My teacher tries to flirt with me

Is my teacher flirting with me? - GirlsAskGuys

my teacher tries to flirt with me

Im a 16 y/o guy and recently i've been noticing that my 25 year old english teacher flirts with me alot. She's a great teacher shes down to earth. As a rule of thumb, any time a teacher flirts with a student, it is inappropriate. My crush stares at me and flirts with me but I know for a fact he likes a For example, a boss, teacher or someone with apparent power who attempts to flirt with an. He fanned my fresh-faced ambitions and promised to connect me with He knew he was flirting with a line no professor should cross and my exit had When you realize a teacher sees you in that way, not as a student or.

He pokes my arm at times and jokes with me. I just smiled and laughed. One time he gave me a shirt to wear because it was cold and another time he gave me his sweatshirt to wear because it was rainy.

I told one of my friends and she said it was weird. Is he crossing the line or am I mistaking his genuine courtesy as flirting?

my teacher tries to flirt with me

If this teacher genuinely likes you, probably as a bright and well disciplined girl, then this is even more exciting and academically promising but the extent of poking your private body and inviting you to his private room, portrays to any lay person, a picture that is more romantic than academic.

Some teachers are fully equipped with the habit of falling in love with their own learners regardless of the legal moral, ethical and professional principles that totally prohibits such actions.

my teacher tries to flirt with me

As a matter of concern, your task as a good student is therefore to concentrate on your academics as you watch out closely for any further romantic expressions that this teacher may continue advancing to you and prepare a strategy that will tactfully evade such life temptations.

If the teacher insists on pursuing your, then you should report him to the concerned authorities and they will deal with the problem accordingly. First of all the teacher is not professional at all.

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I would advise you to talk to the teacher and sort out your problems, but that is if you are not imagining that the teacher has a crush on you. Also, try to avoid the teacher in every way possible. Evode Igengabyose I would advise you to talk about it with the teacher because I can see you, maybe, also have a crush on the teacher. The problem is that you did not tell us how old you are but if you are older than 19, I do not see a problem with your relationship. But if you are younger than that, it is a huge problem.

He is crossing the line Irene Babirye The teacher is crossing the line and flirting with you definitely.

my teacher tries to flirt with me

The poking of your arm is inappropriate and you should tell him off if you are uncomfortable because it seems you are leading him on. Courtesy is out of the question because it looks like he is doing that to only you and not with other students in the school.

Is my teacher flirting with me?

The shirt issue is also crossing the line through and through. Sign up or log in to share What Guys Said 1 LuciferHannibal Dear, Director My name is Jessie, im a senior at a inner city public school, my pursuits are health related sciences, and track.

Im currently doing a exam on my English course for University credits. I have the same problem as you do, teachers would come to where I am sitting and flirt with me.

One time a math teacher came up to me and was trying to teach me how to do the homework I had been doing, I never asked for her help but she insisted anyways. She was talking very fast, and was rather abnormally anxious.

She would point to my work, and then write some stuff on my workbook, then unintentionally touch me in the hand or something.

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I dont consider myself to be an exceptionally good looker, I never felt that way, but every time I walk down the hall all the pretty girls just look at me.

When I sit down at class, girls just try to get my attention, I try to ignor them and do my work, but sometimes I look and it irritates them becuase they think im playing them. Im not delusional, a lot of girls look at me, even when on the bus, pretty girls make eye contact with me.

There are some good in it, being people treat me better. But also it brings some bad. When I was working at a resturant I had a employer who would ocasionally slap me in the behind, and this would go on for days.

My Older Teacher Is Flirting With Me - Should I Go For It? - |

I told my superviser about this and she stoped. Dont get me wrong, but when your teacher flirts with you it could escalate into sexual misconduct. There is a power difference between a teacher and a student, as for my employer and myself. This can lead to exploitation for you, as it did for me. It is wrong morally for a person of authority to do such unprofessional actions. It does not represent what the school system stands for, and it is horrible for anyones reputation to exploit a minor.

I feel bad for you so this is why I write to you. Tell him you do not like it, and tell him to stop. Your teacher will not know until you tell him. Do this now or as quickly as possible.