Zero escape virtues last reward laboratory ending relationship

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zero escape virtues last reward laboratory ending relationship

Laboratory. The laboratory unlocks some of the story locks so it is listed here. Path: Yellow, Ally, Red Unlocks: Lock 2, Lock 4. For Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I love Phi and Siggy's relationship". 18 Days Later: My Review of Virtue's Last Reward (Spoilers!) After the K ending, I guessed that old Sigma was his "dad," and that K Also, about halfway through the game, I wondered about Tenmyouji and his connection to Akane. .. but you can't say the same about the Director's Office for Quark (and I.

Sigma would like to do just that, but he wonders aloud if K won't betray him and get the 3 points he needs to open the number nine door and escape. K tells him that, even if he reached 9 BP by betraying him, he would not escape. So he indeed does pick "betray" and, much to the surprise of Sigma, K breaks his promise and gets out of the facility.

He never explicitly says "I lied", but he pretty much admits he did by acknowledging he took advantage of Sigma's trust. Justified, since he was a lab experiment all of childhood and apparently never learnt much of the outside world. In his bad ending he tricks Sigma into picking "ally", and then betrays him both in voting and by breaking his promise not to leave. K can be taken one of two ways - from the first and last name of Kyle Klim, or from Akane Kurashiki's last name, as well as her nickname "Kanny".

Because of this, the mechanism that locks or unlocks his armour fails to function if the armour is broken or powered-down. It's also an inversion of the usual purpose of Powered Armourwhich is to increase the natural strength of the wielder. Instead, K's armour acts as a massive training weight that will subject his body to forces equivalent to Earth-like gravitational conditions, ensuring that he does not grow up with a frail body.

If you look at the mass suicide depicted in the Clover ending, you might notice that K is missing, and suspect he is the killer.

But in reality, K was not complicit in the deaths, and had probably just been looking for a way to remove his armor so he could join them.

In K's Route, he murders Dio by cutting off the oxygen supply in his treatment pod over the death of the Mysterious Woman This results in Dio's bracelet being broken during his death throes, and thus leaving both K and Phi unable to proceed with the Nonary Game without being penalised. Word of God also states that Dio's bracelet was actually broken by K, and that he did so on a gamble to test his father's love: If Sigma got the antidote, would he save either him or Phi?

Unfortunately for him, he forgot that his father's body was inhabited by his year old consciousness and had no idea how to get K's armor off. His polite, formal and dispassionate way of speaking makes him easily mistaken for an actual robot.

In Luna's route, when Dio murders him offscreen, he manages to retaliate and kill Dio before succumbing to his own wounds.

zero escape virtues last reward laboratory ending relationship

Thou Shalt Not Kill: He is generally willing to pick betray to save himself, but betraying someone with less than 3 BP is a line he absolutely will not cross. Her medical license and expertise prove invaluable during the Nonary Game, but she is vague on what her exact discipline is.

She was specifically tasked by Akane Kurashiki to observe and support the Nonary Game. Her pacifistic nature is due to her being encoded with the Three Laws of Robotics, which prevents her from causing harm to any of the human players. Though unbeknownst to her, she has also been encoded with the Zeroth Law so that the necessary deaths in the AB Project would not cause her to shut down. Luna considers herself this; Akane ordered her not to reveal what she knows about the Nonary Game or its players.

She is programmed to die if she disobeys orders. Luna never picks "Betray", because it isn't in her nature. Beware the Nice Ones: She can be very vengeful if Sigma chooses betray against her. The latter of the two game overs on her path involves her getting Quark to safety while leaving everyone else trapped in the warehouse forever in the former game over, Tenmyouji's the one who gets Quark out instead, with Luna's whereabouts unknown.

She looks and behaves very similar to June from the game's predecessor except unlike June, Luna is not secretly the quasi-evil mastermind who set up the current Nonary Game. Which isn't surprising, considering one of her programmers is Akane herself. Aside from Akane, she's also this series equivalent to one Sora.

zero escape virtues last reward laboratory ending relationship

Both having similar dilemmas. Because of the order of the games' release however, Diana is considered the Expy of Luna while chronologically in game, it's the other way around. Though it's more tragic than horrific, the artificial skin of Luna's face degenerates as she dies in Sigma's arms in her character ending. She can't actually die due to being a robot, but Zero III forcibly shuts her off in situations where others perceive her to be dead.

One of the reasons the cast turn on Luna during her ending. It's hard to trust a robot, especially when that robot has been concealing what they are. Akane deliberately limited her knowledge of the Nonary Game to make the project's success more likely. Her necklace, which originally belonged to Dianaand which Sigma gave to her after Diana's death.

Has one in her bad ending, after Sigma betrays her. Why won't you say something? At least give me an excuse! I don't care if it's a lie. When presented to a young Kyle after he asked Dr. Klim for a mother, the child refused to acknowledge her as he saw her as just a robot who couldn't really feel.

I wonder, why in these 2 timelines the words the clone and Akane say are the same before the timelines diverge?

Virtue's Last Reward / Headscratchers - TV Tropes

It's strange that 2 different characters say identical things. You have to look at it from a fourth dimensional perspective. The idea is that they're both Akane and Kyle at the same time. Both of those possibilities exist inside that suit of armour before Sigma makes his first choice.

The reason they say the same thing is because the events are only happening once. There are not separate versions of the opening timeline, it's the one branch the splits off. It's those splits that effect's who K is. The idea is essentially that they say the same thing because while they're saying it, they're both Kyle and Akane at the same time. On another level, it would also be weird if, after having his choice, the opening events are randomly altered in everyone's heads depending on what's been chosen.

They've seen it, so it's what was said. If you want a less complex explanation I guess you could just say that Akane was purposefully saying the exact same things she knew Kyle would have said, given she's an esper and all.

And what about the key attached to Sigma's ankle? Are you telling me that if Sigma does all the things to get to the true ending, he always has the key to his ankle and that if he makes other choices, like going to the yellow door before AB Game 1, he doesn't get the key? In the timelines that Akane dies, the key is likely still on her body. Failing that, it's also possible Dio looted it as part of his contingency plan, but left the card once he learned the username and password.

Plus, it's likely Sigma would never notice the key in the first place, since the gravity of the moon would make it lighter and less intrusive. I did have a difficult time accepting that his full name is Junpei Tenmyouji.

Tenmyouji sounds a bit unusual for a Japanese surname; you would think Clover and Alice would have pressed him about it. Hell, there could have been a scenario where they would ask him about a guy named "Junpei" and he could have easily lied by telling them he's his grandson.

Tenmyouji is Japanese and, since the rest of the cast except Akane, who knew anyway aren't Japanese, they almost certainly wouldn't be familiar with Japanese family names. Alice and Clover have no reason to trust Tenmyouji or anyone else isn't Zero, so they wouldn't ask or even expect him to know about the events of without Tenmyouji raising the subject, which he wouldn't.

Then, consider the matter of his name from Tenmyouji's own perspective: Quark Tenmyouji is his grandson, and never refers to him as anything other than "Grandpa". Quark would never violate Tenmyouji's trust by betraying such a personal secret, and was probably told by Tenmyouji not to say anything while Sigma and Phi were solving the Elevator puzzle. Clover and Alice would not recognise him due to his age, and don't know his surname.

Zero ordered Tenmyouji to keep quiet about the fate of the world on the threat of his and Quark's life, and revealing his name to them would endanger Quark's life. Luna bears an uncanny resemblance to Diana, one of the Dcom participants.

Tenmyouji has no way to tell whether or not she is actually Diana, a relative, or someone unrelated. Phi to Tenmyouji, has come straight from the Dcom test site and, like Clover and Alice, wouldn't recognise his surname.

Sigma is Zero, and ordered Tenmyouji directly not to give anything away that could compromise the AB Project. From Tenmyouji's perspective, Sigma already knows who he is, as the two met 45 years prior at the Dcom site. Except Tenmyouji couldn't remember much if anything from the Dcom test site after being hit with a large dose of the memory-wiping drug.

It's certainly likely if anything that he doesn't know Zero Sr. Dio is unfamiliar to Tenmyouji, and as such doesn't need to know his name. K is Akane, who knows who Tenmyouji is. Or, in other timelines, is Kyle Klim and has amnesia. Since Tenmyouji has no way to know who K is or if his amnesia is genuine, then the safest bet for him is to use his surname.

Finally, let's not forget that Junpei Tenmyouji joined a detective agency after the events offrequently risking his life on missions and also building notoriety with Free the Soul.

That, coupled with his Japanese heritage and nearly a half-century of living in the post-apocalypse has probably influenced how often Tenmyouji has needed to use his first name in the first place. As the OP, I want to point out that this was listed under Fridge Logic because I originally intended it to be an observation than an actual question.

My point was with an unusual surname like Tenmyouji, the writers could have lampshaded it somehow. Why are some people put in treatment pods and others were called directly from Earth, i. I'm assuming you're asking "Why are some characters put in the treatment pods while others were brought from Earth".

In which case, it's because the plan requires the AB Game to be exactly how Sigma remembers it, which means it requires Tenmyouji to be an old man, but Clover and Alice to be young, so Sigma put them in the treatment pods to freeze them. It's also possible that Clover and Alice don't survive the Radical-6 outbreak - just look at how often Alice succumbs to the disease in the Nonary Game.

An unused vote in the AB game defaults to "Ally". Why does nobody ever even suggest people voluntarily staying out of the AB rooms to help maximize trust in the votes? Yes, the additional rules state that, at least starting with the second AB game, one in every voting pair needs to cast a vote and some participants would understandably oppose it, but it is still a valid strategy and it's weird nobody brings it up as a possibility. This actually is suggested by Phi in Tenmyouji's ending, Tenmyouji in Clover's ending and several other times.

Predictably, it was immediately shot down, since the cast sans Luna can't stop betraying each other. Why does Dio never attempt to sow chaos into the group? Considering his goal, this should be the first thing he plans to do once he plants the bombs, but he never does anything of the sort. It's not like there aren't any chances, either. He could say that no, the Radical-6 newspaper isn't fake and proceed to explain everything that's really been going on or even lie to make it seem worse than it isbut he just denies its existence and plays along with everyone else.

Instead, his attempts to disrupt the game amount to The preponderance of evidence seems to indicate that Dio is a complete idiot, but doing so would blow his cover. Dio "snuck" into the facility, and that information would immediately give away his identity. Why doesn't Sigma ever read the files he finds in the safe? Why doesn't he ever share them? The other characters react to him inputting that password, and some even acknowledge that there are files in there, but nobody ever reads them.

Considering some of them mention plot points well before you could reasonably reach them, it would give the cast a lot of knowledge about future events. Gameplay and Story Segregation. The gold file are a bonus for the players, and don't exist in universe, as it apparent by the way a number of them are directly written from an out of universe perspective and refer to the game itself.

But in that case, why have them react at all? Or if they do react, just have them wonder why the safe is empty to imply that only Sigma can see them. It would hardly be the strangest thing in the game. A magical fourth wall breaking golden file that only Sigma can see, that exists for no reason in-universe, definitely would be the "strangest" thing in the game by far.

In-universe, there are no file passwords and there is nothing else in the safe.

zero escape virtues last reward laboratory ending relationship

It's a gameplay gimmick. The characters just talk about it so it doesn't seem out of place. Why does everyone not do anything to a character that isn't Sigma when they have enough BP to open the number 9 door?

While it would be very hard to stop K, and they do admittedly occasionally put in a token effort with Dio, everyone seems content to merely yell at the person to stop They even refuse to help Sigma keep Dio in during Quark's ending, despite the former having a death grip on the latter's leg.

While it was part of Sigma's plan, having someone at least do more than gawk would be nice.

Let's Play Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward Part 12 - Biotope Garden

Discounting K as it would be difficult for anyone else to stop himthe other characters could run under the door before it fully opened. Plus, if the number 9 door closed with no-one on the other side, who would escape to find help? It's stated with some characters that they wait for the door to fully open instead of ducking under it as it opens Dio, however, does duck under it when he feels threatened.

While most characters that choose to betray go near the number 9 door if that betrayal would get them 9 BP as opposed to standing with everyone else and waiting to see the scoreboard, a simple glance at the door from a more logical-focused character like Alice, Tenmyouji, Dio, or K assuming the latter two aren't the ones trying to escape and the former isn't suffering from effects from Radical 6 would also work for preventing that. From what I can remember at least, during most occasions when Sigma gets 9 BP, there's some sort of additional weight behind everyone's insistence to stop him from leaving.

In Phi's bad ending, Sigma was the only one who betrayed that round so everyone was pretty much united against the one "traitor". The only other time I can recall Sigma getting to 9 BP and then getting restrained from escaping is in Clover's bad ending, where he takes advantage of a sick, unconscious kid who couldn't vote and was going to default to ally. It's sort of obvious in that situation that everyone wouldn't exactly be willing to just let him go. But in Phi's good ending, she does the exact same thing Sigma does in her bad ending, except Phi actively tries to leave.

Sigma stops her by standing in front of her and having a discussion, but none of the characters in the room which, if memory serves, includes the physically capable K do anything but watch.

Phi betrayed Sigma, except shows that she has complete intent to leave, and nobody seems to care. First off, to their credit, they actually do attempt to stop Phi from getting to the door; the attempt failed however because Phi has the "ability" to jump high through the freakin' air. In Phi's bad ending, Sigma never even gets close to the number 9 door before he is restrained, and in Clover's bad ending, he's restrained anyway because Clover also happens to have 9 BP, plus they figure, "better that she leaves than this disgusting traitor.

If Sigma votes ally, Phi is upset and says something akin to "maybe this time, it'll be different" but doesn't explain what she means. Obviously, this is a reference to her ability to jump to various timelines and having seen other AB game results before, but in this particular context, this means one of two things.

Virtue's Last Reward endings

Phi believes Luna will vote betray based off of information gained from other timelines, even though she never votes betray in any timeline under any circumstance against any opponent that we see, and it's highly unlikely Phi saw any timeline that Sigma didn't.

Phi believes Luna will vote ally and wants to use that to get on the fast track to 9 BP, even though if she has seen other timelines, she should know that voting betray in one round makes it very hard to get any more points in future rounds. Also, this seems to contradict her "maybe this time it'll be different" line. Remember, all the timelines that we see in VLR only constitute part of all possible timelines that could occur. As unlikely as it is to Luna's character, she is still capable of choosing "betray" in some unseen timelines.

Heck, she doesn't even have to be the one making the vote; Luna is hooked up to the same quantum computer as Zero Jr. Of course, since she has to remain undercover, she wouldn't be able to explain her "motive" for betraying and Phi would assume she's intent on betraying them. Why exactly did Dio draw attention to the IG replicator just after escaping from the laboratory? But why was Dio interested in drawing attention to it in the first place?

Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

Maybe he was trying to make himself seem more natural to more easily swipe the Axelavir. Just straight out asking about getting a closer look at the medicine would've been too suspicious. Not to mention that he seemed legitimately curious about the thing when asking about it.

Why is Phi the only character who can jump really high? I can get Sigma, Tenmyouji, and Quark not being able to jump high, maybe, for age-related reasons, and K has that heavy suit of armor, but the others should be as capable of jumping high as Phi. Do they just never try at any point during the game to jump? The latter's probably it; just because they were capable of jumping high like Phi could, doesn't necessarily mean it could've crossed their mind.

They still believe that they are in Earth's gravity sans Tenmyouji and possibly Quark who probably doesn't know much about the Moon's gravity so they have no logical reason to believe they can jump that high.

zero escape virtues last reward laboratory ending relationship

As for Phi, it seems like ZTD spoilers she is capable of jumping like that regardless of either gravity she's in; we see her jump kick Delta right in the face from halfway across the room. It seems that she is confident enough in her athletic abilities as to not have much qualms about doing such feats in the first place.

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If Dio knows that the point of the AB project is to change the future by jumping into different past timelines, why would he give Phi and Sigma any of the bomb passwords, even if an explosion has already happened? Shouldn't he know that it's not "too late" because they can just take that knowledge to a different timeline and use it to thwart him there?

I get that Dio has shown himself not to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but wouldn't Brother have briefed him on all this and given him specific instructions to not do that? When does Dio know that? All Dio should know is that the AB Project was going to undo Free the Soul's efforts if it was completed, not how it was going to do that.

As for Brother not briefing him on the point of the AB Project, ZTD spoilers it's implied that Brother deliberately sabotaged Dio from the get-go and was working in cahoots with Akane to make the project succeed. In the yellow door-ally with Tenmyouji-blue door-ally with Tenmyouji path, which features Alice committing suicide and Clover threatening to murder everyone in the game if they can't prove that none of them killed Alice: By that point in that timeline path, Clover already knows about Radical-6, knows that an outbreak of it actually happened in real life, personally saw Quark try to kill himself with the very same scalpel that Alice uses no lessknows that Quark was infected with Radical-6, and even heard Luna theorize Radical-6 caused sufferers to want to commit suicide.

Despite all this knowledge, she somewhat understandably freaks out when finding Alice's body and blames everyone else. Maybe she forgot about the Quark subplot she was just involved in, maybe she forgot all about Radical-6, she's clearly unstable after losing her superior officer But then, Sigma who she doesn't trust and just threatened to kill pulls out a journal she's never seen before, gives it to Phi who she doesn't trust and just threatened to killhas her open to a specific page and tells her to translate it.

Phi, who has a vested interest in saying whatever she needs to say to get Clover to calm down, has nobody who can double-check her translation, and who Clover already believes is in on murdering Alice with everyone else, reads off a few paragraphs of a journal detailing a plague that causes suicide, and she's good? The information the players already had at that point in that timeline had already covered pretty much everything detailed in the journal.

zero escape virtues last reward laboratory ending relationship

In the Tenmyouji end, Quark writes a letter to Sigma describing the nature of his relationship with Tenmyouji, seemingly in an attempt to show what a good man he is. Why did he write the letter, and why did he give it to Sigma? He claims he wrote it during one of the puzzle rooms, I believe, so he wrote it before he could possibly have known that Tenmyouji was going to betray Sigma so they could escape the building. Unless Tenmyouji had planned the betrayal out well beforehand and had told Quark about it for some reason, which also doesn't make sense, as everything indicates that Tenmyouji decides to betray Sigma after finding out he's Zero.

He doesn't find out Sigma is Zero until the hologram comes up in the Director's Office, which is after the last puzzle room and just before the AB round, meaning it's after Quark wrote the letter.

Also, even if Tenmyouji had planned to betray him beforehand, why tell Quark? Quark could have just told the story to Sigma directly, at that point, he has no reason to believe they're going to be separated. Even if you accept that Quark has the letter, why does he bother giving it to Sigma? He and Tenmyouji just found out he's Zero.

They're betraying him as a screw you to him as much as anything else everyone knows they can now play the AB game over and over with the last set of card keys, so they shouldn't be concerned about getting out first.

Why does Quark care if Sigma thinks Tenmyouji is a bastard or not? They think he's the guy who trapped them in the Nonary Game and are purposefully screwing him over as revenge, why was it important for Quark to let Sigma know how Tenmyouji is such a good guy?

The action only makes sense if Quark believes that Sigma is just another victim of the game that Tenmyouji is screwing over for selfish reasons and genuinely wants him to know that he has a good heart. Tenmyouji just found out who Zero is but did Quark? That crazy crazy girl I liked Tenmyouiji. Thought he was cool, and didn't think they'd make the mysterious old man evil again.

Quark was a suspect, but not as strong a suspect as Sigma. Especially after he caught Radical 6. Alice and Clover couldn't be Zero because it just didn't make sense in relation to At least it didn't to me.

Honestly thought that K was Akane. Didn't think Akane would be Zero again. I guess I'm both right and wrong at the same time on that Schrodinger's Kitty!