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flirt facts about george

Get Dating Advice from George Washington! Martha Washington on Why You Shouldn't Be a Flirt. GW: " It rarely . 10 Facts about Martha Washington. George Bass (), surgeon and sailor, was born on 30 January at Aswarby in Within a week he was in the navy, at sea in H.M.S. Flirt. Late in. (George Washington's Mount Vernon); Painting showing George Washington during It spoke of boring war things like procuring ammunition and gossip about . They had exchanged flirtatious letters filled with clear sexual.

Aaron Burr and Theodosia Prevost: Aaron Burr is perhaps best known for killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel. But a lesser-known fact is that the young officer and patriot also married a loyalist. The two women had both been popular favorites of some of the same British officers earlier in the Revolution.

Theodosia in turn reportedly confessed this to Aaron Burr, who waited until the principle figures in the treason were dead before revealing this information. Advances which, the Shippen family alleged, were not reciprocated.

flirt facts about george

A Founding Father in France. Benjamin Franklin was a brilliant scientist, a skilled diplomat, and an ardent patriot. He also happened to be the most popular man at the French court of Versailles, winning over not just the royal diplomats, but their wives as well. Early in his life, Franklin had been the poster-boy for character traits such as frugality, industriousness, and good sense.

flirt facts about george

However, when he sailed for France inthis year-old Founding Father was a savvy enough politician to recognize that his new home, the palace of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, was nothing like his hometown of Philadelphia. In France, Franklin had to achieve nothing short of the impossible: Tough argument to make?

Perhaps Franklin did have some dalliances during his decade at Versailles.

flirt facts about george

But what is certainly true is that he identified the role he had to play in order to succeed, and he played it skillfully. The other key figure in the negotiations in France was John Adams. Adams, a man of a decidedly different temperament than Franklin, never did adjust to life at court, and found many more critics than he did admirers.

He even went so far as to say that a statue in the Court of the Versailles garden would do better as an ambassador than Benjamin Franklin!

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Franklin, like the French, found Adams irksome. A devoted partner and trusted confidante, Abigail Adams wrote diligently to her husband from the time of his first trip to the Continental Congress through the remainder of their days in public service. A Rider Like Paul Revere. When you hear about a midnight ride through dangerous territory, during which time a lone rider warns of the coming British army, you think of Paul Revere, right?

Well, it turns out there was a colonial heroine who rode twice as far as Paul Revere allegedly did, and she was a sixteen year old girl named Sybil Ludington. He was granted permission to explore the southern coast and given a well fitted whale-boat, 28 feet 7 inches long 8. In this open boat with six volunteers and six weeks provisions he left Port Jackson on 3 December In the next eleven weeks, despite boisterous weather, he travelled some miles kmfound the Shoalhaven River, Twofold Bay, Wilson's Promontory and Western Port and deduced from the great swell and the direction of the tides that a strait separated the mainland from Van Diemen's Land.

On 7 October he set out again to make sure. In the Norfolk, a ton sloop built at Norfolk Island, he sailed with Flinders and twelve weeks provisions, under orders to pass through the strait and return by the south of Van Diemen's Land.

flirt facts about george

His journal of the voyage, quoted in David CollinsAn Account of the English Colony in New South Wales, abounds in observations on Aboriginals, plants, birds and animals, and on the geographical and geological features of the islands that were visited. On 1 November they found the Tamar estuary and three weeks later rounded North West Cape to breast the westerly swell of the southern Indian Ocean. They returned to Port Jackson on 12 January ; in April Bass was elected a member of the Linnean Society, London, and his scientific works on the anatomy of the wombat, the feeding habits of the swan, and the nesting behaviour of the white-capped albatross were published.

By this time Bass was tiring of poor pay, small prospects and comparative inactivity as a surgeon.

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He was impressed by the fortunes awaiting trading shipowners in the south Pacific, and particularly by Charles Bishop whose venturesome projects had brought him to Port Jackson in the Nautilus with a cargo of seal skins and oil which he proposed to sell in China.

Rather than wait for the Reliance to return to England, and described in the ship's muster book as medically unfit, Bass decided to sail with Bishop in May In July they found the little-known group of Bass Islands, some of which he charted and named, his work being noted in the charts dedicated to him in by Alexander Dalrymple. At Macao Bishop sold his cargo and the Nautilus at good profit and they sailed for Bombay.

This chart, the first of any accuracy, was published in London in He reached England in the Woodford at the end of July There he was given twelve months leave by the Medical Board and became free to work with Bishop in organizing a commercial venture. Bass also fell in love with Elizabeth, the eldest sister of his former captain, Henry Waterhouseand on 8 October they were married at St James's Church, Piccadilly.

For the next ten weeks they were constantly together and she went with him in the Venus to Portsmouth. They parted sadly when the Venus sailed on 9 January Unfortunately other speculators were ahead of them. Bishop and Bass arrived at Port Jackson to find the market glutted and their goods unsaleable.

Hoping to clear their debts, Bass contracted with Governor Philip Gidley King to make a voyage to the south sea islands for pork for the government. The London cargo was left in Sydney and they sailed for New Zealand; after leaving Dusky Bay, they discovered near Cape West some large sounds which they named the Inlets of Venus, and further north an island which they named after Bishop's friend, Lord Bolton.

At Matavai Bay, Otaheite, Bishop went ashore to set up a trading post, while Bass took the brig to buy pork and salt from the Sandwich Hawaiian Islands. With creditors still to be satisfied and his crew to be paid, Bass prepared for a whaling and sealing voyage to New Zealand, but Bishop had fallen ill and an opportunity arose to run a cargo to South America, perhaps some of his unsold London goods. Although Bass knew the danger of infringing in trade restricted to Spanish merchants, he was attracted by the handsome profits that might unite him with his wife.