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With a question on strategies to use on a second date, the Tool (one of our valued readers and forum participants) over on the post requesting ideas for new . First off, we covered some of the very basics of text messaging back in April of last year in “Text Message Flirting,” so if you haven't read that one yet or you need. How to Make Girls Chase by Chase Amante – Get girls chasing you by effort in the interaction and use techniques like chase frames to get them to chase you.

This book has two sections. The first one is about… Becoming the Romancer. This is where you get your fundamentals handled which Chase urges you to do throughout the book. That shows you how important getting your fundamentals down is. It is where you address the core part of your identities that becomes your foundation.

Your voice so you can build intrigue and capture her interest. Social fundamentals where he talks about using social power to get attention without much effort. Makes you seem informed and socially aware and powerful and sexy. Again, he stresses that you must handle these before you proceed with anything else in the book.

And he gives you things to focus on in the homework. Use it as a spice to make your interaction fun and engaging. And once you know the woman is interested, quickly move on to the next step.

It clarifies things and makes it a lot easier to understand. On to the next chapter then.

How to Make Girls Chase by Chase Amante

Value The base of your ability to attract women. After value, we move on to the next cornerstone of attraction: Investment One of the most basic means of gauging a girls desire. You know that women value and chase after men they are highly invested in, right? The end of the first section where he beautifully summarizes the Essence of the Romancer.

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He talks about what you should have accomplished and learned as he prepares you for the next section which is about putting it all into action now that you know the basics of attraction.

And now that you have become attractive, you can now… become the seducer … to get concrete results and to close the deal, where you learn the right mindset to have about meeting women and taking them home. Something to keep in mind: He says that men who move fast are more attractive and more effective than men who takes things slow. After you got the number, follow up soon, get in touch, then arrange the meet. He gives you the ideal place to meet as well as dealing with flakes.

More specifically chase frames. Including how to handle challenges to your frame — all good and useful. Now comes the moment to… take her somewhere.

He brings up a good point here: So for instance, say you talk with a girl in a bar. And you kick off the banter with wry critique of the environment: The kind who loves dirty, seedy things. Why just yesterday, I brushed my teeth without putting any water on the bristles first. Say you take a date to go window shopping with you. You then smile mischievously, and ask: Bear in mind, of course, playing along comes in different forms. Sometimes a girl may act faux disinterested, while still giving you enough to keep playing with.

These are the girls who play hard to get, without actually being hard to get. Go back, use some lesser forms of flirtation, and ramp it up more before you try playful banter again. There are plenty of other forms of flirtation to use You use a chase frame to imply something specific: This works through suggestion.

By implanting the suggestion of her in pursuit, you begin to frame things that way. In any courtship, both partners pursue each other. No true courtship consists of a completely passive woman and a completely active man.

Both partners have an active role. All you do with a chase frame is bring her role to the fore and allow her to face it, own it, and commit to it all the more. Chase frames work the same way as sexual innuendo, but with a twist: Rather, you use your innuendo to imply a woman is in pursuit of men or in pursuit of you.

You ask her where she likes to travel to. She tells you she loves Italy. That invitation is that there are sexy men right here, too, and presumably they are available to her. You gesture toward this with a head nod and smile at her wryly. She will wonder if there were or are sexual undertones to her fidgeting. Chase frames work with almost every girl, save some sexually inexperienced girls who may not detect the hidden message. Most girls will pick up on this though.

Girls like this are in the minority, however. More likely is she is not aroused enough yet. While sexual humor is the most amusing kind to sexually a aroused woman Prerost,you must get her to that point first. You may find women who react poor to chase frames now and again.

For whatever reason, she is closed to the idea of letting you escalate things with her sexually. Chase frames are a more subtle version of sexual content in conversation. Some more overt examples include sex talk, sex stories, and sexual assumptions.

Yet, if you interrupt the right way, attraction goes up. The right way is not to interrupt and then talk about something completely different from what she is. The right way is to interrupt and help her complete her sentence, or share something related to what she shares.

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Why do women like this? Like where else would you buy shoes? You go to Coffee Haus? Can you believe it? But you should use interruptions when you can. There is a bit of art to this, I should say in advance. You should expect to be wrong some of the time. I was sitting there for like an hour.

So anyway I was sitting there and I was on the radio and this guy comes on. Can you guess what he was selling? The other way to use interruption is if she starts to make a point and you want to redirect her in a fun, flirty way: Where she talks about how much paintball haters suck To, instead, something where you future project you and her doing fun things together. The courtship just got a lot more fun. And you took the lead and led it there. Why would you want Fat Pat on the bar stool over there to let you have a sip of her drink?

Compliance requests often serve as flirtation. All you have to do is request something simple. Like for her to scoot over a bit so you can sit next to her. Or to tell you about a hobby of hers because you say it sounds interesting. Compliance works by triggering a woman to invest in you. Women are aware of the effects of compliance. More so than men. A woman knows when she complies with a man that she also accepts his advances, and signals openness to him.

Thus compliance is a useful tool not just to flirt, but also to gauge how far you are with a girl. Plus, she agrees to move to a more intimate part of the venue, furthering the courtship.

If she likes you, this will excite her. Compliance is a form of flirtation. Like proximity, touch is physical flirtation that lets you use your body to progress a courtship. This is perhaps the most obvious flirtation technique in this book aside from the next one. Who needs to be told he should touch? But the fact is, lots of men do not touch. Despite the power of touch, and all the different ways to touch, touch is underused by men.

The reasons why are fear and unfamiliarity. Fear of a rebuke; unfamiliarity with touching women. Or they fear a girl might recoil in horror at the touch of a stranger. Yet touch is one of the most powerful flirtation tactics. When you touch a girl, she views you as higher status and more socially powerful Burgoon, Rather, when a woman does signal her interest, she does so indirectly.

Women only use touch when they can do so in an ambiguous way Jones, Women display signs of interest, veiled by ambiguity. So what kind of touch should you use? Like women, you should start with indirect or incidental touch. As the courtship proceeds, you can progress to heavier forms of touch. Generally you will not want to get too heavy with touch in public — though there are ways to do it. Some women will get touchier back, but not all women will.

So long as she continues to offer compliance and seem happy to do so, you will usually be on the right track. Look for other signs as well: The more of these she gives you, the more of a green light it is.

Kissing is obviously flirtation. First, you can use kisses to tease girls. To do this, you bring a girl in for the first kiss, give her a brief-but-passionate one, then let her go. You can talk to her or flirt with her between time. Then, when you can tell the tension is about to boil over in her, you bring her in for another kiss. Second, you can act as if you are about to kiss her, then not kiss her. Glance off to the side, and ask her for compliance instead.

This is, again, about making her wonder what your intentions are. The more you tease her with this, the more she just has to know. Anticipation is one of the ultimate aphrodisiacs. The more she wants it, yet waits for it, the hotter her desire to kiss you becomes Within reason, of course.

You keep her attraction on the burner a little longer. That kills desire for her. A little kissing, followed by a little uncertainty, is rocket fuel for female desire.

But a little kissing, followed by more kissing, followed by make-outs, to the point where she has to push you off herself, has the opposite effect especially in public. So make sure you know how to kiss a girl well.

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