Steins gate linear bounded phenogram ending a relationship

Linear Bounded Phenogram- Mayuri route continued, a steins;gate/シュタインズ ゲート fanfic | FanFiction

steins gate linear bounded phenogram ending a relationship

Like how people say that Linear Bounded. so is phenogram canon? lots of exploration in that vn that was not mentioned in death (though the end is just an alternative Mayuri Ending) and probably . I enjoyed the OVA for what it is because it is like you said, a last hurrah and solidifies their relationship. Steins;Gate Elite bonuses Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram and . One day, he buys a lotto ticket for fun and ends up winning the first-place prize. orders to destroy it and sabotage the lab members' relationships. Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram (STEINS;GATE 線形拘束の Sadly, she never received it, leaving her absolutely without any relationships with.

The choice of Los Angeles as a setting was because Kurisu used it in an example involving wormholes and Okabe's overreaction to the motel was a callback to him teasing Kurisu staying at a hotel. The opening narration from Okabe tells the reader about the disastrous results of his failure to consider the potential consequences of his actions, apparently causing someone's death. It seems to be a message or journal entry from the future Okabe of the original Beta line reacting to the events of the plot after the Kurisu ending, hinting at the downer ending the reader is coming to.

Of course, from this point forward he develops a time machine and sends Suzuha back to fix the past. Most of the main characters are anime, manga and moe junkies, but Okabe and Faris take it to the next level. As a result, they role-play in some of the more comedic scenes of the anime, which usually involves them revealing that they've learned a secret technique or two while punching the air or doing some dramatic motion.

Takumi is briefly mentioned by his pseudonym Knighthart looking for IBN He has no involvement in the story, however.

Even Seira-tan appears Some of the characters from Steins;Gate have also found themselves in other media. Kurisu appears as a character spell in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 ; Mayuri also makes an appearance as a summon.

Kurisu's also a character in Phantom Breaker, as well as in Nendoroid Generation. Posters of other 5pb. Can't You Read the Sign? Okabe repeatedly uses his cellphone in a cafe while sitting in front of a "No Cellphones" sign. Faris of courseMayuri and Suzuha. There's an early running gag about how Luka is incredibly feminine despite being a guy. About two thirds of the way through the story, it's not funny anymore when not only was Luka finally given a chance to be a girl, but then she has to return.

A clearly depressed Okabe repeats the lines in his head. Cerebus strikes in the middle of nowhere during the 13th when Moeka breaks in and kills Mayuri, sending the second half of the story into action. Most of the cast wind up as lab members once the time travel experiments begin. Invokedeven, when it's explained later on that at first, Okabe started the lab specifically to meet new people—mission accomplished there.

Even when in the Steins;Gate timeline where time travel doesn't exist, therefore there being no reason for the lab members to come together the lab members still become friends, partially because Okabe deliberately seeks them out to reestablish his connections with them, and seemingly partially because their latent Reading Steiner abilities makes them aware of their relationship to each other and Okabe on a subconscious level.

Averted during Faris' arc. She loses a Rainet match because her opponents used distraction techniques from the audience.

Faris is debatably cheating herself, though, given that she genuinely has the ability to read people's emotions or tell when they're lying. Nakabachi from boarding the plane that was fated to crash.

As a result, Kurisu's research data and documents were not destroyed in the crash, setting off the events that led to World War III. It's actually a mail from his future self, telling him how to solve the unsolvable situation and save Kurisu. Those wacky inventions Okabe and Daru made end up saving their lives. Subverted with the Cyalume Saber; everyone thought it would be useful at a critical moment near the end, but it ends up being worthless.

When the plot gets going, Okabe quickly forgets the important fact that in the world where Kurisu was killed, the 'satellite' time machine was on the roof but otherwise the same. Meaning Suzuha was in that world too. And who is Suzuha? What did John Titor say would happen in the future? An apocalyptic world that leaves a radioactive wasteland. Not a bit of this is addressed until the true ending starts up, which doesn't start until after the credits roll after getting the ending that takes the longest to get.

In the anime, when uncovered, he shoots himself and Moeka to keep Nae safe. Okabe, depending if you view Mayuri's, Luka's and Faris' feelings towards him as romantic.

Steins;Gate (Visual Novel) - TV Tropes

Overtly the case in the game where each of the aforementioned characters has a romantic ending. Suzuha's ending's more ambiguous but leaves the option open as well. The drama CD even adds Moeka to the mix. Lampshaded in Chapter 8, where Faris first guesses Okabe's date is Mayuri and then Kurisu rather than Luka before making light of his improbable attractiveness.

Then some other girl, nya? Kyouma, you tomcat, you're making moves on too many girls, nya. In 0, the sequel, It's confirmed that Mayuri has always loved Okabe ever since he helped her cope with her grandmother's death.

Rintarou is a self-proclaimed mad scientist and villain, and will often partake in strange mannerisms such as talking to himself via cell phone and laughing maniacally in order to keep up this persona. However, he does not truly believe himself to be a mad scientist, but rather he acts like this in order to entertain his childhood friend Mayuri Shiina. The Faris ending results in a world line where Okabe knows none of his friends besides Faris and the Future Gadget Lab and thus time machine never came into being.

However, after he confirms that Mayuri does not die in this worldline, he decides that he's willing to accept this. First came the lab coat. Pepper and 2chan memes. By the halfway mark, Okabe and Kurisu are practically Birds of a Feather who don't get along only because they also share the trait of major tsundere-ness.

It's seriously moe invoked. There is a reason no one has ever developed time travel. An organization will exploit it for their own evil ends and kill anyone involved. Steins;Gate is officially a sequel to Chaos;Headbut the stories are almost completely unconnected.

However, references are made to the ugly frog straps and even Takumi himself through his online avatar. Mayuri and Faris both work at a maid cafe, which Faris has really embraced. Covert Group with Mundane Front: Well, besides Okabewe mean. There's a lot of junk lying around both literally and metaphorically. For example, the eight Future Gadgets aren't all used and are generally kind of useless and the plot overviews for RaiNet never amount to anything either.

There are some things you need to pay attention to and a lot that you don't. Daru, who, for whatever reason, keeps a tub of apricot puree in the Future Gadget Lab's fridge just in case he gets a girlfriend who visits the lab and wants to cook.

Kurisu then briefly lampshades how unlikely this scenario would occur. Luka is a girl?! Kurisu in episode 5 of the anime. One more word and I'll make your neocortex into a flowerpot! What kind of threat is that?!

It deals with cyberpunk themes Cyberpunk Is Techno: The game's soundtrack are mostly techno. Whenever Mayuri dies, Okabe time leaps back to several hours or days ago before her death. Lampshaded and deconstructed when Okabe wants to keep time-leaping to try and Take a Third Option to avoid having to let Kurisu be killed; when she says that seeing Mayuri die so many times will destroy him, he notes that he's already gone numb to the experience. Possibly subvertedthough, since Kurisu at least doesn't believe he could still have a heart and not feel anything at all at the sight; thus, she calls him out on it.

Okabe's Ripple Effect-Proof Memory lets him accomplish things with time travel no one else can, but can also prove to be a huge liabilitysince he has very limited means to figure out how things are different. Even worse, altering the present too significantly starts to seriously alienate him as his surroundings and even his friends shift from what he knew in ways he can't comprehend.

Mayuri even states such a fate without realizing its this way for Okabe —slowly and constantly separating from your friends as you know them—sounds horrible. The latter half of the series deconstructs Set Right What Once Was Wrong by showing that undoing the alterations caused by time travel may reverse the bad things they caused, but it also negates all the good things, forcing you to let go of the gifts you got from time travel.

And even if you go through all the trouble of reversing one disaster, that doesn't mean that others can't happen The anime's opening credits sequence. Suzuha upon failing her mission to retrieve the IBN after losing her memory by using her fixed time-machine.

Witnessing Mayuri's death multiple times is not enough to shatter Okabe's hope to save her. Because Destiny Says SoMayuri will always die, no matter how unrealistic the circumstances are. Died in Your Arms Tonight: Mayuri, in Okabe's arms, every time her death isn't instantaneous.

Mayuri's later description of her recollection of these deaths implies that from her perspective this is how her death always plays out. Well, i guess this is what its like to meet your friend after having forgotten them completely. Except it wasn't like that for me So i had never forgotten I had finally done it. No reply came however, as Mayuri was currently crying into my chest. Guess this is what it feels like to acquire an extra year's worth of memories. Little did I know that was not the reason she was crying, for I had not been there the night of Kurisu's sleepover.

I had not heard what she and Kurisu revealed to each other, nor did I know that she was aware of what I said to Kurisu. For a year, Mayushii had felt something was missing, without knowing what it is. I'm so happy that Okarin finally found me. This time I really will remain a hostage forever.

We had agreed to meet outside the Braun store at 8am the next morning, as it was a Sunday so she was not at school. A short while after she had left, I noticed a large figure strolling down the alleyway, and assuming it was Mr Braun i ran down the stairs to meet him at his shop.

It had indeed been him, and after we agreed on a price yen higher than the monthly price displayed on the sign, I closed the deal and took the key. Entering the apartment was very nostalgic, and I was surprised to see that lots of the furniture was still here. Neither the microwave or the computer were there of course, that would have to come later.

For now i realised it would be better to wait a while, so I sent Daru a message with the address and told him to be here at 8: I wanted the half hour with Mayuri just to confirm what dreams were reality, after all I didnt want her jumping off the roof thinking she could fly because i told her that the last year's dreams were real.

I rested a while on the couch and before I knew it I was fast asleep. Ughhh i moaned as I rolled off the couch and hit the floor. What time was it? I decided to go to the shop to get myself a doctor pepper and a coke zero for Daru.

steins gate linear bounded phenogram ending a relationship

To my surprise, as I walked out of the front door of the building- "Tuturu! Mayushii thought that Okarin would be happier that way after being alone for so long". Well, the Mayuri of this world line sure seems a lot clingier than the old one. Mayushii will come with you". Really, I could imagine this getting on my nerves very soon. So on we walked through the already unbearable heat towards the closest shop.

Steins;Gate 0 Re-Awake

The big guy downstairs said he would look after it for a while. I mean, Mayushii remembers a girl, Chris-chan was it, that she noticed seemed to be close with you". She seemed to say this last bit without her usual enthusiasm, almost as if she was forcing herself to say it.

Could it be that she wants t- no, its impossible. Me and Mayuri were very close friends but just nope. It must have been my imagination.

steins gate linear bounded phenogram ending a relationship

For some reason we remained silent as we walked back to the lab, the silence only broken when we arrived in front of the door and saw Daru sat on the stairs.

Shocked, I checked the time. It was indeed 8: How had I lost track of time that much? I happened to notice a slight red trickle from his nose. This is a close friend of mine, Mayuri Shiina. Well, seems you got to her before me. Good luck", he added, with an emphasised wink. Never in a million years! Then, I noticed that Mayuri suddenly adopted a surprised yet quite sad expression. It must be my imagination I stopped this thought immediately.

She is a hostage turned friend, that is all she will ever be. I wouldnt put it past him to have a box full of explicit manga either. Without replying, i grabbed one side of the box and gestured for him to do the same. With a grunt, I lifted my side of the box which was clearly straining my muscles to the limit, whereas Daru held it whilst showing no signs of difficulty.

I thought I felt something brush against my lower leg and the weight of the box lessened slightly, but I could see nothing below because of the way I was holding it. I struggled all the way to the top of the stairs and into the room, where I thought it was too much and exclaimed I was setting it down here. As I did this, a girl ran out from underneath the box After all, Mayushii needs to apologise properly for the mes-" I patted her head as I often used to do, this time to shut her up before completing the sentence, as I didnt want to have to explain it to Daru.

It worked well as she started her silly laugh that she often does when happy. It seemed a much newer version than the one used for sending D-Mails. Then i thought something Maybe it had to be a certain microwave.

Now was not the time for having doubts, so I quickly explained to Daru about how i had an idea for an invention, and what it was i gave a description of the origianl phonewave, not mentioning its other abilities which would come naturally if at all. Every now and then I randomly rubbed Mayuri's head, and although it must look absolutely ridiculous to Daru it kept her smiling and therefore distracted, so I didnt have to mention D-Mails at all.

How easy it is to please her After the microwave had been sufficiently altered, I opened the box and to my dismay it was indeed full of erotic manga.

At this, Mayuri came running over to me. Damn, I forgot how much she likes manga. She was holding something. Really, Daru, you really are a filthy person, I thought to myself as I saw what he had in there. Finally, at the very bottom of the box, was a small laptop computer. Seriously, it must have weighed just over a kilogram. Is it possible that he, like Mayuri, had previous memories in the form of feelings and dreams? It was likely, but I didnt bother pushing it further.

As Daru did the necessary things on the PC, I became increasingly worried that this wouldn't work. After all, everything is different about this PhoneWave. Newer microwave, smaller computer As much of an idiot as she is, she really does pay attention to details. Even I had forgotten about it, and my memories hadnt been reduced to dreams.

Finally the preperations had been complete: FG-1 PhoneWave name subject to change had indeed been completed for the second time. I noticed it was 8: Instead, I tried using the PhoneWave for what it had been designed for, and it did in fact remotely heat up the Juicy Fried Chicken Number One which I had secretly bought for Mayuri, to which she almost knocked me over with a sudden hug she was so grateful. Was it just me, or did the omega Mayuri seem to be going over the top a little with me?

I dismissed it as her being excited over being reunited after a year, and forgot about it as i watched her happily eating the chicken.

steins gate linear bounded phenogram ending a relationship

Daru was also rather engrossed in watching her eating, but it certainly wasnt for the reasons i was. Whereas i just liked seeing her happy, it was likely this was some strange habit of Daru's which id rather not know about to be honest. After the testing, Daru left for home to watch TV as I currently did not have one. He said I could keep the computer for now but he'd like it back eventually. As if on cue, her phone began to ring and the look on her face when she answered told me it was indeed her mother calling about the microwave.

As I watched her on the phone her face began to change, indicating that her mother knew what had happened and was scolding her for it.

From hearing Mayuri's side, I had gathered that her mother blamed it on me damn as if she found out about me After the call ended, she was clearly very depressed.

When she didn't reply, I went over to sit next to her and as I approached she jumped up and suddenly embraced me. Yes, for the third time in 24 hours. This time I could tell she was crying though so i carefully wrapped my arms around her and whispered, "what happened? Mother said that i couldn't come here any more because I had indeed aniticipated this would happen once I heard some of the conversation, but seeing how Mayuri reacted to it I guess it must be really important to her.

Because of this, I realised that I had to help her. So, as i have done in the past, i brought back the hostage situation.

Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram

We're sending the D-Mail. Only she would be able to convince her past mother that her promise was a lie. Even though i had since sat down, she had not stopped holding on to me. Anyone would think that I was HER hostage at this rate. Which, as i remembered the night before the D-Mail, was actually quite fun too to be honest.

We sat like this for another few minutes, which although I am sure Mayuri was ecstatic to do so I was becoming slightly bored, and besides, my ribs would be crushed if she didn't let go soon. I went to the bathroom so she would let go of me, and after returning I finally spoke up, "Hey, Mayuri, can you help me with the D-Mail?

She certainly was acting strangely at the moment.

steins gate linear bounded phenogram ending a relationship

Mayushii will only say so if Okarin promises not to laugh" "You can talk to me about anything Mayuri, you should know that by now. Whilst I did indeed confess to Kurisu, this was certainly not a reason to send a D-Mail that would make me and Mayuri forget about each other, even if she did instantly regret it. Thinking back to all of my memories with Mayuri, things did eventually start to make sense though.

There could only be one possible reason. Not wanting to hurt Mayuri any more, i decided to deny it. Or was it surprise Or actually, I never even met Kurisu at all. So why, at this moment, did I have to have feelings for Kurisu. The answer was- I shouldn't. However, me and Mayuri still have memories of being with each other, even in the Omega field.

Still, though, I might be rushing it so i decided to pretend i had no idea about what Mayuri was thinking at the moment.

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I couldnt bear to watch this any longer, so thinking to myself once again that I never had feelings to Kurisu because the entire universe denies it, I wrapped my arms around her again and whispered, "And I love you too. Of course i do," I replied, and we just sat like this for much longer. I promise it won't have an effect like my last one. I just have an amazing idea that I think will bring Mayushii and Okarin even closer together".

So overcome with emotion from the night, I didnt even think what it could be. In the last hour, I had completely made it so Kurisu was nothing but a distant memory. In the last hour, Mayuri had become everything to me. It seemed a perfect idea. It won't be able to push us apart, I promise. I will always be able to bring back my hosta-lover, i mean. Will we have confessed to each other by now if you send this D-Mail though?

We will have confessed before now. We will most likely end up exactly as we were before I sent it actually, just a few small changes will have happened around us which will make us love each other more". I wonder how long she has felt like this I feel really bad for not realising sooner. She must have felt awful when she saw me and Kurisu together. Forcing myself to stop thinking about that, I announced it was best to sleep for now and send it in the morning.

Despite the couch being ridiculously small for 2 people to lay on, we were both happy about sleeping on there. Anyway, Mayuri was cuddling up as tight as possible so the size of the space was irrelevant.

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I guess she was making up for so many years of not being able to do this with me.