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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC . Also if you remember what Joshua said at the ending - he's ALWAYS seen and even the depth of the Estelle- Joshua relationship becomes apparent over time from just SC. The Legend of Heroes: Trails In the Sky, (Sora no Kiseki or Legend of Heroes can leave you a bit weak for the showdowns which await you at the end of SC). (Or played either Trails in the Sky games, for a minor mention) I loved the whole Estelle/Joshua arc throughout FC and SC. But since any of them can be with Rean by the end, I'm concerned that it won't be as fleshed out.

This also extends to minor characters like Aina. The 3rd as a whole could be seen as this for Kevin, graduating from major supporting character to protagonist. All in a Row: Your party travels like this, which can actually be a nuisance when you have four people in it, since it takes a second or two for your party-members to follow the path you took, meaning a monster you dodged can still nail one of the tailing members of your party and draw you into battle.

Cassius Bright, he's the strongest Bracer in Liberl, an ex- Master Swordsmanalmost a resident Mary Tzuhe managed to Curb Stomp the final boss of FC, the earth trembles when he spins his rod, second strongest character in the trilogy after Loewe according to the authorin fact he's so broken the Big Bad 's plan is to set up a disaster in a different country so Cassius wouldn't disturb his plan.

He is considered such a Memetic Badass that the primary villain of FC honestly believed that if Cassius hadn't left the army, his plan to launch a coup and militarize Liberl to deter their more powerful neighbors from considering invasion would not have been necessary. Interestingly, though, he doesn't see himself this way; as far as he's concerned, he's a gigantic fuckup who deserves to live the life of an outcast because of what he failed to do They are not related Loewe was the boyfriend of Joshua's now deceased older sister but the dynamic is the same.

Cassius, no matter how many great deeds Estelle has done to save the world, Cassius always managed to top everything that she and her party has done, then again we're talking about Cassius here The Ravens find Kloe's sudden transformation to Action Girl to be "so hot".

They also feel this way about Estelle in SC, after she beats the snot out of them during the Grancel tournament in FC. Applies somewhat, though as the series takes place only fifty years into the Orbal Revolution the setting is more analogous to the late 19th or early 20th century than modern times.

There are automobile analogues, flying ships, guns and even laptops well, briefcase-tops, Tita has onebut out of sixteen playable characters between the three chapters, only three use guns, with most of the other characters preferring melee weapons and the only other ranged user uses a crossbow. Okay, Tita uses enough gun to count for an entire party, but still. Kind of justified in-universe, Orbal guns shoot out Orbal energy, not bullets, thus much less damaging to humans than Real Life guns.

Specially made guns that shoot out projectiles are around, but not very common.

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Also justified the infinite ammo They do have Petroleum oil and gunpowder in-universe, but have stopped to develop due to the Orbal revolution. So yeah, the Empire scrambling hundreds of petroleum fueled tanks with gun powder weapons really shows Osborne's conspiracy to take over Liberl. She uses her laptop to aim and shoot the cannon for starters Ancient Conspiracy: Third, in particular, implies that Ouroboros has been around for a long time.

It's also got a lot of Illuminati-esque trappings, with the small number of high-powered operatives and fingers in every pie. It's often called The Society for short. The space where Aureole was sealed away for years, containing some rather creepy monsters. The four Towers exist simultaneously in the normal world and the other dimension and the latter is where all the machines that maintains the seal on Aureole are contained.

Also Phantasma is one of these that was created by Aureole. Anguished Declaration of Love: At the end of FC, Joshua tells Estelle of his past and explains his intentions to disappear from her life forever.

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Her response is an angry and tearful confession of her love for him, something she'd grappled with for much of the latter half of the game. They wind up sharing their first kiss Most such items heal multiple effects and restore some HP in the process, making them quite useful. Also, status effects can be extremely debilitating and item use has no charge time unlike Arts. Poison in particular was designed to avert this because it harms you after every turn and the turn you select an Art counts so healing yourself with an item is actually the safer option.

However, the XP needed to gain a level tends to be much lower than in other Falcom games Such as Ysso it's still possible to gain a few levels over the course of the game even when everything only provides 1 XP.

How did you know about this place, Colonel? Remembering it will get you bonus BP. The cover art for 3rd is very different from the cover art for the previous games and the art used in the games themselves. Several popular NPCs in first two games become playable in the last installment. Kevin even becomes the main protagonist! Cassius first met Joshua when he tried to murder him and Cassius kicked his ass. Cassius claimed that the fight was a lot closer than Joshua implied, though.

Also, Cassius throughout most of the trilogy. The army of the Liberl Kingdom doesn't come across as this at first that "gate music" doesn't helpbut the special divisions like Special Ops and the Royal Guards manage to make an impact in FC, and the entire army steps up to the plate magnificently in SC. Estelle may also count as well. Loewe, in order to counter this Joshua relies on his Scarf Of Asskicking.

Olivier and Kevin wear these as well, Olivier having several over the course of the plot. Kevin is a priest of the Septian Church, which is loosely based on Christianity.

He's also one of the earlier people who join your party. Sister Carnelia, the supporting character in the eponymous story-within-a-story found on the bookshelves in the Erebonian embassy, also qualifies. At the end of the tale, she rapidly dispatches a group of Jaegers, which the game's story regards as more powerful than the heroes at the beginning of SC.

The Bad Guy Wins: FC, on multiple levels. Not only does Richard's scheme have the desired side effect the hidden villain wanted, as part of the cleanup from the main plot, Cassius takes an extended leave of absence from the Bracers and returns to the Army, so that he can help reorganize the military to make it stronger and a greater deterrent from foreign threats, which is ultimately what the Big Bad was trying to do with his scheme, so even though his plot failed, he still got what he wanted out of it.

In SC, during the curbstomp battle with Anelace and the bracer you didn't pick, they have access to the main party's items. Slightly subverted in that while the characters lose all their items, their levels can be carried into the next game if the clear data of the previous game is present. A new model Tactical Orbment makes your old Quartz useless in SC and the plot puts Estelle in a situation where she doesn't need to carry around her Mira and Sepith.

You also start with statistically equivalent gear to the stuff you ended FC with and you retain all your Crafts so the characters haven't really 'lost' anything.

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The 3rd has a different justification for losing your things but reaches effectively the same result. The opening of The 3rd involves a running battle amidst a fancy party, culminating on center stage. The first half of the prologue of The 3rd is about Kevin completing a mission to retrieve an artifact that has absolutely nothing to the main plot of the game, which is kicked off when a simple pickup job he was instructed to do on the way home from his other mission goes awry. Kevin and Cassius come up with a way to destroy the Stigma that allows Weissman to control Joshua, but it can only be triggered by Weissmann giving a specific order.

They choose to set it to Weissmann ordering Joshua to kill Estelle, knowing that Weissmann would not be able to resist the opportunity to Kick the Dog. Estelle and Joshua basically define the trope, especially in the later parts of the story. All of Tita's weapons, starting at the level of a portable mortar and working their way up. Carna briefly wields a pretty big gun in SC. The Battle Didn't Count: The last battle with Lorence in FC goes the same way win or lose.

Just more curious on why they set things up like they did in Cold Steel versus Trails in the Sky. I mean I don't hate her, but I don't like her. I think with all the secrets the cast have, the way she hides her powers from everyone for so effing long and even by the end of the game, she STILL doesn't really explain anything.

She doesn't even explain to rean what she knows about rean's chest- condition for heaven's sake! Now I imagine she has some reasons for keeping some stuff secret But given how nobody knows about them within her class, those people, if they exist, are clearly a secret as well.

Question About Relationships In Trails Of Cold Steel *spoilers All Over*

So she could at least explain stuff like rean's condition to rean or whatever without fear of being hunted by whoever. Also why does she lie about her relationship with the cat for so long? I mean sure the cat is probably not technically 'hers' though it's even possible it is her familiar like traditional witches but I don't think that's the case herebut she definately beats around the bush and flat out lies by omission there too Hell, even the bloody cat itself is more open than emma by the end of the game!

I like Emma, but I agree with you about her keeping her secrets for way too long.