Wheel of time rand ending a relationship

A Bittersweet Fountain: An Ending: Rand al'Thor

wheel of time rand ending a relationship

EWoT: Rand al'Thor Rand al'Thor born in the year NE on the slopes of Likewise, he and Elayne Trakand share no close blood relationship, despite having a NE, during the famous battle at the end of the Aiel War, on the slopes of. 32 quotes have been tagged as wheel-of-time: Robert Jordan: 'He was swimming tags: al-thor, humor, jordan, mat, nerim, rand, robert, wheel-of-time If the world's ending, a woman will take the time to tell a man something he's done wrong. . Knowledge Quotes k; Relationships Quotes k; Motivational Quotes 9k. Or does the series end with one of those harem endings where he doesnt choose ? Anyone who has ever been in a relationship can see that Min is the I imagine that over time Elayne and Avi's romantic love for Rand will.

He is mocked for this and realizes he will get no answers. In response, and utterly level-headed about it, he shears off one of the Shaido's hands and threatens to remove all their hands and feet and leave them as beggars in a village unless they talk. Not waiting to find out what happens, he leaves and walks off into the forest where he hurls his axe into a tree. Elyas Machera questions whether Perrin did this because he liked what he had done to the Shaido, but Perrin tells him it's because of his fears.

He feels alive in battle and is terrified that he may come to feel the same about using the axe in other situations, something he cannot allow. After the battle at Malden, Perrin realizes how he has failed the people following him.

He starts to enter the wolf dream more often in an attempt to learn what he needs. He reaches out to Hopper to help teach him, but Hopper refuses until Perrin starts to think first before leaping.

There they come across an area all infected by the Blight. Perrin orders the Wise One's to burn it. He then holds a meeting to decide what to do with all the refugees. He sends a group to Cairhien to look for Rand. He also tells Wil to burn all the wolfhead banners and gets in trouble with Morgase Trakand when he tries to marry her to Martyn Tallanvor. He then encounters the Children of the Light, led by Galad Damodred. The Whitecloaks demand a battle, due to Perrin's murder of two Children two years prior and the accusation of being a Shadowspawn.

Perrin wishes to avoid battle and convinces Galad to give him a fair trial, judged by Queen Morgase, who he finds out has being posing as Maighdin. At the trial, which is solely judging Perrin's guilt of the deaths of those two Children, Morgase deems him innocent of murder, but guilty of killing illegally, as the Whitecloaks were acting as a mercenary group in Andor, illegally.

The sentence is given to Galad to decide, but Galad holds off on announcing it, agreeing to let Perrin fight at Tarmon Gaiden before accepting it. Meanwhile, Perrin had been training with Hopper in the Wolf Dream, which he finds out is actually the world of dreams for everyone. During this time, Perrin learns to control the dream while also finding the balance between himself and the wolf inside of him.

In one training session, Perrin leads a group of wolves on the hunt of a white stag. As Perrin goes in for the kill he is knocked away by Hopper, who informs him that if he kills it here, it will die the last death.

wheel of time rand ending a relationship

During another training session, Hopper takes Perrin to Caemlyn in the wolf dream. There he shows Perrin the nightmares of the humans who dream in that place and how Perrin can use these as a tactic to use against Slayer.

Then they both shift to Dragonmount where all the other wolves have gathered. Perrin continues to travel to the pinnacle where he finds Rand struggling against the Dark Ones influence. He witnesses a dark essence just about to take over Rand before he has his epiphany and breaks free, creating a gap in the gathered storm clouds above.

wheel of time rand ending a relationship

Perrin and Hopper discover that Slayer has created a large, purple dome around Perrin's camp, visible only in the dream world, which is preventing them from Traveling in the real world. Perrin confronts Slayer and finds the device creating the barrier - a Dreamspike ter'angreal. Perrin takes the spike and begins fleeing with, removing the barrier from around the camp and letting his army Travel again.

wheel of time rand ending a relationship

With Slayer in close pursuit of Perrin, he takes the confrontation to Tar Valon. It is here where Perrin and Slayer engage in an intense game of cat-and-mouse. Slayer manages to seize the Dreamspike from Perrin.

Perrin accidentally stumbles on the battle between Egwene and her allies and the Black Ajah inside Tel'aran'riod. Egwene tries, and fails, to bind Perrin in chains for his own safety.

He breaks through with ease, noting the difference in strength between them in the World of Dreams. Perrin then saves Egwene from a balefire attack, much to her bewilderment, and resumes the fight with Slayer. Slayer shoots Hopper with an arrow, dealing a killing blow. Enraged, Perrin knocks Slayer into a nightmare coming from the White Tower, where Perrin is more skilled due to his training with Hopper.

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Perrin manages to steal the Dreamspike back, stabbing Slayer, and throwing the ter'angreal into a rift of lava, destroying the item for good. Perrin then flees after a painful final parting with Hopper.

After he awakens, Perrin's army Travels away from the proximity of the Whitecloak army. In order to ease his own mind and distract him, Perrin begins working in the forge. Neald keeps the metal hot with saidin while he works, and Perrin comes to realize that he has the responsibility to lead these people, whether he ever wanted to or not.

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When he's done forging, he finds that he's created a large battle hammer and that Neald had used saidin to align the matrixcreating the first power-wrought weapon in centuries, which Perrin names Mah'alleinir. This fulfills the Prophecy of the Wolf King. Perrin realizes that the barrier created by Slayer was a trap to make his army vulnerable to a Trolloc attack, which is about to let loose on Galad's Whitecloaks.

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He reluctantly rescinded the order to kill Rand as Rand was planning to cleanse saidin. He did not participate in the Battle near Shadar Logoth. He set up a meeting in Tel'aran'rhiodwhich was made to look like the Ansaline Gardenswhere he told the other Chosen to leave Rand for him alone. Mat and Perrin were to be found and killed however. He also wanted to find out who was masquerading as Sammael and sent tens of thousands of Trollocs into the Ways.

Later he set up a meeting between Mesaana and Demandredand rewarded Graendal by allowing her to overhear this meeting. During the meeting Graendal spotted that his left hand seemed stiff and causing him pain, the same hand Rand lost recently. He forbade any rescue attempt for Semirhage as her punishment for trying to kill Rand. Unscheduled meeting Edit While dreaming one night, Rand found himself in one of Moridin's dreamshardstheir link to one another having pulled him there without either he or Moridin willing it.

Upon seeing Moridin, Rand immediately reasoned that Moridin was the reincarnation of Ishamael, and was angered and horrified to learn that others amongst the Forsaken might have been resurrected as well.

However, during a relatively genial chat with Rand, Moridin informed him that the only way to ensure one of the Dark One's servants remained dead was to kill them with balefire.

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He also expounded slightly on the connection he shared with Rand, though he admitted to not understanding it. The two of them discussed the timelessness of Rand's struggle and Moridin's belief in its ultimate futility. He also revealed that he was feeling exhausted, and wondered out loud whether the exhaustion he felt was Rand's or his own.

He also mentioned to Rand that he believed that he knew the truth about the Dark One's intentions - that the Dark One intended to destroy creation forever. He went on to cite his contempt for the other Forsaken, mocking them for believing that they would receive eternal life and power. However, the idea of the end of creation seemed to please him, as he gave a laugh that had "true pleasure in it," as opposed to other, humorless laughs that he had exhibited during the conversation.

Before leaving, Moridin asked Rand why Rand had come to his dreamshard, but then speculated that it was their link that somehow drew Rand to it. When Moridin found Graendal hiding on a desolate island in the Aryth Oceanhe chastised her for her failure and for causing the death of another Chosen. She promised the death of Perrin to redeem herself, and Moridin agreed to allow her to attempt to kill him, loaning her a dreamspike and the services of Slayer.

He also showed her a prophecy of the possible death of Perrin. In doing so, he revealed that a chamber within his palace appeared to be full of powerful relics from the Age of Legends. Graendal seemed to have a very difficult time controlling her fear of him during this meeting as opposed to the last time she met with him. She also made an observation that Moridin would understand Rand's feelings of guilt for destroying her lair and its inhabitants, but did not elaborate much.

During the meeting it appeared that Moridin was able to receive commands directly from the Dark One without being at Shayol Ghul. Around this time, Moridin's attitude began to attract the attention of some of the other Forsaken as being distinctly different from that of Ishamael. Virtually all of his vindictiveness, cruelty and sadism essentially vanished, and he took to carrying out his tasks in a somewhat mechanical fashion.

More often than not he was silent and seemingly detached. Slayer later spotted Moridin in the Town on some unknown business and recalled when Moridin first entered the Town and obliterated at least a dozen of the Samma N'Sei when they attacked him, not knowing who he was. The final plan Edit As the end grew nigh, Moridin gathered the last of the Chosen within one of his dreamshards. Moghedien was given back her cour'souvra with the warning to not fail again, after which Moridin revealed two unfamiliar looking Chosen.

One of them was Mazrim Taimnow renamed M'Hael, and the unfamiliar female Chosen present was named Hessalam ; Graendal in a new body. At the meeting, Moghedien was placed under Demandred's command, and Moridin gave Demandred overall command of the Shadow's forces at the Last Battle. Moridin then demanded that all other plots and plans by the Chosen were to be concluded and that they were to unite for the Last battle against the forces of the Light. Once Rand arrived, the two of them engaged in a swordfight in the now lava-less Pit of Doom next to what appeared to be a hole in the fabric of the Pattern.

Rand eventually touched this hole with his foot, which froze both of them in place while Rand confronted the Dark One himself outside of reality. When Rand managed to overcome the horrors of the Dark One's assault, Moridin stabbed Alanna in the heart in the hopes Rand would lose control when his Aes Sedai died. However, Alanna was able to remove her bond to Rand before she died, so Moridin then stabbed himself in the right hand, knowing that his connection to Rand would cause him to drop Callandor.

When Moridin picked up the sword to attack Rand, he realized that it was not only a saidin sa'angrealbut that it could amplify the True Power as well. But when he attempted to use it against Rand, Nynaeve and Moiraine used Callandor's flaw to trap him in a link with them. Wielding Callandor, Moridin was able to draw so much of the True Power that the Dark One was not able to cut off his access to it, and Rand used the link to funnel the True Power, saidarand saidininto the Dark One's prison.

Using the True Power to shield both halves of the One Power from any attempt by the Dark One to taint them again, Rand combined both halves of the One Power to restore the original integrity of the Dark One's prison. Dying, Rand managed to bring Moridin out with him as the cave collapsed. They were both moved to the camp by Shayol Ghul for healing.