Tomb raider anniversary ending relationship

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tomb raider anniversary ending relationship

Is there life left in the “Tomb Raider” franchise? It would examine the relationship between mother and daughter, and feature their adventures tomb raiding together. The revelation came at the end of the interview with Luddington and Purdy. .. Facebook Instant Games Celebrates Second Anniversary. The Tomb Raider movie goes back to Lara Croft's origins. But the new version's relationship to it is more complicated. Legend and its prequel, Tomb Raider: Anniversary (a remake of the game, but set At the end of the day, Tomb Raider is another Hollywood reboot, but it happens to have. Tomb Raider: Underworld is an action-adventure video game, the eighth . that reveals her father and Natla had a working relationship which eventually soured. . Lara's Shadow ends with the doppelgänger giving Natla an evil smile as the.

Too Many Lara Crofts The Tomb Raider franchise has been rebooted twice, meaning there are three timelines, and thus three distinct versions of Lara Croft.

tomb raider anniversary ending relationship

The original series began with the first game in and continued for five sequels, culminating in 's Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, which was a critical and commercial failure, leading to the first reboot. It was during this time the Jolie movies released. InTomb Raider: Legend brought on a new iteration of the classic character, with a more stylized art style than the original games, as well as a shift to Lara's personality; she became a bit less aloof and more of a personable character, a far cry from the stone-cold badass of the classic series.

Legend also took some cues from the Angelina Jolie movies, such as the design of Croft Manor, Lara's affable rapport with her trusted friends, and the greater prominence of her father. Unfortunately, despite the early success of Legend and its prequel, Tomb Raider: Anniversary a remake of the game, but set in the new continuitythe sequel, Tomb Raider: Underworld, failed to meet sales expectations and the series was rebooted yet again.

The most recent video game reboot game inwith the simply-titled Tomb Raider, which spawned a sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider.

A follow-up, tentatively titled Shadow of the Tomb Raideris heavily rumored to be in development. It is this series which serves as the inspiration for the new movie. Lara recovers one of Thor 's gauntlets after a lengthy battle with Amanda Evert's mercenaries, and an encounter with an imprisoned Jacqueline Natla on Amanda's ship.

Natla tells Lara that the Norse underworld, Helheim and Avalon are one and the same and that she will need to find Thor's Hammer to open the Underworld and find her mother. Lara discovers that she will have to find Thor's other gauntlet and his belt if she wants to find and wield the hammer. Natla provides Lara with a starting point for her search in this quest — coastal Thailand.

tomb raider anniversary ending relationship

In Thailand, Lara does not locate the next gauntlet, but she finds evidence that her father had retrieved it before he died. She also discovers a message that reveals her father and Natla had a working relationship which eventually soured.

tomb raider anniversary ending relationship

Lara is able to deduce where her father hid the missing gauntlet. Back at the Croft Manor, Lara finds her father's secret office buried beneath her home.

Upon his desk, Lara discovers the gauntlet as well as a tape-recorded message, warning her that Helhiem contains a powerful weapon.

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An explosion occurs and Lara's home becomes engulfed in flames, leading back to the opening events of the game. Zip tries to shoot Lara and claims that "Lara" detonated the bomb. After his death, Lara resolves to continue with her quest. Her next stop are ruins on Jan Mayen Island that correlate to Valhalla. It is here that Lara recovers Thor's Hammer.

Tomb Raider Anniversary: Last Boss, Natla fight + End

In the meantime, Zip has managed to track Amanda down to a sister-ship of the one Lara sank earlier. Armed with Mjolnir, Lara boards the vessel and interrogates Natla once again. Natla provides Lara with the coordinates of Helheim, but points out that Lara does not know the Ritual of Odinwhich is needed to open its gates, so Lara reluctantly strikes a bargain with Natla and frees her from her cell.

They rendezvous in the outer chambers of the Helheim complex, deep below the Arctic Sea. With the ritual performed, Lara is able to use Mjolnir to open the gates of Helheim.

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Along the way, Lara discovers the horrifying truth of her mother's fate — she has been turned into a thrall, thus Lara forcibly shoots her. Natla reveals the true extent of her manipulation of Lara, also revealing that she was responsible for killing Lara's father.

It is revealed that the Midgard Serpent was a Norse metaphor for the many tectonic divisions that encircle the world, beneath the seas.

The doomsday device was built upon the most unstable junction of these lines and its activation would cause massive volcanic activity across the whole planet and the destruction of most of humanity. Lara successfully destabilizes the device and strikes Natla with Mjolnir, sending her down into the pool of deadly eitr below.

Lara and Amanda escape together using the dais, like the one that brought Lara's mother to Helheim, teleporting back to the temple in Nepal from Tomb Raider: