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I know TVB's poll took place over 2 months ago and the results are pretty much . is overwhelmingly popular, TVB will usually 'milk' the relationship by I'm probably one of those who hated "The Breaking Point" to no end. The Breaking Point (Hong Kong Drama); 今生無悔; Ching Long is a rebellious The story revolves around Long and the misunderstanding with his father as well as his romantic relationships with a Vietnamnese refugee Chin Kiu Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; Network: TVB Cast & Credits . I like the ending of the sort whereby the good prevail over evil. in need, the Yankee boy, songbird, cherished moments, the breaking point, . Sum Mun Yee is heartbroken to see the relationship between Ching Long and.

It is also the time that Tin Chun starts to take his vengeance. This was a good series with a well-selected cast. Leon Lai aka Ching Long: He played the role of a cool, collected but also fiercely loyal and loving man. His acting skill was still raw in those days but he had already become one of my favourite actors.

I think this was one of the series that set off the sparks between him and Kathy Chow. They were compatible on screen and the chemistry was undeniable. The romantic moments between Ching Long and Chin Qiu were also enjoyable.

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The relationship between the three characters was nicely set up. When Chin Qiu comes back from Australia, Ching Long was faced with the inevitably difficult decision. For us, the viewers, also found it hard to choose between the two female characters. They both have their flaws, their perfection, and each has loved him dearly.

One other thing I enjoyed about the series was the father-son relationship between Ching Long and his father.

Nice TVB drama and cantonese songs, nice msndsrin songs.

Deric Wan aka Ko Tin Chun: I have always admired Deric for his versatility. He could ease into any roles, be it the Prince Charming or the villain, he always brought the character alive.

He played the role of cold-blooded, revenge-driven Ko Tin Chun to perfection that it hurt his career. Tin Chun was a despicable and evil character. He would not hesitate to kill to achieve his goal. Kathy Chow aka Sum Mun Yee: She played a likable role, a gentle, demure, perfect girl-next-door. She went out with him, accepted his proposal and then turned him down. Were there any other cruel things that she had not done to him?

It was not surprising that he ended up hating her for it. Kathy was alright in her role and she did not leave much impression. Maggie Siu aka Chin Qiu: I like how she plays a headstrong girl who knows her priority. I still do not understand one thing. It does not seem too hard to go from Hong Kong to Australia.

Therefore, Leon was sent to boarding school where he met Deric and he was angry at his dad because he had to leave home. Although Leon's dad misses him a lot, he never took the initiative to find him. Therefore, his sister, Louise, takes the matter into her own hands and goes to Taiwan.

Louise and Kathy were good friends in elementary school and when Louise gets to Taiwan, Kathy helps her find her brother. They do end up bumping into Leon but Leon doesn't go back to Taiwan with her. He goes back to Taiwan on the day of her college graduation and their dad is thrilled to see him but tries to hide that fight. Father and son initially go through some problems, but soon things are worked out between them.

Leon bumps into his best friend, Deric at their old boarding school and they renew their friendship. Deric is an architect in a big company and soon Louise ends up working in the same company as a secretary and falls in love with him. However, Deric sees Kathy in a shampoo commercial and falls in love with her when he sees her. Kathy soon comes back to Hong Kong after her mother's death and the shocking news that her father was still alive and was living in Hong Kong. Therefore, she goes back to Hong Kong and stays with Louise's family.

With her mother's note in hand, she goes to her dad's Kwan Hoi San company to find him. However, she sees that he is an untrusting and cheap old man who trusts no one.

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Instead of giving him the letter, she applies for a position at his company so that she could get to know him better. Kathy has been in love with Leon ever since she met him in Taiwan. However, Leon meets Maggie, a Vietnamese refuge, and falls in love with her instead.

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They are very happy together but Maggie's application for citizenship in Australia has finally been accepted, and she leaves him. Well, actually it was probably all fate because Leon's father was in the hospital during this time and Maggie couldn't find Leon. Therefore, she just left a note in his mailbox. He was planning on proposing to her but he arrived at the refuge place too late and she had left already. Kathy does date Deric for a while but she soon realizes that she was just lying to herself because she only loved Leon.

Hence, on the day of their engagement party, Kathy breaks off their relationship and Deric is really upset. He later marries Leon's sister because he gets her pregnant and not because he loves her. The turning point in the story is when Deric overhears Louise and Kathy's conversation about Kathy liking Leon. From then on, he sees Leon as his enemy. Later, when Leon turns Deric over to the police for buying improper construction materials and causing the death of a worker, Deric ends up going to jail and he vows revenge on Leon.

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Leon finally finds out that Kathy has been in love with him and he doesn't know how to react so he is very uncomfortable and tries to avoid her. Kathy realizes this and goes back to Taiwan but Leon comes to the epiphany that he actually likes Kathy, so he takes the next flight to Taiwan and goes to find her. They have a great time in Taiwan.