Tae guk gi ending relationship

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tae guk gi ending relationship

Lee, Jinhee, "Film review: Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War [Taegukgi Hwinalrimyeo]" (). Faculty Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War ends meet , but they have dreams of a better life as and Jin-Tae's marriage to Young-Shin. Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War is yet another gem of a film from South Korea. It tells the tale of Jin-seok on the other hand the ending tore me up inside. Made in South Korea, Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War, follows two brothers in the Korean War. As an The movie becomes a telling allegory for our current relationship with Korea, and the At least an end to hostility?.

In the jail, Jin-seok quietly mocks Jin-tae for Young-shin's death. Jin-tae is later brought in for questioning by a security commander. His request to release his brother is refused, and a Chinese artillery strike takes place.

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The security commander then orders the prison to be set on fire where Jin-seok is being held. Trying to rescue his brother, Jin-tae loses his consciousness in the artillery strike and wakes up to mistakenly believe his brother died in the fire.

He brutally kills the security commander by bludgeoning him to death just before he is restrained by Chinese soldiers.

tae guk gi ending relationship

In truth, Jin-seok had been transferred to a military hospital, after barely escaping the burning cell, and being saved by a soldier nicknamed Uncle Yang.

However, Jin-seok was shot in the escape. Uncle Yang also brings a letter that Jin-tae wrote, and says that Jin-tae was never found but he doubts Jin-tae deserted. When Uncle Yang hands Jin-seok the letter, Jin-seok is apathetic towards both the letter and his brother's uncertain fate.

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However, the next day, he learns from two South Korean military officers that his brother had defected to the North Koreans. Afterwards, he reads Jin-tae's letter to their mother and is brought to tears. He immediately rejoins the army to fight at the 38th parallel, but is denied permission to fight. Jin-seok escapes his camp and runs to the North Korean site, surrendering to them and claiming that he is Jin-tae's brother; Jin-tae is now the leader of an elite North Korean unit. They send him with an escort to validate his claim, but the North Koreans are attacked by South Korean forces and U.

Jin-seok fights his way through the soldiers before the feared North Korean Infantry Unit known as "Flag Unit", commanded by Jin-tae, arrives to reinforce the North Korean lines.

The appearance of Flag Unit turns the tables and forces the South Koreans to retreat. After killing a few South Korean soldiers and not recognizing his own brother, Jin-tae tries to kill Jin-seok in anger. An M1 Carbine in an over-the-shoulder view can be seen in an easy-to-miss continuity error more fully explained in another section on this page.

M1 Garand As was the case in WWII only five years prior, the M1 Garand remained the standard-issue rifle for the American-supplied forces of South Korea, and it is an ubiquitous sight in scenes in this film featuring South Korean infantry.

tae guk gi ending relationship

M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle with leather M sling. Lee's rifle squad fire their M1 Garands back at North Korean snipers during the street fighting in Pyongyang.

This close-up shot allows the particular blank adapters for the M1 Garand used in the film to be easily seen. They are externally-attachable BFAs that extend the end of the rifle by a 0. Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine A carbine-length variant of the ubiquitous Mosin Nagant riflethe M38 Carbine is occasionally seen in the film, primarily in the hands of the Chinese troops sent to intervene in North Korea by October Mosin Nagant M38 Carbine - 7.

Though hard to see in any particular shot, most of the troops in the front of this human wave are carrying M38 and M44 Carbines. For whatever reason, this sequence is the only time Chinese troops intervening in the Korean War are depicted in this film.

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Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine Another carbine-length variant of the long-serving Mosin Nagant riflethe M44 Carbine makes occasional appearances in this film, primarily among the intervening Chinese troops arriving to the war in October Mosin Nagant M44 Carbine with attached side-folding bayonet - 7. MA4 Springfield without a scope. Machine Guns Browning MA6 Browning MA6 machine guns are used by South Korean troops as belt-fed light machine guns in this film, taking a page from their American military suppliers.

South Korean troops ready an MA6 for a nighttime assault. South Korean troops fire an MA6 during the night assault. Close-up of the MA6 firing. Browning M A Browning M makes an appearance in the film.

It is most prominently used by a recently-crazed Sgt. Jin-tae Lee Dong-gun Jang during the climactic battle.

tae guk gi ending relationship

Browning M Machine Gun. Unlike many later machine guns, the Browning M was often deployed with its WWI-style water-cooling barrel jacket even in WWII and both the Korean and Vietnam Wars - this "old-fashioned" feature of its design allowed it to provide sustained fire for longer periods than later air-cooled machine guns could the latter are usually dependent on designs that allow overheated barrels to be quickly swapped out, while older water-cooled machine guns generally only needed to change barrels after their rifling grooves wore down too far to provide accurate fire.

A mud- blood- and soot-covered Jin-tae Lee comes to his senses after a tearful reunion with his brother whom he thought was dead in a building fireand does a chamber check on a tripod-mounted Browning M machine gun. Looking much like the beast of war he has become, Jin-tae Lee turns the Browning M machine gun against the attacking North Koreans in a desperate bid to buy time for his brother to escape. These differ from the more common DPM by the lack of a pistol grip, a differently shaped stock, and a bipod that mounts below, not above, the heat jacket of the barrel.

Degtyaryov DP light machine gun - 7. Jin-tae Lee Dong-gun Jang captures a DP from a rooftop position and turns it against the fleeing North Korean soldiers in battle of Pyongyang sequence. KPV heavy machine gun on wheeled carriage mount - We need them to understand the ongoing Korean conflict and to shed light on an appropriate role for the United States.

As the brothers attempt to rescue her, the authorities fatally shoot her in front of them and arrest them. Soon after, while under attack from the North, the South Korean army burns their prisoners alive.

Believing his younger brother died, Jin-tae bludgeons the commander who ordered the execution and defects. People commit atrocities in response to evil in real life as well as in film. American foreign policy leads to the death of countless civilians, and when the US attempts to kill terrorists, more people become terrorists, turning violent like Jin-tae. How would you respond if a government killed your family?

A simple family before the war.

Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood Of War

Why would the North Korean government and people respond differently? That must have affected him. Then how come he turned into a communist? The Jin-tae I knew was just an innocent shoeshine boy… who loved his family, especially his brother.

The movie becomes a telling allegory for our current relationship with Korea, and the relationship between North and South. Though brothers, foreign ideologies and nations have torn them apart.

tae guk gi ending relationship