Vlr phi ending relationship

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vlr phi ending relationship

I love Phi and Siggy's relationship Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward I thought she was more of a love interest, pre-true ending June-type. (ID Card with Password) Quark's Ending; (Lock 8) Phi Ending #1 (Cyan, Betray, " Yes" (Red), Betray); (Lock 10) Luna's Ending. Thus, the Phi in the pod is Phi (the one we played VLR with), but the one Now, in the young Akane ending, it's Sigma talking with Akane. It's completely plausible that her relationship with the ZET (Zero Escape.

Their goal is to escape from the building. However, they find themselves enrolled in a game known as the Nonary Game: A player is allowed to leave the warehouse through the Number Nine Door only if they possess nine or more BP; however, if a player's BP reaches zero, they are killed by a lethal tubocurarine injection. Branching timelines Throughout the Nonary Game's many branching timelines, Phi remains relatively close to Sigma.

In Luna's timeline, K claims that he felt a connection to Phi, and that he felt that they are both similar somehow, however Phi disagrees with this saying that she did not give him permission to have a connection.

This may be because they are half siblings. Also, when Sigma fails to deactivate the antimatter bombsPhi claims that he was very familiar to her. Phi's bloody corpse after her suicide. She merely stares at Sigma with a dead look in her eyes and body and does not respond to Sigma's questions.

Throughout the game, it is revealed that, like Sigma, Phi is an Esper and has the ability to send her conscious mind through alternate timelines, albeit not as skillfully as he can. She cannot freely choose to jump between timelines, nor can she completely retain her memories when she jumps as easily as he can. After she tells Sigma about the Prisoner's Dilemmahe betrays Alice who picked ally, much to his surprise, as he remembered in another timeline, Alice picked betray and they had picked ally, with her stating that picking ally was a foolish choice.

After escaping, she betrays Sigma and Luna in the AB Game, who ally, wanting revenge for an alternative timeline where she picked ally, but Sigma betrayed her. Sigma eventually remembers this and is able to convince Phi not to leave, partially due to her wanting to know the truth about the game, much to the relief of the others. At the infirmarySigma remembers other timelines and remembers Dio owning the bombs. He tricks him into admitting it, Dio pulls out the detonator and has everyone move back, except for Tenmyouji who kicks him.

This causes the detonator to move one meter away from Dio, putting it on countdown mode. Using the other timelines, Sigma and Phi are able to remember the bomb locations except from Bomb 0, but Sigma successfully deduces a possible location and passwords, deactivating the bombs with a minute to spare.

It is learned that Phi was recruited as a part of the AB Project due to her latent power in jumping between timelines. Past Phi knocks out Dio with a drop kick. Phi and Sigma jump back into the past, one hour before the start of the Nonary Game, to prevent Dio from killing Akane.

By saving her, they altered the past, bringing a new future. Akane ties a key to Sigma around his ankle, just before he is forcibly pushed back into the future. Upon leaving the facility, they find out from Tenmyouji that they were on the Moon and that the current date is January 25th, He also explains that Radical-6 caused 18 antimatter reactors to explodewhich caused a nuclear winter.

Luna reveals Phi was infected with Radical The reason for this was to further speed up the development of Phi's SHIFT ability and send her consciousness to the past. Sigma leads everyone to the B.

Gardenwhere he unlocks the grave. A treatment pod appears, presumably holding Akane. However, it must defrost for a while before it can be opened. While they wait, K explains about everyone's importance in the Nonary Game. When K finishes, the pod opens, revealing a Sigma clone. Everyone is confused who he is, saying that they've never seen anyone like him before. Sigma tries to get everyone to stop playing around, but no one seems to be joking.

Panicking, Sigma finds a small pond in the garden and looks at his reflection. Shocked, Sigma discovers his year old mind in an older version of himself. Suddenly, K sheds his armor showing that, in this timeline, K was actually Akane. Phi about to be stabbed by Akane's knife. Akane explains that this was all a part of the AB Plan and that his current young mind switched places with his older mind. Akane explains that Sigma was there to develop his time jumping abilities along with Phi.

With his training complete, Akane tells Sigma that it is his time to return to his past body. Akane then proceeds to attack Phi with the knife she recovered earlier from Dio. Sigma throws himself in front of Phi to protect her and is seemingly stabbed, but Akane merely hits him with the handle of the blade.

Regardless, Sigma's and Phi's minds return to the past to April 13th, Phi is asked by? It is also revealed her consciousness went back to the past along with Sigma's when Akane attacked her. She then says that she is sort of an X factor in all of this.

She is suspicious of how? During the Mars Mission Test, she approached one of the women participating in the experiment with her, Diana. Out of the blue, she asked Diana if she could hug her.

As she embraced her, something about Diana's scent seemed familiar to her. Phi is trapped in Ward D in the Underground Shelter. Utilizing a bomb from Manufacturing, they decide to follow through with their plan. However, after placing the bomb and running back to the Lounge, Zero appears on the monitor and informs them that Q-Team is on the other side of the door in the Decontamination Room, and that they will die if they do nothing.

When they head back in, they find a protective suit, and that the showers containing hydroflouric acid have been turned on. Diana and Phi run, but Sigma stays behind. He fails to stop the bomb, and as such, is unable to escape the blast and loses his right eye as well as both of his arms in the process. Phi and Diana managed to bandage himself up and the three use the newly created hole into the elevator shaft where they find Q-Team dead. Mira dying as she injects Phi with Radical As Phi checks Mira, it turns out that she was still barely alive and Mira injects Phi with a vial she received from the Biolab containing Radical-6 before she dies.

They then head back to Warehouse B and find Dio and Phi waiting there.

vlr phi ending relationship

They tell them about what they found in the Treatment Center. However, Clover and Tenmyouji do not show up. Sigma then leads them to the Rec Room to check their bracelets for blood.

However, Dio refuses to show them his bracelet and tries to run off. He is stopped by K and reveals that Dio's bracelet is glowing. Dio then admits to killing Akane Kurashiki and stealing her bracelet. He claims that he did not kill Alice and Luna. Sigma decides to lock Dio in one of the treatment pods until the Chromatic Doors open. K resting in the lounge. Sigma, Phi, and K head back to Warehouse B.

They don't find Clover and Tenmyouji there so they go to floor A to find them. Phi stays on Floor B to search for them. Upon arriving at the LoungeK suddenly says he has regained some of his memories. He explains to Sigma his life on Rhizome 9 and about his father's project. Soon after, K decides to lie down on the sofa and Sigma continues searching for them.

vlr phi ending relationship

Dio, suffocated to death by K. K then takes off his armor and heads down to the Treatment Center to kill Dio. He turns the oxygen off in Dio's pod, asphyxiating him. He returns back to the Lounge. He is then woken up by Sigma and Phi saying that someone killed Dio.

In the Treatment Center, K destroys Dio's bracelet. K wanted to test his father, Doctor Klim's, love and created a situation where there are two choices. Of course, he did it with the possibility in mind that Sigma would find the antidote and return. K put Sigma to the test and wanted to see whether his father would save him or Phi, although K seems to forget the injection gun can't pierce his armor.

In addition, Sigma's consciousness would technically be young Sigma, so there would be no way that he would know the relationship between Doctor Klim and Kyle. K unmasked to be Kyle. Sigma runs back to the Treatment Center to get the neostigmine that Dio had. However, the doors close upon his return.

Sigma, K, and Phi are injected with Soporil. Sigma is able to give the neostigmine to Phi, saving her life. He then figures out that K killed Dio because his suit is unlocked. K says he killed Dio to avenge Akane's death and reveals that he lived in the facility his whole life.

Sigma then pulls K's mask off revealing his face. Soon after, Sigma and K are killed by the tubocurarine. K revealed to be Akane Kurashiki. In this timeline, since Sigma and Phi jumped through time to save Akane before the Nonary Game began, rather than her dying as with the previous timelines, she survived.

Since she survived, she placed K in the Treatment Pod in the B. Garden and wore K's armor and played the Nonary Game in his place mimicking his personality.

After the Nonary Game ended, Sigma and the others opened a pod which contained a clone of Sigma, which led Sigma to deduce that the person inside of K's armor is Akane. She later reveals that the clone's name is Kyle and that he is Sigma's son. Another Time Kyle's body not consciousness awakens in the Infirmary after Sigma and Phi are 'sent back'.

His amnesia is mysteriously gone. He then talks to Phi, whose consciousness has 'returned' from her mission in the past after it had failed. She refuses to talk about it with Kyle, explaining that if she did, it could change history and any chance of the mission succeeding would disappear.

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This is later substantiated by Akane, who claims that "Kyle's" consciousness is not that of Kyle Klimbut of a mysterious uncontrolled force. However, Kyle's consciousness does not seem to appear in Zero Time Dilemma. This, along with the lack of acknowledgement of? There has been no official explanation as to why Kyle does not seem to appear in Zero Time Dilemma, although it is implied it was because not everyone unlocked Another Time END. Kyle is only mentioned once in the entire game, in the timeline following not pressing the button in the Healing Room.

After being stabbed, Sigma laments with his dying words that Kyle, Lagomorph and Luna will not to be born in that world. Due to the game's treatment of multiple history theory, is it possible Kyle still exists in the Virtue's Last Reward timeline instead of having his existence erased entirely.

I have no idea where I am, who I am, or even what day it is. Clearly I don't deserve to be trusted. Your reasoning is correct.

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This deer must have phased halfway through the wall and then gotten stuck! Look at me go! She showed me how to see How to see meaning in my life There was a promotional game released prior to Virtue's Last Reward in Japan, involving slapping or groping Clover's breasts as quickly as possible to "open the door". The third and last stage is intended to be almost impossible without an autoclicker, but if it is completed, Clover's bra will fall off and her face will be K's.

It is available to play at this link. K is absent in the suicide scene, and his armor would prevent him from killing himself with a scalpel. This ending occurs in a route in which both Sigma and Akane are dead, but Luna is pretending to be dead, so it is possible that Luna would re-activate and assist K. It is possible that K was looking for another way to kill himself. Additionally, K's absence would likely fool the player into believing he was the murderer. Tu Fui, Ego Eris.

On Kyle's grave in the B. This relates strongly to the themes of Virtue's Last Reward. Kyle's favorite food is mooncake. K only accompanies Sigma to one escape room in the game.

In all endings, K will have 6 BP by the end of the first round. This may or may not be a reference, as K is six letters away from Q, which is the final escape room in the game.

But, on December 22nd, they were kidnapped by Zero and forced into the Nonary Game. Injection gun containing Neostigmine. Clover says that she has been sending messages to Light ever since she woke up, but to no avail. She speculates that if there was another esper with stronger powers than her among the group, they would be able to absorb her powers to strengthen their own.

Sigma asks her when the virus was to be released, but Clover gives a vague answer, stating that she, Alice, and Sigma given his date of being kidnappedmay have been frozen in cold sleep when the pandemic was released. She says that the objective of the terrorist organization was to purify the unclean, the word "clean" reminding her of a drug called "neostigmine".

She tells Sigma that neostigmine can be used to counteract the tubocurarine muscle relaxant in the player's bracelet, which means someone with less than 9 BP can leave with someone with 9 BP or more.

Clover runs out to tell the others, and Sigma chases after her. He sees Phi on the first floor of the PEC staring blankly straight ahead. After talking to her and finding her mostly unresponsive, Sigma asks her where Clover is and Phi points in the direction that the girl went. Sigma looks around for a while, and though he finds Quark still asleep, he is unable to encounter anyone else. Sigma discovers a mass suicide. Sigma then enters the infirmary to find Alice, Clover, Tenmyouji, Luna, Dio, and Phi dead in a pool of blood K's missingthe group having succumbed to Radical Sigma sees a nearby scalpel, which was obviously the weapon, only to succumb to the symptoms himself.

Lifting the scalpel to his throat, Sigma slices it and kills himself. The scalpel everyone used to kill themselves. This ending is probably the most gruesome in the game, as Sigma witnesses almost every character dead.

This is very similar to the Submarine Ending in The only exception is Quark, who would remain in the pod, and eventually die from the penalty. K's missing appearance among the dead might have been used to trick the player into thinking K killed everyone else. Most likely, he had looked for another way to kill himself, through his armor. Alice in the AB Room.

A bit disappointed about the ending... (HUGE spoilers)

In this ending, Sigma and Luna betray Alice who should have still been unconscious and she betrays you also. It is later found that everyone had betrayed each other.

Alice turns up in the AB Room and says that she got up after she was given the Axelavir and anesthetic, as she was less susceptible to them and voted betray, thinking that Sigma would try and get a few easy points. Everyone then leaves to go to different places, and Sigma goes to examine the data he had found on a memory card next to the bomb.

vlr phi ending relationship

The purple memory card Clover found in the Laboratory. He inserts it into the side of the screen in the Infirmary TV monitor and a message appears: He asks Alice to tell him more about the Myrmidons, but she leaps up and runs off. He follows her to the B. She then asks if he hates her, because she tried to kill him, and that she was scared of dying.

She then says if he doesn't tell Clover she had cried, then she would tell him everything about herself. Alice regrets almost killing Sigma. She explains to Sigma about her past as a child. She explains her father was kidnapped by the Myrmidons and that she was raised by only her mother. She tells that she excelled in math, got a full ride scholarship to college, and got a job at SOIS Special Office of Internal Security in order to track down her lost father.

She got a tip that members of Free the Soul were located at an abandoned facility in the desert and drove to the building. Along the way, her car broke down, and as she was figuring out what to do, she met Clover, who was leaving that exact facility with what looked like 4 others.

Clover told Alice that they were trying to track down the ones who trapped them there, and Alice decided to tag along. Though their efforts were not rewarded, the two became great friends. Alice got another tip of what may have been the Myrmidon stronghold from her bosses. However, it ended up in failure as it was a set up. Clover was captured and all the conspirators that were dressed up as researchers disappeared. When Alice went to rescue Clover, next to Clover was the body of her father.

Upon further examination, it was found that they had beaten him to death. Alice pledged to herself that she would avenge her father. The code on the memory card. After she finishes the explanation, she began discussing the code found previously. When Alice says that the key to breaking the code is normally a long line of numbers, Sigma remembers the key From Dio-END to crack it.

After revealing this to Alice, Sigma remembers that Dio is the leader of the Myrmidons, and must have planted the bombs. After being interrupted by Clover, who mentions a fight between Phi, Tenmyouji, and Dio, the two head back inside. Sigma interrupts the fight by saying that he knows who planted the bombs, insisting that they will admit their guilt shortly.

Sigma proceeds to use his knowledge about Dio's mission, the Myrmidons, and Free the Soul to trick Dio into thinking that Sigma was sent by Brother. Sigma is successful in goading Dio into admitting that Brother trusts him and that Dio is the leader of the Myrmidons. Alice charges towards Dio, who pulls out the detonator. Alice coordinates with Clover to get the detonator away from Dio.

This sets the bombs on a 30 minute timer, which happens to be the amount of time until the white chromatic doors open. Alice attempts to break Dio's arm to get him to reveal the location of the input device for the bomb deactivation codes.

Instead, Dio tricks Clover into giving him the poison pill hidden in his coat. Dio admits that he lost the input device in his couch at home before giving Sigma the code for bomb 3.

vlr phi ending relationship

Dio succumbs to the poison, and the remaining players search in vain for bombs 1 and 2, the input device, or the deactivation codes.

The white chromatic doors open and the bombs explode, killing everyone in Rhizome 9. Sigma's hand with a mysterious white liquid. She and Sigma go to the garden and talk about her background. Luna also catches Sigma in a paradox: Luna also suggests that the white blood coming from Sigma's palm could indicate that he is a robot and has been in the facility for a long period of time, which would explain his knowledge about the garden. Sigma is surprised that he isn't shocked by this information.

Sigma accuses Dio of planting the bombs. The bombs are discovered in the facility, and Sigma announces that he knows Dio planted the bombs with a Phoenix Wright signature pointalthough he isn't sure how.

The others tackle Dio, but accidentally separate the detonator from him, activating the bombs' 30 minute fail safe. Dio reveals the password for bomb 2 and attempts to consume his poison pill.

Sigma holds Dio down until Luna sedates him. Sigma's test results reveal he is human but has cyberkinetic arms. Sigma is surprised by this, but allows her to scan him since she waited for him for that reason. The 5 minute scan reveals that Sigma is not a robot, but he does have cybernetic arms, although neither can say how he got them. Sigma and Luna talk briefly, until Luna points out there is only one minute left before the bombs explode.

Luna tells Sigma that she was told to tell Sigma to remember something, and Sigma is baffled - how can he remember something when he's about to die? Luna gives the first code for the two-headed lion, and then, as the bombs finally explode, wishes that she'll "see Sigma again, somehow. A hologram of Akane Kurashiki.