Tekken nina williams ending relationship

Relationship Chart from TTT2 is quite interesting. : Tekken

tekken nina williams ending relationship

For Tekken 7 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Yoshimitsu's T5 ending is canon and Bryan is killed off. Also, bring back the unexplored relationship between Steve Fox and Nina Williams. Tekken 7 - Nina Williams Ending - Tekken 7 Nina Williams * IMPORTANT * This channel does not have any kind of relationship or association. And a pet without an owner if Tekken 7's ending is anything to go by. .. Hates (- 2): Devil Jin, Heihachi, Jin, Jun, Lars, Lee, Lei, Leo, Nina, Ogre.

tekken nina williams ending relationship

Keep up the great work! FallingStarsLul Whut and gamegirl Sorry for what i say in my previous review Even without particularly liking either of these couples it was enjoyable to read.

tekken nina williams ending relationship

You've got some major talent. Maybe you should think about turning some of this into a full out story AngelInTheDark, I see where you're coming from. The Kazuya and Anna coupling seems almost far-fetched if you, like me, believe that his true love is Jun. But I think FallinStars pulls it off superbly for what its worth. Besides, lust sounds plausible enough and it's also entertaining to read about. Jin and Nina really is an odd couple, but Nina isn't the motherly type she's not thinking that hard about Steve and Jin always seems to act older than he really is.

However, love is a bit of a stretch at least for me.

Nina Williams

I'd say more of a "mutual understanding". Then again, the Jin described in this fanfic is distinctly different from the aloof, broody, often straight-to-the-point Jin presented in the Tekken 6. He's given a more fleshed out personality here. Xaioyu and Jin is the "healthy" couple, but it's not as if they're married or anything. I can hardly see how either Nina or Jin could benefit from their relationship, but it's not altogether impossible.

Lul Whut chapter 1. This is fanfiction, any pairing can work provided that the author can write them well. Do you want to know why people wrte fanfics? In another attempt to have a chance to battle Nina, she offers herself as a personal bodyguard to the CEO of G Corporation, Kazuya Mishima, knowing that his plan to confront Jin would eventually lead her to her sister.

In Scenario Campaign, Anna leads the defense of G Corporation against Mishima Zaibatsu and Lars Alexandersson 's rebel army, and during a confrontation with the rebel army, she sends troops that results in Lars' friend, Tougou's death. She also accompanies Kazuya when he comes to Azazel's Temple in the desert.


Upon the latter's stalemate battle with Lars, Anna escapes with Kazuya after he is let go by Lars. Like in the Tekken games, Anna fights using her fists and her feet, appearing in several encounters.

After Nina wins the game's final boss fight against her, Anna almost falls into the water below but Nina grabs her hand, and then she reminisces about when her father Richard Williams was killed with gunfire and Anna comforted her afterwards. Another explosion almost sends them both into the water, but Anna jumps rescues Nina in turn. Once the game is completed, Anna becomes a player character in her own scenario, titled "Anna Mode", which is more difficult than the standard game as there are limited recovery items and weapons and no save locations in the first play through, and Anna can use melee weapons but no guns.

The Anna Mode takes place in the Prison used in the standard game, but with many more enemies, as she must find 12 data cards and then reach the helicopter evacuation spot. Anna also appears as the final boss in Challenge Mode. Anna is absent in Tekken 4though she is briefly mentioned in Nina's Tekken 4 prologue.

Following her retirement, she met and fell in love with an elite soldier from the G Corporation. But, on the day of their wedding, tragedy occurred.

Whilst getting ready for the big day, the sound of gun shots filled the main hall.

tekken nina williams ending relationship

Anna, fueled by rage, decided to return to the fight once more. Design and gameplay[ edit ] Anna is sultry and curvy, [5] wearing stylish red outfits. Before the fight, we see her flirting and teasing the enemy, and then to ridicule meeting ended with a coarse laugh and provocative moves; for her attitude and way of clothing can be considered as a flapper as well as a femme fatale character. She is also seen a few times wearing a zebra printed jumpsuit with a matching zebra printed hat, a necklace, black gloves, and black heels.

She is often among the few characters who are given a third outfit option, as opposed to the standard two.

Anna Williams (Character) - Giant Bomb

In Death by Degrees, Anna is wearing a more Nina-style high-tech combat outfit and has a different haircut. In the story mode, she was forced to work for the returning Heihachi in the first-half, until she began to concern about Lars' good reason on keeping Jin safe with him, deeming it very interesting to watch and resign from Zaibatsu, faking her death while setting her private assassination job for hire.

She is later tasked with infiltrating a mafia wedding which happens to be held by G Corpotation, posing as the bride, with the real bride of a mafia happens to be her sister Anna, whom Nina stole the wedding dress from.

tekken nina williams ending relationship

Although she succeeded murdering Anna's bride, Nina is somehow pursuited by her son Steve, and Tekken Force as well other than Anna and the fellow G Corporation mafia themselves. However, encountering Steve will give her a best opportunity to escape. Eventually in Steve's ending, continued from his Tag 2 ending finally reveals when she was put to cryosleep between 2 and 3, Mishima Zaibatsu attempt to use her gene to create child super soldiers that can fit the Devil Gene project for te organization army, where Steve is one of the survivors thanks to the cover by the now late-Doctor Emma Kliesen.

Nina stars in her own action game, Death by Degreesreleased in In this game it is revealed that Richard Williams had struggled with a few guardsmen, and shouted for Nina to grab a gun which one of guardsmen had dropped. However, her hesitation and fear caused the guards to get the upper hand and shoot Richard Williams, killing him. Anna is shown comforting her sister moments after, while the older Nina looks over the scene.

Anna Williams (Tekken) - Wikipedia

The rivalry which stemmed from the incident crossed over to the real-time events of the Tekken series. Nina also appears in the crossover fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken with her official tag partner, Kazuya. In the cinematic trailer, they battle against Ryu and Ken at a condemned building, before Kazuya captures Ryu as bait to lure Jin out. Design and gameplay[ edit ] According to Namco's Tekken original design team, "it was Nina or Kazuya who was the soul, the cool part, of the [first] game.

And we didn't want that with Nina. Her look contrasts that of her sister, Anna, who is a brunette. She dresses primarily in purple fitted costumes and is commonly seen wearing a military style outfit to suit her occupation[1] sometimes also in costumes made of materials resembling spandexPVC and leather; she was barefoot in the first game but since most of her shoes also consist of heels.

In Tekken 6, one of Nina's extra outfits is one of her Death by Degrees costumes. Her default costume in Tekken 7 is an off-white long strapless wedding gown, which actually stolen from Anna. Nina is known for her lethal submission wrestling and counterattacks.

tekken nina williams ending relationship

She was also among the first characters to utilize chain throws, having them since Tekken 2 where she was recommended for aggressive players. The Motion Picture as one of the main antagonists. Nina attempts many times to assassinate Kazuya, but he keeps foiling her with his superior skills.