Avon totally kissable lipstick fuchsia flirt

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avon totally kissable lipstick fuchsia flirt

Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick in the Philippines. Compare prices and find the best price of Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick. Check the reviews, specs, and other . g Fuchsia Flirt; Totally Kissable Lipstick g Lacey Mauve; Totally Kissable Lipstick g Berry Smooch; Totally Kissable Lipstick g Smitten Red; Totally. Buy the newest Avon Lipsticks for Women with the latest sales & promotions ☆ Find cheap offers ☆ Browse our Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick in Fuchsia Flirt.

He said that whenever he has no budget for a pricey tube of lipstick with PRO quality, Avon is his saving grace and I couldn't agree more--I think Avon's lipsticks are one of the brand's best products ever: The quality is good, the colors don't look cheap, and they've got a finish that can totally pass off as an expensive brand. I guess it's pretty obvious by now which Avon product I'll suggest in case you'll ask for my recommendation! Speaking of Avon's lipsticks, I'm going to review their all- new Totally Kissable lipstick line today.

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It's a huge improvement from Avon's plain, plastic not-so-nice black tubes from the past. The mirrored case gave and steel body gave this ultra affordable lipstick some elegant oomph. FYI, Avon has very pretty mauve shades. Make Out Red actually looks Fuchsia to me because of its strong pink undertone. I dub this color the "Corporate Hot Pink" because it's a bright color that you can wear to work.

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Fuchsia Flirt Fuchsia Flirt is a warm, blue- based fuchsia shade with slight silver glimmer. To those who want a discreet kind of fuchsia, go for this. I find that it's the sheerest among the four, and the silver glimmers reflect light on your lips and tames down the fuchsia color.

Sorry for that smudge! This came out last February I believe. To my great surprise, it has a better formula than the Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick due to its longer staying power and less slinky formula. What I love about the product The colors are pigmented in two layers. Texture is smooth and creamy, like lip butter. It feels weightless on the lips.

Love: Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick

Has less slip than UMR. Formula is more cohesive somewhat so it doesn't slide around if you wear too much. Hope that makes sense!

avon totally kissable lipstick fuchsia flirt

This accounts for the better wear time. Has a decent staying power of up to three hours without eating. The deeper colors leave a nice even stain even if you do eat or drink. You won't need to wear a balm underneath if you have normal lips, but if you have chapped lips then you'd need one. There are ten colors in this collection. They're all quite trendy yet wearable!

avon totally kissable lipstick fuchsia flirt

Affordable at only P Caressing Coral is a glossy tangerine pink. It is very wearable across most skintones, I think.

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It's sheerer than I would like but it does become more opaque after two layers Lacy Mauve is not mauve to me.

It's a creme brown-based, mid-plum shade with strong pink undertones. This is such a flattering shade for morenas! It toes the line between striking but not too shocking.

avon totally kissable lipstick fuchsia flirt

Definitely something you can wear to the office. Fuchsia Flirt is Avon's usual fuchsia with a generous dose of glitter.