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So I saw A Matter of Loaf and Death on Christmas Eve, and all of a sudden I found myself interested in Wallace and Gromit again. . drifted away; and the relationship with Piella Bakewell ended badly, for obvious reasons. "Wallace and Gromit in 'A Matter of Loaf and Death'" however does what all to mention the ending, it was hilarious, with Wallace shouting "Gromit I've got a . And seriously, didn't anyone else find Fluffie's relationship with Gromit sweet?. While Wallace and Gromit are as likable and fun to watch as ever, the producers seem to have End Facebook Pixel Code --> relationship becomes strained as a result; Wallace comes around; a big p>A Matter of Loaf and Death is only half an hour in length, so the extras.

Gromit becomes suspicious after testing the bicycle brakes and noticing that they work perfectly fine, but Wallace is smitten with Piella. A whirlwind romance ensues.

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Gromit quickly comes to resent Piella for her demanding and controlling relationship with Wallace and insistence on decorating the house including Gromit's room. He does however befriend Fluffles, realising that she has been poorly treated by Piella. When Piella leaves her purse at the house, Wallace asks Gromit to return it. Upon arriving at Piella's affluent mansion, Gromit discovers photographs of Piella with the twelve murdered bakers.

To his horror, Gromit deduces that Piella is the " Cereal Killer " as he discovers a picture with Wallace as her apparent intended thirteenth victim, thus completing a " baker's dozen ". Gromit escapes the house after narrowly avoiding Piella. As Wallace remains oblivious to the danger he's in, Gromit attempts to thwart Piella by installing an airport-style metal detector in their home, locking all their knives in the garden shed, and checking the soup she had brought with her for poison.

Piella tricks Wallace into thinking that Gromit bit her and persuades him to chain Gromit up. Anyways, I get home on the evening of the 25th. Christmas night, tired, full of nice food and drink from the day's festivities, but my mind was just as active as it always is. I got out my Fan Fiction journal, and began writing this story.

It took me until 2am New Year's Day to finish writing it up Also of note is that this is only the second fanfic I have ever actually completed. No kidding, nearly all of the other ones I have stashed away are nowhere near finished.

Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death

It's cheesy in places no pun intendedand the whole thing's a little rushed to me, but it's the best I could do. Something terrible would probably happen if I didn't receive feedback.

Or rather, the skyline. West Wallaby Street didn't have much in the way of dramatic views, and the smog put a slightly dull air on things, but nonetheless it was always nice to watch a sunset on a summer day such as this one. He was sitting out on the grass in the front yard of number 62, where he and Wallace had spent the better part of their lives. The inventor had, in the past few months, given up on the bakery business they had been operating — in keeping with their past ventures.

Wallace, being the indecisive man he was, simply said that he desired a "new challenge". Whatever he was hammering away at in the basement, this typical change of direction was good news for Gromit, as he was able to grab the very ripe chance of some free time. What little of that he had was usually spent combing through the pages of the various 'For Dogs' guides he had stacked up in his bookcase, or minding his master to make sure he didn't have an accident and deal himself a whack on the head.

The dog felt it was high time that he kick back and watch a proper sunset for once, and give himself the time to think about a few things He tilted his head to one side and allowed his eyelids to droop as he filled his head with thoughts of his love.

Fluffles was her name, but it didn't do her justice. Never had Gromit seen a more beautiful creature — she was always the one with the longest eyelashes, the softest fur Gromit lay down on his stomach and propped his head up on his forepaws, still watching the sunset.

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And as much as Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park continues to shove the same old jokes about Wallace's love of cheese and his love interests' abiding un-sexiness down the audience's throats, it somehow never gets old.

It's a testament, really, to what perfectly conceived characters Wallace and Gromit are. Wallace, with his calming Northern accent and caravaner-meets-mad-professor set of interests, seems like such a real character that it's hard to believe he's made out of clay.

And Gromit, with his unending loyalty to his dimwitted master, and his mix of intellectual curiosity and practical competence, is a perfect Sancho to Wallace's small-town Don Quixote. At the same time, however, the Wallace and Gromit franchise seems to be running out of steam. The first Wallace and Gromit film, A Grand Day Out was a surreal little piece about Wallace's quest to find cheese by building a home-made rocket and flying to the moon, where the heroes meet an intelligent, skiing obsessed vending machine.

The Wrong Trousers, conversely, was a distinctly different caper story about Gromit's attempts to thwart an evil penguin who uses an unknowing Wallace to pull-off major crimes, placing the familiar characters from the first film in a new situation. Third film A Close Shave added the new elements of a love interest for Wallace and the application of the duos invention skills to a business plan, but 's The Curse of the Were-Rabbit seemed to just be re-hashing ideas from the previous two movies but in a feature-length format.

And A Matter of Loaf and Death adds little to this oft-repeated formula. Wallace and Gromit start a business; that business brings them into contact with some sort of bad guy; Wallace meets someone special; Gromit finds out that that someone is actually connected to or is the bad guy; Wallace doesn't believe him and his and Gromit's relationship becomes strained as a result; Wallace comes around; a big battle ensues; and finally, the good guys win and Wallace and Gromit go back to their usual domestic bliss.

Were-Rabbit and Loaf and Death do bring one new element to the mix, but one that's not necessarily welcome. Were-Rabbit, by parodying the Harry Potter series, brought direct pop-culture references into the comedy of Wallace and Gromit, while the earlier films had focused more on oblique allusions to general classic-movie themes and relied more on the details of middle-class British life for their depth and their laughs.

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