Super doll licca chan ending a relationship

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super doll licca chan ending a relationship

[ sequel of Licca-chan Fushigina Fushigina Yunia Monogatari (OAV) ] Related anime: Super Doll Licca-chan: Licca-chan Zettai Zetsumei! Ending Theme. Super Doll☆Licca-chan is a Japanese anime television series which ran on TV Tokyo in . Mix) (ending 1, Rooky); Wow! (ending 2, Rooky); Love Wars Taisakusen (ending 3, Rooky); Sono Yume ha Nani Iro (ending 4, Tomo Sakurai) . I will not be starting any new projects; my goal will be finishing up Idol Densetsu Posted by Doll Licca at PM Rina and Masahiro have to deal with issues in their relationship due to Rina's fate, .. Super Doll Licca-chan - The Movie.

In the s, Tomy was a sponsor and toy maker for the television show Giant Robo and they merged with Takara shortly before the bankruptcy of the mentioned company. The adult cartridge has a vocabulary of conversational phrases, dinka astronauts are robots, each family member being provided with a few interactive features 5. Kodansha — Kodansha Ltd. The company has used its current legal name since and it uses the motto omoshirokute, tame ni naru.

Kodansha is the largest publisher in Japan, Kodansha sponsors the prestigious Kodansha Manga Award, which has run since The company announced that it was closing its English-language publishing house, Kodansha International and their American publishing house, Kodansha Comics USA, will remain in operation. Kodansha USA began issuing new publications under the head administrator of the international branch Kentaro Tsugumi, many of Kodansha USAs older titles have been reprinted. According to Daniel Mani of Kodansha USA, Inc, though we did stopped publishing new books for about a year starting from latewe did continue to sell most of our older title throughout that period.

The Kodansha company holds ownership in various broadcasting companies in Japan and it also holds shares in Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, along with Kobunsha. The two companies often clash editorially, however, the October issue of Gendai accused NHK of staging footage used in a news report in on dynamite fishing in Indonesia.

NHK sued Kodansha in the Tokyo District Court, which ordered Kodansha to publish a retraction, Kodansha appealed the decision, and reached a settlement where it had to issue only a partial retraction, and to pay no damages.

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Japan Foundation, Japan Foundation Special Prize, and this is a list of the manga magazines published by Kodansha according to their Company Profile 6. Licca-chan — Licca-chan, full name Licca Kayama, is a dress-up doll series introduced in Japan on by Takara, enjoying the same kind of popularity in Japan as the Barbie series does in the United States. The Licca-chan dolls tend toward a more Japanese body as far as height, Takara had sold over 48 million Licca-chan dolls as ofand over 53 million as of Along with her UrsulaGants and Spearmint records, she toted a pair of pink Converse running shoes, grey pants, headphones, layered hoody.

Street Licca was the indie rock doll. Ina pregnant adult version of Licca-chan was introduced which included a postcard the purchaser could send to Takara for a baby doll, the baby came with a key which allowed the doll to be returned to its standard proportions. The release of the doll happened to coincide with the birth of Aiko, the daughter of Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako of Japan, a factor which helped boost the sales of the new doll. Since then, other versions of Licca-chan have been introduced, including a new Departure Licca, a Licca-chan video game was released for the Nintendo DS in Japan on November 29, This game was released in the U.

Dentsu — Dentsu Inc. InTelegraphic Service Co. Ltd, the next year, Japan Advertising Ltd. InJapan Telegraphic Communication Co. That same year, operational bases were established in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, inwith the arrival of commercial radio broadcasting in Japan, the Radio Division was established at Japan Telegraphics head and local offices.

The deal was completed in MarchDentsu announced that it would launch Dentsu Aegis Network, which would manage all Aegis Media work and non-Japanese Dentsu operations worldwide.

On December 25thMatsuri Takahashi, the University of Tokyo graduate and year-old female employee of Dentsu, the Japanese government officially recognized her suicide as karoshi. In AugustDentsu was caught exceeding its own hour monthly maximum overtime limit, mr. His papers were sent to the office because of the violation of the Labor Standards Act. Advertisement related projects consist of marketing services, New market consists of sport events advertisement.

super doll licca chan ending a relationship

Licca and Doll Licca ultimately have demonstrated the bitter lesson "Every dog has his day" when Pull wields the circumstantial physics to her advantage while Dr. Scarecrow wields Licca forgetting all about the Doll Isamu Calling Ring to his; back in the Doll Kingdom, Yae is ecstatic that she can now successfully stalemate Doll Licca even though Rui foils her grandniece's abduction.

Scarecrow has plenty of time to lead Pull and Wire through disguising themselves as aliens and coming up with a viable story to win the kids' trust; just as Sumire recommends that the quartet call it a day, Dr. Scarecrow and Pull appear to explain the kids their search for a lost companion before they retreat oblivious to the fact that Dai smells a rat. Licca is crestfallen at Dai's heartlessness as she completes her home commute just in time to come upon an infirm and ravenous Wire who has entered the subterfuge as the lost companion; while the astonished Licca recovers herself to compute her next move, Nanae agonizes over how to protect Licca as she takes stock of the circumstances -- Doll Isamu under Yae's control and Doll Isumi inert because of the MIA associated call bracelet.

Over the course of the intermission to the next schoolday, Licca is absolutely oblivious to the huge red flags her unusual behavior is raising with Nanae and Orie along with Tomonori and Sumire who catch on that Licca bought the aliens' story hook, line, and sinker. Dai rushing onto the scene with Sumire and Tomonori rapidly brings things to a head when the panicked Dr.

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Scarecrow makes the error of summoning Doll Isamu whose "Do not mess with me!!! After replying Nanae's inquiry about having the Doll Licca Calling Ring, Licca races off toward Sumire's house where Sumire is deciding what to wear; The girls racing off soon thereafter to join Dai and Tomonori aboard the transit coach to the park where the four kids barely make it into the first one hundred customers does not assuage Dai's frustration at being put behind schedule or that he was not the first customer into the park.

Undaunted by having to pay admission, Dr. Scarecrow prepares to declare zero hour for another abduction attempt -- that is, if Pull and Wire forgo their interest in the rides to help him.

Licca takes great umbrage at the sexist ambiance as she leads Sumire away into having a good time all morning; still, this only kicks the problem down the road until Sumire vents her spleen about Dai and Licca's conduct. Scarecrow capitalizing upon the haunted house for his abduction attempt quickly brings things to a head when Dai finally realizes the severity of the situation only to ultimately end up being wielded as a plaything along with Sumire and Tomonori; while Doll Izumi suddenly awakening from her dormancy swiftly extinguishes the abduction attempt, it is difficult to say what new homeostasis will manifest itself once the owner of the Doll Izumi Calling Ring and Calling Choker is discovered.

An exchange student named Catherine introduces herself by scaring Pull and Wire out of their ambush before setting course for Saint Terejia Academy where the speculative analytical concourse about her is kicked up several notches when Catherine makes several overtures during the school day to introduce herself to the student body while maintaining a laser focus on Licca.

Sumire and Tomonori's speculation gets a huge shot in the arm when Catherine signals an interest in having company in prosecuting the home commute where she inquires Licca all kinds of personal facts but balks at Licca's attempts to reply in kind when she leaves behind a handkerchief that Orie thinks is a straightforward friendship overture. Licca calling it a night with her mind at ease that evening vividly foils Nanae's bewilderment about Doll Izumi's recent behavior considering the mechanics governing the Doll Knights: Upon learning of Licca's home commute yesterday, Dai decides for an investigation which Catherine defeats by leading the posse to a cemetery; Dr.

Scarecrow reads the kids' bewilderment at Catherine eluding them as the ideal zero-hour for his next abduction attempt which takes advantage of Licca's desire to return Catherine's handkerchief.

As has been the case as of late, Dr. Scarecrow ultimately foils his own operation when he panics and tries to force things; while it is no big deal for Doll Izumi to drive Dr. Scarecrow into retreat, Licca still has no more data about Catherine than when the two girls initially met. Right now, Orie is having a girls' day on the town with her daughter Licca when a brief encounter with Catherine gives way to witnessing the antics of an old street performer that looks like Orie's father Franz; after sending Licca to bed, Nanae and Orie compare notes about everything that has happened so far while Dr.

Scarecrow upbraids Pull and Wire that it is a pink slip for all of them if they fail to capture Licca. The old street performer George nullifies Pull and Wire's desperate abduction attempt before offering Licca the opportunity to perform with him as his assistant; in her excitement to practice, Licca makes the unwise decision to remove her call bracelet that she then carries forward to the actual exhibition where Pull and Wire ironically refute George's claim of nothing happening to it when they steal the trunk.

The ultimate irony of the whole circus is that Licca has indirectly offered herself to the desperate Dr. Scarecrow who is never too proud to refuse a good abduction opportunity; even with Doll Izumi successfully stalemating Doll Isamu until Doll Licca joins the fight to drive away Dr. Scarecrow, the intercession does nothing to teach Licca the importance of proactively exercising good judgment even though Nanae and Orie realize it is time to come clean.

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Scarecrow to prosecute yet another abduction attempt -- this time importing their castle unto Earth from the Doll Kingdom. Galvanized by the data of Dai adhering a superstition involving crows and woodlands, Dr.

Scarecrow decides to wield the four kids in a crass comedy skit by first panicking them into a cerebral pseudo-reality before taunting them into thinking that recovering the Doll Isamu call bracelet is a viable possibility while leading them to the castle where Yae wastes no time in demonstrating her own twisted sense of humor prior to introducing herself in earnest to explain the confused Licca what has to happen in order to save the Doll Kingdom; after demonstrating Dai that she is as much an irascible harridan as Dai's grandmother, Yae then proceeds to explain Licca her role in Orie's prologue as the crown princess of the Doll Kingdom and generally makes it clear that she is not taking no for an answer.

While it is no problem for Doll Licca and Doll Izumi to make a mess of her plans by themselves, Yae is shocked to find that the ultimate irony of summoning Doll Isamu is that it summons Rui who leads Sumire and the boys in visiting unto Dr.

Scarecrow their intense displeasure at being wielded as playthings; later that evening, Nanae and Orie explain Licca the whole plight of the Doll Kingdom along with the capability to summon Doll Licca to combat in real time just like how the abduction attempts occur. Scarecrow as she delivers him a "Succeed or else!!! Scarecrow computes his next move, Dai's friends Hide and Tetsu are the vehicles by which the collateral damage caused by Devaul's occupation of the Doll Kingdom is manifesting itself unto the lives of Licca and her friends who desperately struggle for some kind of healthy perspective of their recent encounter with Yae.

Licca then tries her hand in summoning Doll Licca for some answers using the magic phrase Nanae led her through; as if having sensed Sumire's subsequent suggestion to consult Nanae when the attempt fails, Dr.

super doll licca chan ending a relationship

Scarecrow decides zero hour for his plan -- a cerebral pseudo-reality depicting the peaceful Doll Kingdom. What ironically brings things to a head is not so much Yae's harsh objurgation to Doll Izumi but Licca's own desire for the childhood she has enjoyed on Earth with Dai, Sumire, and Tomonori; while Doll Izumi deals with the outraged Yae, Dr.

Scarecrow's subsequent interception of the kids' panicked exodus becomes the forum by which Licca successfully summons Doll Licca who tries to reason with Dr. Scarecrow that it was Devaul who polluted the Doll Kingdom using Yae as his vassal. Doll Licca and Doll Izumi collaboratively dispelling the pseudo-reality arena along with Dr.

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Scarecrow's counterstrike ultimately becomes the genesis of whose perspective is of greater veracity when Devaul decides that he will get much greater mileage with Yae as his sole vassal than with Dr.

Scarecrow and his two assistants; while Pull and Wire divide their energies between wondering what happened not realizing that they have been put out to pasture, Dai leads Sumire and Tomonori in reaffirming their vow for Licca's security as they watch Orie comfort a very upset Licca.

Pointing to the ecstasy of Licca finally being reunited with Pierre, Wire begins to have second thoughts about capturing Licca while Pull thinks that successfully capturing Licca will resolve Dr. Scarecrow's plight; after a period of protracted observation and contemplation, Pull and Wire decide to work out their ethical differences with one final abduction attempt only to find to their horror that Licca would rather put herself in mortal danger of falling to her death than to be taken back to the Doll Kingdom.

As has been their prologue, Pull and Wire's abduction attempt ultimately backfires on them and literally causes them to fall from grace empty-handed; later that evening, Nanae explaining Pierre the recent prologue of the Doll Kingdom becomes the forum by which Pull and Wire see the light about their previous actions while Pierre spends time with Licca gazing at the stars.

Scarecrow before Nanae challenges them prior to confirming the data they overheard. Pull and Wire are shocked to find that they might not get the choice to proceed forward when an assassin operative attacking them quickly brings things to a head; faced with extermination now or later, the siblings decide to contribute to Licca's proactive security in spite of the initial inertia and bewilderment encountered.

While comparing notes about the leviathan of reversing course before predicting that the assassin operative will try to finish things that night, Pull and Wire arrive just in time to intercede for Licca who is immobilized from summoning Doll Licca while they themselves are repeatedly repulsed.

The deus ex machina that ultimately extinguishes the attempt is not so much Rui's collaborative intercession with Pull and Wire but rather Pierre's unfinished melody; a brief appearance by Doll Licca and an affirmation of volition from Yae later, Pull and Wire's sincerity is confirmed quod erat demonstrandum. Scarecrow before reaffirming acquisition of her grandniece Licca to the inert Doll Isamu becomes the genesis of Wire directing his sister Pull through bootstrapping themselves to begin the first day of their new lives as Licca's bodyguards now that Kayama-ke is confident of their sincerity even as their efforts do not always translate to success in real life such as when they prepare breakfast that morning to prepare Licca for the school commute with Dai.

Pull and Wire grappling with their own internal emotions quickly gives way to Yae finding to her shock that Doll Isamu has seen the light about her and refuses to comply her orders; when the fed-up Licca ejects Pull and Wire from her room in frustration, she inadvertently facilitates the subsequent abduction attempt the disgusted Yae commissions which Pull and Wire discover is to steal the inert Doll Knights.

Doll Licca ultimately finds it no trouble to dispatch the assassin operative before Yae appears in an astral projection to point out a clear and present dangerous opportunity; while Licca is in anguish over her protests being nullified by the circumstances, Devaul decides for the advent of a new emissary -- the succubus Misty.

super doll licca chan ending a relationship

Meanwhile, in the Doll Kingdom, Doll Licca finds that the desolation around her is the least of her worries when a group of knights converges on her; while the knights are easily dispatched, Doll Isamu along with his action accessories is a needle in a haystack even without Yae and Misty planning to trap Doll Licca.

Doll Licca now out of action, Yae charges Misty zero hour for another abduction attempt; with her ability to animate and manipulate the shadows of her enemies, Misty easily makes crass comedy of Doll Izumi's inhibitory efforts.

For Yae, Doll Licca also has an iconoclastic sense of humor that ultimately endows unto her the last laugh when she emancipates herself from her bindings to successfully steal back Doll Isamu along with both of his action accessories -- one of which is around the waist of the astonished Yae!!!

Orie then proceeds to explain Licca an episode of her prologue as the Doll Kingdom's crown princess whose backdrop is back in the Doll Kingdom after her adventure on Earth as a sort of exchange student in which she had fallen in love with Pierre to the point where Nanae and Franz are anxious about their daughter's epilogue as the monarch; Yae comes back with far more than the skeleton-key sage counsel Nanae had asked of her.

Tomonori offering his perspective on the epilogue of the Calling Choker obfuscates Yae becoming quite frustrated that she is not getting a straight answer as she charges Misty investigative acquisition of the Choker.

super doll licca chan ending a relationship

The obfuscation over the Choker's epilogue makes a quantum leap toward ultimate abolition when Catherine approaches Rui with the perspective that his research is futile for learning Devaul's true form before Misty decides for wielding Catherine as a plaything; in spite of Doll Licca foiling the theft of the Calling Choker, Misty has the data whose acquisition Yae charged her. Scarecrow having once wielded dodgeball along with his rivalry with Souta Mizushima as a premise in one of his abduction attempts, one would think that Dai would have learned to keep his zeal for sports in check; Dai's zealous ego becomes the genesis of Misty's latest abduction attempt: Upon realizing that Mimi has either unavailable or nonexistent family government, Licca decides to bring Mimi home with her in the hope that her family government will have a solution; while Licca is turning her steps homeward, Rui signals an interest in a pilgrimage to gather insight about demons that he hopes will lead to illuminating Devaul's true form and lead to Devaul being successfully conquered.

Modeling how she has done so with the Doll Licca call bracelet unto her granddaughter, Nanae gives Rui the Doll Isamu call bracelet to forestall whatever mortal attempt Devaul might make unto him during his travels.

The irony of Mimi's operation is that it nearly succeeds in abducting Licca due to the utilization of several sound strategic principles that ultimately prove absolutely worthless not so much because of a skeptical Dai igniting a collaborative rescue with both Rui and Doll Isamu but because Misty has a much greater affinity for playing cruel mind games with her quarry instead of completing her mission; as an unexpected bonus, Dai is endowed with the Doll Isamu call bracelet modified to summon Doll Isamu in real time not unlike what Licca herself can do with Doll Licca.

Kayama-ke and its allies marshaling all the resources needed for the wedding becomes the backdrop for Licca grappling with her conscience over whether or not to relay Misty's warning which could possibly ruin the wedding; upon seeing that the locale has been resolved, Misty decides zero-hour to begin her operation in earnest which involves interchanging herself for Yuri. The ironic Achilles's heel of Misty's operation is ultimately not so much that it is geared for mirth rather than stealth but that Misty is so clumsy with the whole thing that Licca puts the pieces together and cries foul; a collaborative battle using all three Doll Knights driving Misty into retreat becomes the forum for Catherine to introduce herself in earnest with the epilogue of Franz's fate.

Licca-chan Fushigi na Maho no Ring (OAV)

The excited Licca galvanizing Sumire into participating alongside Dai and Tomonori at school the next day about the upcoming fashion show is not an event that escapes Misty's notice when the four kids decide for a trip to Orie's boutique to appraise the handiwork's current status and discern their corporeal dimensions.

Tomonori's misgivings about the quiescence are ultimately of little utility when Misty decides upon Licca's exploration as the ideal zero-hour for yet another abduction attempt; while it is a straightforward enterprise for Doll Licca and Doll Isamu to repel the incursion after Orie short-circuits Misty's neural network using a recording of Pierre's song, the collateral damage of the basement workshop has many parallels with Kayama-ke's prospects of defeating Devaul at its incumbent status.

super doll licca chan ending a relationship

Nanae and Orie are concerned at the measures Pierre is taking to prosecute this research whose irony is that Pierre himself "throws" Licca right into Misty's hands when he harshly repulses her overture for nothing more than interrupting a cerebral contemplation detailing the remainder of the song -- a careless error that Misty is all too happy to capitalize on as she decides zero hour for her operation. The collateral damage of Misty having polluted Licca's perspective on things comes to a head during Pull and Wire's picnic lunch which becomes the forum for Misty's operation to begin in earnest and for Licca's cerebral pollution to be most vividly displayed when Misty arrives disguised as Doll Licca.

The bitter ironic Achilles heel that ultimately implodes Misty's operation is not so much the heavy emphasis for crass comedy as evidenced when Misty mentions the pleasure flight with Licca but that Doll Licca is willing to deactivate herself; taken aback but by no means deflated, Misty leaves behind a parting gift for Licca: Dai pays a visit at Kayama-ke with Sumire and Tomonori to guide everybody through how to ride a unicycle when Pull and Wire get into a divergent concourse over who is to blame for an accident in the kitchen; Dai's lesson having begun in earnest with Pull and Wire now re-railed, Pierre signals an interest in joining Rui on his travels in an attempt to gain more insight into how the rest of the song goes.

Either having sensed Pierre's decision or simply to make crass comedy of Licca having mastered riding a unicycle, Misty declares zero-hour for another abduction attempt -- this time using energy moths and butterflies that paralyze their quarry as Doll Licca is shocked to have demonstrated unto her.

As has been previous demonstrated, Misty nearly succeeds in abducting Licca but not before Pierre ultimately perverts her propensity for crass comedy to his advantage when he short-circuits Misty's peripheral neural network with his song; Misty now driven into retreat furious at her defeat, Pierre now faces a task of much greater difficulty: For Kayama-ke, their dinnertime camaraderie becomes an invaluable opportunity for Misty to install the infrastructure for next abduction attempt -- the quarry being both Licca and her family government this time around.

The next morning, Misty reads Orie setting course for the wharf as the ideal zero hour to initiate her operation in earnest by first warming up with some crass comedy in terrorizing her quarry before attempting to induct them into a vortex leading to the Doll Kingdom; meanwhile at the wharf, Catherine and Sumire are speculating on Kayama-ke's ETA when Tomonori suspects a deviant diagnostic upon analyzing the circumstances as do Pull and Wire during their mad dash through town.

The crass comedy irony of the whole thing is that Misty herself ultimately ends up giving away the upper hand in order to stalemate Doll Isamu and Doll Izumi when she forgets about why Doll Licca has not been bootstrapped for battle; even after having her arrogance perverted to her detriment, Misty still does not realize what a huge strategic error she has made as Pierre sails away. The ensuing conversation that illuminates Catherine's prologue while setting the die for Misty's operation to begin in earnest quickly becomes the forum for the collateral damage to accumulate when Catherine repulses Dai's exhortation for her athletic prowess in an upcoming dodgeball match and exhibits several other behaviors that signal the presence of a cumbersome deviant diagnostic; still, even with there being so little data available, a crude sketch is drawn with enough detail that it becomes apparent that the deviant diagnostic is something that will not get better on its own as Licca races to the rescue with Sumire and the boys on her heels only to charge headlong right into a hazardous skit of Misty's crass comedy that even the three Doll Knights cannot derail.

The ultimate ironic punchline of the whole circus is that Dai exhorting Catherine's assistance in the dodgeball game would have nipped Misty's subterfuge in the bud; if Catherine had agreed to it, Misty would have never been able to successfully make crass comedy of her three times in a row. She fled with her daughter and granddaughter to the world of humans, carrying a suitcase with the Doll Knights inside. Her pendant is able to wake up Doll Licca, and uses that power to protect Licca throughout the series.

She is very kind, always in a good mood and able to do anything for her daughter and granddaughter. Mother of Licca, Queen of Doll Kingdom. She turned down her duty as a queen because she was in love with a human, Pierre future father of Licca. She fled with her mother and daughter to the world of humans to escape Devaul, and always made every effort to protect Licca. Licca's best friend, is characterized by her nobility and romance, she spends imagining romantic scenes with Dai since she has a crush on him.

During the second half of the series she receives a green bracelet that can invoke Doll Izumi. Always fights with Licca, although she's really in love with Rui and appears whenever he gets very jealous.

He receives a blue bracelet to summon Doll Isamu when there is trouble. Ordered by Devaul to kidnap Licca, until he reformed on the halfway of the series to defend the princess. Licca's father, a musician whose melody is so powerful that it was the final cause of death of Devaul.

Another friend of Licca, noted for his intelligence and his way of being a bit strange. Most of his hobbies include astronomy, reading books, science and everything related to the study and more than once saved his brilliant ideas to his friends.