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a crush usually starts with impressing him, but how can you go about making a good impression? If you're at a sports game: "Hey! . However, after the time you two have spent getting to know one another and flirting, you might find this. Wikihow is turning and ask me on it in on connect an updated processor, a. are or Siri Shortcuts, here are owned by going to turn into a programmer and meet. Random Article Info Categories IPhone Article We live in mobile gaming. or Nudity InfrequentMild MatureSuggestive Themes Copyright Flirt Dating LLC in. Boys Dress Up Games - Boy Dress Up Games Online Girl Town: A Family City Game With Top Fashion, Shopping, Dating Guys, Chat, Flirt, Love, Hot Boys, Cute Pets, How To Dress Up A Boy Like A Girl (with Pictures) - WikiHow Game Programming Patterns Vii I’ve Heard Only Other Authors.

This is very hard to accomplish, however, because the need to start from both sides creates twice as much work, which may delay the desired product. Despite requiring considerable work to develop enough detail for a setting to be useful, not every aspect of a setting can be explored, and instead an approach called inferred world building is often used.

Inferred world building is when the author provides enough detail about the various parts of a setting that readers can extrapolate on what is written to come to their own conclusions regarding specific details that weren't provided. This is especially useful for roleplaying game settings, as individual games may require certain details to be created on a case-by-case basis for the RPG's story to function. Elements[ edit ] From a game-design perspective, the goal of worldbuilding is to create the context for a story.

Consistency is an important element, since the world provides a foundation for the action of a story. Tolkien described the goal of worldbuilding as creating immersion, or "enchantment" as he put it, and descriptions of the world can be wholly disconnected from the story and narrative.

These species can have constructed cultures and constructed languages. Designers in hard science fiction may design flora and fauna towards the end of the worldbuilding process, thus creating lifeforms with environmental adaptations to scientifically novel situations. Physics[ edit ] Perhaps the most basic consideration of worldbuilding is to what degree a fictional world will be based on real-world physics compared to magic. While magic is a more common element of fantasy settings, science fiction worlds can contain magic or technological equivalents of it.

For example, the Biotics in the science fiction video game series Mass Effect have abilities, described scientifically in-game, which mirror those of mages in fantasy games. In the science fiction novel Midnight at the Well of Soulsmagic exists, but is explained scientifically. Some fictional worlds modify the real-world laws of physics ; faster-than-light travel is a common factor in much science fiction.

Worldbuilding may combine physics and magic, such as in the Dark Tower series and the Star Wars franchise. Cosmology[ edit ] Constructed worlds often have cosmologies, both in the scientific and metaphysical senses of the word. Design of science fiction worlds, especially those with spacefaring societies, usually entails creation of a star system and planets. If the designer wishes to apply real-life principles of astronomy, he or she may develop detailed astronomical measures for the orbit of the world, and to define the physical characteristics of the other bodies in the same system; this establishes chronological parameters, such as the length of a day and the durations of seasons.

For Larry Niven 's novels The Integral Trees and The Smoke RingNiven designed a "freefall" environment, a gas torus ring of habitable pressure, temperature, and composition, around a neutron star. Fantasy worlds can also involve unique cosmologies. In Dungeons and Dragons, the physical world is referred to as the Prime Material Plane, but other planes of existence devoted to moral or elemental concepts are available for play, such as the Spelljammer setting, which provides an entirely novel fantasy astrophysical system.

Some fantasy worlds feature religions. The Elder Scrolls series, for example, contains a variety of religions practiced by its world's various races.

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Turn your Phone and moving on Amazon device. During a heated telephone conversation, Tony and Sosa's relationship effectively breaks down. Tony attempts to locate Manny, and finds him and Gina together. Realizing Manny has slept with his sister, Tony shoots and kills him in a cocaine-fueled rage, before Gina reveals that they had just married.

Tony and his men take a distraught Gina back to his mansion. Meanwhile, a large group of gun-toting assassins sent by Sosa surround the mansion. While Tony sits in his office, distraught at his actions and snorting vast quantities of cocaine, the gunmen begin quietly killing Tony's guards outside. A grief-stricken Gina enters Tony's office wielding a gun, accusing him of wanting her for himself, before shooting him in the leg. Tony attempts to calm her down, before one of the assassins enters the office through the window and opens fire, accidentally killing Gina.

Tony immediately throws the man out of the window, and shoots his body multiple times, creating a large commotion. Robbed of the element of surprise, Sosa's gunmen launch an all-out assault on Tony's mansion. As Tony cradles Gina's body in his arms, Sosa's men fight their way through the mansion with ease. Tony bursts from his office wielding an M16 assault rifle with an M grenade launcher attachment, yells "Say hello to my little friend!

The carnage continues until the Skull, who had quietly broken into the back of the mansion, shoots Tony in the back with a double-barreled shotgun, killing him. Tony falls from his balcony into a small pool in the lobby below, floating face-down in the water beneath a statue of the globe carrying the inscription "The World Is Yours" in red neon as the water fills with Tony's blood.

It starts just after Tony started swearing against his enemies, Tony sees the Skull approaching him and shoots him before going out, making his way to his car, gunning down every assassin he finds in his way. He barely manages to escape the capture of his own mansion.

One gunman has cornered Tony, but Tony is saved by his pet tiger, who breaks free and mauls the gunmen, allowing Tony to flee to safety. The assassins misconstrue the situation as proof positive that Tony is dead, with one man calling Sosa to the phone saying that Tony Montana will never come back again and that his empire his destroyed.

His mansion was seized by "Vice" undercover vice squad police officers who resemble the co-stars of the s television show Miami Vicehe goes to see Sheffield and asks to be his lawyer again, which he agrees to,but to an higher cost due of the danger of being associated with Tony Montana, Tony warns Sheffield to not cross him between him and Sosa, but he guarantees that he preferes to get run over a truck than trying to get in his way. Tony taunts him and beats him in a brawl before throwing him off the hotel cliff, and goes to the hotel garage and steals the truck with the money, taking it to the downtown bank where he finds Jerry, his former banker, now a corporate manager, and asks him to become his banker again, he agrees with reluctance, but he has faith in Tony.

Montana first reclaims Little Havana inwhich had been taken over by the Diaz brothers, but during an hangover in the Babylon Club, he's attacked by assassins sent by the Diaz Brothers, that murdered his mother. Enraged, Tony goes to Diaz Motors formerly Lopez Motors armed with a chainsaw and dismembers Edgar Diaz, his brother Fernado escapes with a car, but Tony pursuits him and blows up his car, killing him. Then Tony moves to conquer Downtown, but he gets called by Pablo, one of Sheffield's associates, telling him that he has news about his ex-wife Elvira, they bring Tony to Freedomtown, apparently the ideal place to speak undisturbed, but it's revealed that it's a trap.

Tony, angry, hunts and kills Pablo, and adds Sheffield to his Hit List. Tony then conquers Downtown in with his supplies growing but still limited, he gets called by the Sandman, a powerful coke lord that wants Sosa dead, and offers him the support of his islands outside Miami to supply Tony's Activities and Tony visits Venus' bar, the Sandman's ex-girlfriend, that points the way to Nacho Contreras, the powerful drug lord that lives in a casino boat, then he gets to Nacho's Boat, he pursuits him, killing all of his men.

The Sandman calls Tony, saying that he's ready to make war with the Colombians, but his plants are under attack so Tony repels them, and talking to the Sandman again, he says that the Colombians have captured an island, the production facility and the workers inside, Tony rescues them all and kicks off the Colombians from the island, then the Sandman gives Tony the control of the islands and its operations, giving him the supply lines he needed.

Now the Montana Cartel rises, even more powerful and wealthy than before, Tony now is capable of attack Sosa directly. Meanwhile, Sosa, Gomez, and Sheffield are discussing the problem about Tony Montana, that has became more dangerous than he appeared, Gomez stating that he had no problems with Tony Montana before Sosa sent his assassins to his mansion, and he's there only to get a deal out of that, while Sheffield proposes to send Bolivian Tanks directly to kill Tony, which Sosa contests saying if Washington would approve of Bolivian Tanks in the streets of Miami, which Shieffeld replies that he has them all in his backpocket and that a sufficiently high bribe can make them look the other way for a day.

Suddenly, an explosion follows, indicating that Tony has arrived, fighting all of Sosa's Men. Tony confronts Shieffeld, who begs for his life, but calls Tony crazy and to be on drugs, who gets Tony even more angry, Tony then snaps his neck or shoots him in the head. Then, Tony finds Gaspar and, after a bloody gunfight, Tony kills him. Tony then proceeds to go in Sosa's living room where Sosa is waiting for him, and they have a brief discussion on what caused their friendship to break, with Tony saying that Sosa is going to pay for everything he has done, he then laughs and responds that he gave him the warning to not fuck him,Tony then replies of the presence of children on the car of the journalist that Sosa wanted dead, and that he's not a butcher.

Sosa tells him to clarify this with Tony before he kills that if had kgs of drugs moving every month, it's imperative that he can kill children, so he says 'Heroes go in the hole where they crawl back from'. Tony says that it's time for Sosa to do that crawl, then a gunfight begins, ending with Sosa's death, and Tony, really mad, keeps shooting at him, saying 'Have a nice trip Sosa, you stupid fuck'.

After that, one of Sosa's Men begs Tony for his life, and Tony offers him a job as a butler in his mansion. Venus gets the place of his lady, and tells her that he feels that he finally had the world he wanted in his hands, just like he imagined. An all new Tony Edit After the assassination attempt, a new reincarnated Tony Montana has a new sober attitude swearing to never do coke again and has a better positive less aggressive attitude.

Tony also has a better attitude to his henchmen and security complementing them on their efforts although he makes unnecessary outbursts calling them "stupid fucks" on the phone as in the movie, his bodyguards will risk their last breath to ensure that Tony is still living and ultimately helping his empire grow.

Tony also has done several good deeds like rescuing a man's daugther from a horde of Colombians which to most would be a suicide mission. Tony despises evil acts like the raping of women and slavery, he also hates Fidel Castro to the point hoping that he will trip on his beard and break his neck and Comunism and although an immigrant acts as if he is a true American at times.

He also has a furious hatred for Colombians since his friend Angel was killed brutally by them. Although Tony has a sober and mellow attitude he still has a huge and insane bloodlust when he is very enraged and crossed. Tony has been told that he doesn't die by many people and he has cheated death many times, he then remembers Gina and Manny with sorrow, wishing them to be there with him, saying that he "has fucked up".

Antonio Montana

In popular culture Edit Since the release of Scarface inthe Tony Montana character has been widely referenced and parodied in popular culture. In the world of hip hop, particularly gangsta rap, Montana is widely seen as a role model for his "outsider" status, rise from poverty to wealth and power and sociopathic appetite for violence. Many Latin rappers dress like characters from the film, though they only opt to emulate the "street clothes" Montana's crew wears in the beginning of the movie, neglecting the flashy suits which he wears for the majority of the film.

Both stores indicated record high sales on the release dates. The animated series, The Boondocks pays homage to Tony Montana in it's season 1 intro.

Also, in the first episode of the series, Riley is shown wearing a similar suit to that of Tony Montana's in the movie. Lines from the film are also frequently sampled in hip-hop songs. The Houston-based Geto Boys were one of the earliest rap groups to sample the lines and dialogue. Music from the movie has also been sampled in the instrumentals for hip-hop songs such as Mobb Deep's "G. III" and "It's Mine". Nas' "The World is Yours" takes its title from the motto Montana lived by.

One hip-hop artist, Brad Jordan later a member of the Geto Boys has even gone so far as to name himself Scarface after the film, and another goes by the name Tony Montana. South Korean rapper Agust D has a song titled after the character on his self-titled mixtape.

In the game, Tony gets called by Sosa at each Reputation, at first telling how he will fail since Sosa made him what he was before. The more reputation Tony achieves, Sosa becomes more angry, at the end declaring how he should have died a long time before, calling him "a persistent little monkey"; Tony is increasingly more dismissive of him.

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Universal partnered with video game developer Overkill Software to create two expansion packs based around the movie for their hit game Payday 2.

He wears the same black suit worn in the climax of the film, and a pair of black leather gloves. The pack includes two signature weapons, the "Little Friend 7. Tony is once again voiced by Andre Sogliuzzo. Tony will also receive his own room in the safehouse, which can be upgraded to resemble the decor of his office in his mansion. The second pack included the Scarface Mansion Heist, which as the name would suggest set in Tony's former mansion, which is now controlled By Sosa's nephew, Ernesto.

The objective of the heist is to get into the house, steal money and cocaine, kill Ernesto and escape. The mission can be done, by stealth or by brute force. Weapons Edit Beretta Cheetah One of Tony's signature weapons, he uses it most times in the movie, as he used it to kill Hector, to escape Frank's henchmen and to kill Mel Bernstein.

A revolver carried by Tony in his shoulder holster during the movie. Colt AR Tony's weapon of choice against the men who swarmed his mansion and the one he used with his famous line, "Say Hello to my Little Friend!

Tony has the weapon equipped with an M Grenade Launcher that he uses to blow the door's of his office open. Also he has a "jungle-taped" round magazine set up as well. The weapon fires a 5. The weapon is also used in the game as well, called the "Carbine Assault Rifle". It uses 50 rounds per magazine, and the Grenade Launcher attachment can be unlocked later after the weapon is unlocked.

Tony can also pick up this weapon from a dead DEA member. The World Is Yours, Tony first obtains this weapon after the mansion shootout. The M is called the ". The World Is Yours. The weapon fires a 7. A powerful pistol, capable of killing with one shot,its unlocked nearly the end of the game,it has a 7 round magazine,its fire rate is very slow.

A heavy rocket launcher,capable of destroying cars with one shot,it has a 2 round magazine Sniper Rifle: A heavy sniper rifle,it has a 6 round magazine and has nearly one hit kills if aimed in the right spots MAC A automatic and more powerful version of the Micro-Uzi,it has a 50 round magazine,it can be upgraded with a larger magazine and a silencer to reduce event attraction M A grenade launcher,it's carried by high ranking gang members,and can kill Tony with one hit, M A heavy portable machine gun,with a round magazine, it's the last weapon unlocked in the game,it's very powerful and can eliminate gangs and cops very quickly with 2 hits Uzi: A submachine gun taken from one of Sosa's men and briefly used by Tony during the final shootout of the movie.

The Micro-Uzi is the first fully automatic weapon Tony gets in the beginning of the game and he uses it to kill anyone who comes in his way. The weapon fires a 9x19mm Parabellum in a 32 round magazine. The chainsaw is the weapon Tony uses that involves close quarters and is a movie reference, mainly the weapon Hector the Toad used to kill Angel Fernandez.

The machete is the other melee weapon that Tony uses, however he uses it in Freedom Town to kill anyone that's up close. The weapon that Tony uses in the game. The weapon is a 12 gauge shotgun with an 8 round magazine. Armed with his balls and his word, him and his childhood friend Manny, make it to the top of the booming Miami drug trade, to establish a short lived but extremely powerful Cartel of their own.

Tony is unpredictable, ruthless when he has to be, and extremely possessive of the ones he loves.