it so awesome is not only are two eight-year-olds going up against a zombie horde with nothing but melee weapons, but said zombies had previously been shown to possess a superhuman level of strength and had overwhelmed the rest of the town with ease.

He's dancing around with the biggest smile on his face while everyone else is laughing, and all Cartman can say is "Lame! Heck, Trey and Matt deserve applause here. Usually, an episode is completed in a week. But this episode was completed in three days! Butters got another one in "Super Fun Time". After being selected as Cartman's buddy on the field trip, being instructed to not to let go of his hand, and spending the whole episode being dragged along as Cartman left the tour, he finally gets him to agree to come back and finds the mock colonial village has been taken over by thieves with machine-guns.

He then uses Cartman as a flail, fleeing gunfire until he shows up at the end dragging an unconscious Cartman up onto the bus, declaring "Teacher, my partner is back on the bus", as he finally lets go of his hand and faints. Butters had yet another moment at the end of an episode where Stan, inconsolable after breaking up with Wendy, joins the Goth Kids. Butters endured a similar situation, but fended off the Goths with: Well yeah, and I'm sad, but at the same time I'm really happy that something could make me feel that sad.

It's like, it makes me feel alive, you know? It makes me feel human.

south park virtual reality ending a relationship

And the only way I could feel this sad now is if I felt somethin' really good before. So I have to take the bad with the good, so I guess what I'm feelin' is like a, beautiful sadness.

I guess that sounds stupid. Besides, I'd rather be a crying little pussy than a faggy goth kid. He got yet another one in "Butters' Bottom Bitch" when he becomes a pimp. The fact that he went from Butters he's become a synonym for being a pussy to being a full on Pimp with a capital P is enough.

He spent the whole time thinking his girls are only selling kisses and hugs even the actual prostitutes that signed up with him later. The scene where he goes to a Pimp convention and gets tips from them, noting it all down, is extremely awesome. And so is when prostitutes were starting to advertise him around their social circles as a respectful pimp who never beats his bitches. His most awesome moment has to be being a complete Badass in "The Last of the Meheecans".

He makes all the Mexicans realize that they all really want to go home and starts some kind of revolutionbecomes their LEADER, and then crosses the American border whilst being chased by Cartman. Butters approaches the border and border patrol is all too willing to let him in, since Americans are too lazy to do menial labor and want Mexicans to do it for them.

south park virtual reality ending a relationship

However, Cartman is not happy to see him and Butters even looks at him and says "Game on! A chase scene ensues with Cartman going through any means necessary to keep Butters from crossing the border and though border patrol is on Butter's side, Cartman is still relentless in his pursuit.

Every Mexican in North America and the border police cheer as he makes it through. At the end of the episode, Stan once again says that while Butters is a good Mexican, he's not a good Mexican leader.

In response, Butters stands on his chair and raises his arms. Cue the roar of every Mexican in North America. Even better, Butters doesn't even get grounded by his parents for going to Mexico.

Butters in the Imaginationland special.

I'M A BAAAAD MAN!!! - South Park

Especially since survived the a goddamn nuke, and in the process reformed of recreating Imagination land, resurrected his friends from the real world. Butters gets another one near the end of "Cartman Sucks". A misunderstanding leads to him being sent to " Pray the Gay Away " camp, where he is repeatedly told that he's "confused" and needs to be "fixed".

Finally, he snaps and tells off the entire camp staff plus his dad. The topper to this tirade was that Butters literally was confused - he had no idea what bi-curious meant. All right, that does it! I am sick and tired of everyone telling me I'm confused! I wasn't confused until other people started tellin' me I was! You know what I think? I think maybe you are the ones who are confused!

I'm not gonna be confused anymore just because you say I should be! And even that's okay! Because if I'm bi-curious, and I'm somehow made from God, then I think your God must be a little bi-curious himself!

And then they feel bad and give him the love he deserves. Now gosh darn it, you! Now I am sick of these harmless lies and l-little white lies. You know, you can call a shovel an ice-cream machine, but it's still a shovel, Mom and Dad.

Ah, and you can call a lie whatever you want, but it's still a no-good stinkin' lie! And when you start coverin' up one lie with another why, now that's when you get into real trouble! Butters gets another one in "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs" when the rest of the kids, thinking they'll get in trouble for writing such a dirty book, convince everyone that he wrote it including Butters himself — and it becomes a runaway success.

Then, when he's confronted by the boys, he blows them off and tells them that they can go suck on his wiener. He gets another one for writing the sequelwhich, though it was clean enough for us to hear it, was dirty for his standards. Up until a reader kills the Kardashian sisters, it's just as heavily praised as the original book with readers raving about how he had gone back to his roots.

It is at least a Moment of Awesome for having Butters finally turn the tables on the boys, who constantly bullied or manipulated him into their schemes while acting as their fourth friend, not only does their using of Butters get completely turned against them but Butters finally stands up for himself and tells them to shove it when they try to blame it on him again.

Butters, do you really think it's fair to lie like this?! Let me tell you, if you don't have—! Let me tell you something, fellas!! You always take advantage of me.

And after reading Catcher in the Rye, I've learned you're nothing but phonies! I'm not letting you trick me this time. So the four of you can just suck on my wiener. Butters' "The Reason You Suck" Speech to his grand mother, late at night, and her silent reactions throughout it: I did it grandma, I finally stood up for myself, I got real mean and I beat the snot out of Dr. I can't lie, it felt kind of good at first, but since then all I have is this kind of dark empty feeling, and then I realized, that's how you must feel, all the time.

Poor old grandma, you know, I've been getting lots of advice on how to deal with you, stand up to you, tell on you, but I kind of realize that there's just people like you out there, all over the place.

When you're a kid, things seem like they're going to last forever, but they're not, life changes. You won't always be around, someday you're going to die, someday pretty soon, and when you're laying in that hospital bed, with tubes up your nose, and that little pan under your butt to pee in, I'll come visit you.

I'll come just to show you that I'm still alive and I'm still happy, and you'll die, being nothing but you Writers tend to forget that if you could ignore your bully, expose them, stand up to them, or find help, you would.

That's why it's bullying; it makes you powerless. And you know what makes me so sure that somebody on the writing squad must have had experience? People tell you to fight back.

In " Pre-School ", he was quick to convince his wife that it was neither of their faults that Butters was badly beaten up by a bully on their doorstep, even though it was him who refused to let a frantic Butters back in the house. At times however, he does seem slightly more down to earth than the other adults in town, as seen in " Cartoon Wars Part I.

He can also be noted for the strange manner in which he cries or weeps. Career and Occupations He is the coach of the little league baseball team. In " Jared Has Aides ", he is seen working in a cubicle. In " Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls ", he is shown as a movie theater projectionist, though this occupation was not been looked into any further than this episode. In " Unfulfilled ", he gets a new job at the Amazon Fulfillment Center.

In " Smug Alert! In " Jared Has Aides ", he and his wife beat up Butters for badmouthing them over the phone when it was really Eric Cartman who did it. He also locks Butters in the basement thinking he was a hell-spawn in " Marjorine ". He and his wife lie to police and press by saying that Butters was kidnapped by a Puerto Rican man when in actuality his wife put him in her car, which was streaming down bodies of water.

Filing a False Police Report: In " Butters' Very Own Episode ", he and his wife file a false police report that Butters was kidnapped by a Puerto Rican man when he was actually in a car streaming in bodies of water by his wife.

In " Marjorine ", Stephen murders a curtain company employee with a shovel to feed Butters when they believe that his "resurrection" made him a hell-spawn. Appearance He wears a drab, olive-green shirt, a distinctive white tie, blue jeans and black sneakers.

He has brown hair, in a style similar to a grown-out crew cut. He is also seen smoking a pipe at times, suggesting that he could be a regular smoker. Linda Stotch Linda Stotch is Stephen's quiet--and at times, submissive--wife.