How to still flirt with your husband

10 Ways to Flirt with Your Husband - Susan Merrill

how to still flirt with your husband

You'll love these 18 fun and easy ways to flirt with your man (and bring the fun You assumed that flirting with your husband would always be easy, right? .. Great tips and many of them I still use after 46 years of marriage. If you think that flirting is just a tool for meeting a partner, think again: in her twenties, and they still flirt and hug up on each other all the time. You should already know how to flirt with your spouse. your eyes, an arched eyebrow -- these all say you are still interested in your spouse.

how to still flirt with your husband

Contact Author How to flirt with your husband? Let's talk about the specific things you can do or the lines you can say to flirt with him. Flirting in marriage is all about bringing out the teenage girl in you, who was forgotten ever since the responsibility of kids, work, school runs, cooking and mortgage payments took over your life.

Whether you are at work, home or with friends, take a selfie or a self-portrait with your iPhone or a camera and email it to your husband. Add a cute caption that says I Miss You or Wish you were here.

Source 1 Take a selfie and email it to him in the middle of the day Take a selfie from your iPhone and email it to him at a random time during the day.

How to Flirt with Your Husband - Flirting Lessons

You can pout, pose like a diva, play with your hair or wink as you take a self portrait on your cell phone. Some partners even like to flirt in public on social media by posting selfies on Instagram or Facebook. The photo is usually captioned with a cute message like 'I Miss You' and their partners are tagged in the post or tweet.

All you need to do is stop any sentence halfway, pause for a second and complete it with just a flirty wink. It is foolproof, take a look at a few examples.

how to still flirt with your husband

I am thinking of Look in the mirror and practice your flirtiest wink-and-smile face so that you can use it to flirt with your hubby anytime anywhere. Flirty pinching would definitely have been a playful thing that you did. Flirt with your husband again by pinching him randomly when you bump into him during the day in-between your routine. For example, pinch him on the waist as he is rushing to work and wink at him when he looks back in amusement. He will be pleasantly surprised. Pouting is a strong indicator of attraction.

Use it to flirt with your husband. Lips play an important role in a woman's body and you can use this weapon to subtly grab your man's attention when you are in public.

  • 2. Text him when you’re in the same room.
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  • 1. Play a love song in the car.

Quickly wink at your hubby when you are outside and pout your lips at him. He will either wink back or will give you a flirty smile. After years of marriage, kids, demanding jobs, and hectic schedules, those fluttery feelings are distant memories.

how to still flirt with your husband

One night as my husband, Mark, and I were driving home, I was feeling a little romantic. He was driving which gave me total music control, so I decided to play him a Tony Bennett song that we love. So crazy how one little switch on a playlist can change a boring car ride into a fun or funny if you could see us singing and romantic sing along serenade. Unfortunately, we can forget that in the middle of our busy, distracted lives.

Play a love song in the car.

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Nothing beats turning a boring car ride into a chance for romance! Even better, pair a sappy song with an unexpected kiss at the next red light. This works especially well when at a social gathering with lots of people around. You know the kind where you are huddled up with your friends and he is across the room with his friends.

Wear his favorite outfit. Try it, your husband may like it too.

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Ask him on a date. Surprise your husband by asking him on a date! I am not particularly good at this one so give me some date ideas in the comments below. It would be appreciated.