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happen happend happening happeningow happiness happy har haracz haraczu niewinni niewinnie niewinnosc niewinnosci niewinny niewinnych niewinnym piosenkarz piosenke piosenki piosneczki piosnka piosnke piotek piotr piotra tekst tekstach tekstami tekstem tekstow tekstowe tekstowy tekstowych tekstu. to prawdziwa skarbnica wiedzy o piosenkach i wykonawcach. W naszej bazie znajdziesz teksty utworów i ich tłumaczenia, informacje o artystach i . Happy - Pharrell Williams zobacz tekst, tłumaczenie piosenki, obejrzyj teledysk. Na odsłonie znajdują się słowa utworu - Happy.

A dlaczego odczytujesz odpowiedzi na wszystkie pytania? All right, provocation; do you know how native Slovenes in Austria struggle for every Slovene word, for every Slovene signpost, how the fascists around Trieste challenge the native Slovenes, what do you say to that? LAIBACH deals with the relationship between art and ideology, whose tensions and disharmonies it sublimates into expressive feeling.

Thereby it eliminates any directly ideological and systematic discursiveness. Our activity reaches beyond concrete engagement and we are a perfectly non-political group. Concrete political problems in this sense are therefore of no interest for us. Is it possible that someone has allowed, in Ljubljana, the first hero-city in Yugoslavia, a youth group to bear a name which aims to recall, by force, memories of the bitter LAIBACH?!

The very name and the sign are the visual materialisation of the Idea at the level of an enigmatic cognitive symbol. It appeared again after the capitulation of Italy in WWII, when the Nazis and the Slovene White Guard imprisoned, tortured and murdered those citizens of Ljubljana who did not believe in the victory of the Third Reich. In this sense the name summarises the horror of the conjunction between totalitarianism and the alienation of production, of industry in the form of slavery.

And why do you read the answers to all questions? This form of interview which is a message format is actually a limit of comprehension, within which the subject is allowed to feign conceptual ignorance and communication.

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At the same time, the way of its formation is a process of permanent repression of linguistic models, and thereby also of the subjects which construct them. Such a form reduces the possibility of individual influences on the structure of the expression itself to a minimum; it is dictated through the totalitarian structure and understood as the right to incomprehensibility, non-communicativity.

Laibach therefore always appears in history together with something which is not Slovene.

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And what can you say about yourselves, e. In its work, LAIBACH mainly uses the means of manipulative abilities of propagandistic nature and repressively exploits the power of information.

First and foremost, these are the means suitable for collective consumption, with which the masses are first dissuaded from critical thinking, e. We also include here the other instruments of propaganda strategy which primarily act on an emotional basis: We are the black ghosts of this world, we sing the mad image of woe.

We are the first TV generation. Where is this from? You were formed three years ago in the mining districts of Trbovlje. You are extremely proud that you were founded in the Red Districts.

The formation of the group is closely linked with the rise of modern consciousness and the new socio-economic relations, whose function and meaning were fully revealed precisely in Trbovlje, a town with a strong revolutionary and industrial tradition. Today, the mining districts are changing their image; among the factories and the mines, a contemporary industrial worker has grown and matured, with a developed feeling of class affiliation.

Few towns show in their exterior and their very life such great antagonisms between the old and the new as Trbovlje. This town has built us and we continue its revolutionary tradition. Both the art of the Third Reich and of socrealism have shaped and emphasised to perfection, within the framework of new state ideologies, the old classicist form of man, based on the principle of transhistoric humanistic ideals.

Oh, fuck the text [laugh]. The lyrics come along with the melody. It is the first concept album recorded by Nightwish. In the summer ofwe decided that this album needs some visuals to go with.

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We would do like 13 videos for the songs. The previous album, Dark Passion Play, sailed on some really dismal waters, we wanted to do something that has a little bit more light at the end of the tunnel.

So it ended up being a concept album about the power of imagination, the power of love and beauty, and good sides of life. And what about the movie? Like I said, the original idea was to do a bunch of music videos to go with the songs but then the director, Stobe Harju, had this idea to combine all of these concepts from the music videos and do a full-lenght film. We decided that this sounds even more ambitious. It looks like the premiere will take place before Christmas this year.

Is it going to be played in theaters or released straight to DVD? But I have absolutely no idea about the details yet. Tuomas, do you plan to do a real soundtrack for a movie with Nightwish? We are still a metal band. I would love to do that on my own, maybe even with him [pointing at Marco] but not under the name Nightwish. What kind of movie would it be?

I'll make this feel like home

It has to be something that really sparks my imagination and is somehow inspirational. Maybe not a romantic comedy but anything from a horror movie to nature documentary. The music business is in trouble. Do you think that making a movie alongside an album is the solution these days?

This idea crossed my mind when we decided to do the movie along with the album. The interest in music is really going down, the whole music business is going through hard times so people need to find some new ways to produce music.

When evolution changes human kind that much, then we can expect for the music industry to survive. And what was your very first musical experience that made you want to become a musician in the first place?

I got so hooked on the album that I learned all the lyrics. Was it a long-time sadness or did you start thinking quick about your future? The first thing we talked about was to have some time for ourselves.

It was important to care about the other guys — How do you feel? Not like some other bands when something like this happens and they split up. We are a family so we decided to go on if the right person comes.

We said this in public so we were waiting and checking the demo tapes from all those singers. In the meantime, you released a live album and a collection of ballads. Were you still unsure of the future when you were releasing these albums? These albums were already planned before all that. We were planning that when Steve was still alive. But the Lugano album was planned.

You said you went through bunch of demo tapes but how did you manage to find a guy that sounds so similar to Steve, even in reaching the higher parts? We were searching for a great singer and we found one [laughs]. We wanted someone who would convince us as a whole — as a person, as a human being. And of course he had to sing all these songs from the past that Steve used to sing. And Nic was the guy who achieved all those points.

Nic, is this style of singing your natural style or did you have to adjust to fit in with Gotthard style? Do you believe it will be as successful as the previous ones? Well, so far so good. And the most important thing is we are happy. They were really supporting us the whole time.

We thought that many people would leave us and not listen to us anymore but we were surprised that they were still really supporting us. It should end with a good story. Were the former members kicked out of the band or did they leave on their own? A little bit of both, actually. We did so much of extensive touring and we were away for a very long time. When we started the band many years ago, it was so much easier and we were a lot younger, and much better looking [laughs].

But over the years things changed. Some people started families, some people got other priorities in life. For me and Joakim, the band was always the biggest priority. We wanted to tour a lot, play a lot, we booked more than concerts and for some people that was too much to do.

That meant being away from homes and kids for two years. They will not do concerts over the next year. Until October next year, the longest break from playing that we will have is, I think, five days.

Your songs were usually World War II themed. This time you switched to distant past. Why did you do that? We thought it was time now. You know, we were bastards back then, too. Joakim, do you read anything apart from history books?

Sometimes fiction, but usually not. It could be Michael Crichton, Tom Clancy and stuff like that. Are you planning to cover some issues like the latest wars in the future — the Balkan War, Middle East and other conflicts from the last years?

Maybe in years, when we have grey hair or no hair at all, then it will be history and will suit us better. Thobbe, Robban and Chris — how many shows have you already played with the band? Are you still counting that? I think something like shows. So how do you feel like sharing the stage with 3 totally different people now? I think it was in San Antonio when I ran into Thobbe.

Stuff like that happened at the beginning. What bands did you guys play before, and what is the biggest difference between those bands and Sabaton? They play like five shows a year now. We released four or five albums. When it comes to music, Winterlong and Sabaton are quite similar in a way.

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Joakim, you said before that you were writing all the songs yourself. So is there any chance that the new members will bring some new influences to your music? If they suck, no. N o i co teraz drodzy Uczniowie i Studenci? Nie dajcie im tej satysfakcji. Tym samym, kobieta traktowana jest podobno przedmiotowo. Dorobek owej pani w tzw. Antropologia, z kolei, interesuje Grega Graffina z Bad Religion. Simpson jest niewinny, a to zrobili oni.

Badania przeprowadzone w roku przez duet Karen R. Scheel i John S. I Q Karolina Karbownik illustrations: S o, what now, dear Students? And then also some admonishing words from the know-it-alls about your black outfits, too heavy boots and too long hair every time you fail in something. There is always someone to be blamed.

It helps to let off steam, reduce the stress, frustration and pressure. Are you under pressure everyday? Listen to heavy metal more often! A couple of psychologists from University of Warwick in Coventry - professor Jim Campbell and Stuart Cadwallader conducted in a survey on year-old students who were members of National Academy for Gifted and Talented Youth.

In this survey they were asked about their school attitude, family and interests including their favorite music genres.