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flirt pole australia post

The Shaggy Puppy Flirt Pole is a great motivational toy for puppies! Flirt poles are excellent for stimulating prey and building drive in puppies. The Shaggy. Flirt Pole fun with Australian Shepherds - YouTube. OliveLove is offline Oh man I should never have read this post. I went to Walmart and got. 1 Dog Teaser Pole. Doesn't post to United States | See details. Item location: Shen Zhen, China. Posts to: Australia, Americas, Europe, Asia | See exclusions.

I live on the fourth floor of an apartment building and our stairs are indoors and carpeted. We play the box game, dinner from puzzle toys and lots and lots of tug.

flirt pole australia post

We also like the Kong Wobblers for mental stimulation. We throw the ball or whatever other toy Colby bringsbut I love throwing it down the stairwell, so he has to run up and down stairs. Wears him out much better than just tossing it down the hall! We play fetch in our kitchen with light plastic balls or a Kong frisbee, trying to continue basic drop, sit, stay, and other commands.

One dog becomes a post, and a little yellow cone the other. Great way to work on Figure 8s and distraction work! Puzzle toys, brain games, tricks. Lots of puzzles and messing around with the clicker to see what I can try to get my dog to do. Run her up and down the stairway. A Better Life with Your Dog with Fernando Camacho I have done a number of sessions with dogs that become obsessive shadow chasers because of laser pointers, so my favorite indoor fun is bubbles.

My dog will jump and pop them for hours.

A Flirt Pole Is Not Dog Fighting Equipment

Mine loves to play tug game, so we play tug of war and some fetch inside. My dog goes absolutely crazy over a red laser dot. She knows where we keep it, and begs for us to take it out!

She gets more exercise that way than any other way! My dog loves our treadmill! To channel it in non-destructive ways I bought him a small, thin heavy-duty crate bed and let him scratch it from one end of the room to the other.

How to Exercise Your Dog Without Leaving the House

He was totally winded scratching at that scratchy pad for hours! All other areas were off-limits for digging or scratching.

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  • Guys, I want you to meet your new BFF. Introducing the The Flirt Pole:

It worked and his front legs were unbelievably strong! I had bought a treadmill for him and surprisingly he got right on it! He loves it, and when he hears it start, he comes running to get on it. We hide toys while she waits in another room. We put the toy in a taped up box so she has to get it open, also bring out the agility tunnel to jump over and hide stuff under laundry baskets. Indoors treiball learn to get it out of corners ; jump over boxes, legs both directions for fetch a toy.

flirt pole australia post

Sit and watch me hide toys in sight at this pointthen go fetch and put each one in the box. Boxes within boxes; prize inside smallest. We play fetch and chase up and down the stairs and also brain games. Indoor frisbee with lids! Teaches self-control and focus while having lots of fun. I also use a Kong wobbler and hide and seek, which my son loves to play with the dogs along with Recaller games. Only need one room and my household junk! The appropriate way to use multiple tags is to list them separately, [Breeds][Fluff], [Link][News], etc.

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flirt pole australia post

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How to Exercise Your Dog Without Leaving the House

Instead, here are some tips on affording veterinary care and here is a list of organizations that can provide assistance. Google "affordable vet care" or "low cost vet care" in your area. Apply for Care Credita credit line specifically for medical needs.

Check if your local humane society offers a low-cost clinic.

flirt pole australia post

Please consider pet insurance or set aside a small amount of money every month for future veterinary expenses. Positive reinforcement isn't just for dogs.

flirt pole australia post

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