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quickreport 1 2 flirt

2 Painted Ladies, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Small White - Jim Fish Just a quick report - I released six brand new Small Tortoiseshells on Friday morning (8th) at transect) we registered another 3 WLH with one briefly flirting with. I've already planned out chapters 2 and 3, and depending on how this What was even more odd was that, despite her flirtations, he still hadn't .. Just write a quick report on it, and we'll put it on page three or something. paper cut upon himself with one of the bal- lots. "Ow." He Page Two. VOLUME FOURTEE N. ISSUE FIVE. 9 "NOVEMBER Iron Chef .. tends to be a flirt, and parties too much. You can do the quick report from me this issue. Fri-.

With a groan he said, "Great, now who am I going to hire to clean all of this up?

quickreport 1 2 flirt

When the ice melts, that won't make the leaves and branches disappear. Once they noticed him staring, Zexion sat up and quickly tapped Roxas on the shoulder to get his attention too. Without trying to be discreet about it, they turned and fled from the scene. Marluxia looked around for Lexaeus, but the man was much quicker to leave then the other two were. If Rejected, Behave Maturely "Why doesn't he love me!

Marluxia had burst into his room only because he was the only one left at the castle this day and just had to have someone to tell his woes to.

Now the man had his face in his lap and was crying theatrically in a way that no grown man should be doing.

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Unless as Demyx suspected he was just acting this way for drama's sake. How dare he throw it all back in my face? This makes no difference to me," Marluxia sniffed. He stood up and left out the room again without so much as a backward glance.

We're meant to be together! We're like, roses and lilacs, we go together! There, way below on one of the outer walkways was Marluxia.

Some people are trying to sleep! I wrote a song for you! Like, baby, baby, baby noo! Like baby, baby, baby ohhh! I thought you'd always be mine! You are not about to keep me awake by singing Justin Bieber! Well, she had a few drinks. Marluxia on the other hand was now more drunk than Luxord and that's saying something. Like a beautiful sunflower that managed to stay radiant after the long rays of summer have come and gone and the blush of spring has come again—" "Yeah, I didn't ask for all the gay poetry," Larxene cut him off.

You shouldn't be wasting your time on Stonehenge when you can have something much newer and fresh like…um…the newest iPhone! Did I hear that correctly? You get the picture. He's likely to die in a few months. He's probably collecting his last few retirement checks as we speak.

Not too long, he'll be a stiff corpse, dead on his lab floor and clutching one of his beloved test tubes with a boner from just the thought of science—" The rest of her speech was drowned out as a bar fight broke out between Xemnas and Saix. Axel, Xigbar and Xaldin cheered them on. Marluxia tipped back another drink, then slammed the glass on the counter and told Zexion to hit him with another one.

Then he hiccupped and chuckled. You're…not normal," Zexion told him. Xemnas and Saix's fight had turned into a passionate make-out session on the floor. Marluxia gave a pathetic wail and buried his face in his arms to cry some more.

Sarah didn't mind though. Actually, it turned out to work in her advantage. Being one of the best journalists in the greater metropolitan area had it's flaws. Combined with the fact that Sarah was quite… fetching, the whole ordeal gave her more attention than she bargained for.

Which wasn't that rare a feat anyway, as there was one thing sacred to Sarah, and that was privacy. The irony of the fact that her job was to disrupt the privacy of people to find out the most important stories wasn't lost on her.

She gave a mental shrug, and continued on. As she was close to the editor-in-chief's office His name was Langston Graham she passed the cubicle of the one man that was both the most interesting thing, and the bane, of her existence. She found the object of her many fantasies vehemently discussing yet another video-game problem with his furry little friend. I don't even understand how they could call it a Final Fantasy game.

Tidus versus Cloud, give me a break. Cloud's got like… seven swords in one. The only thing that Tidus has is a ball that he kicks at your head.

quickreport 1 2 flirt

Sarah got lost somewhere around the words Final Fantasy, but her eyes never swayed from the lanky form of one Chuck Bartowski, nerd extraordinaire. He was also one part of the Chuck and Morgan duo, journalists who took it upon themselves to inform the general public of Los Angeles about the, and she quoted, "Hottest games around. But the pieces they handed in were well written, and Langston found a good way to incorporate the pieces in the newspaper.

The main issue however, was that due to some strange, unexplainable reason, she was ridiculously attracted to him. That in itself was weird, as when one would compare the statistics here, Bombshell blonde versus curly haired video-gamer the bookies were definitely not stacking odds for the main romantic interest coming from said blonde. What was even more odd was that, despite her flirtations, he still hadn't made a move.

Yeah, she was old school like that, a man was supposed to ask a woman out on a date… Deal with it. Anyway, she had an inkling as to why nothing was happening on that front. Actually, an inkling was the understatement of the, albeit still very young, century. It was an inkling in the same way that a giraffe wouldn't be noticeable, walking over the streets of Sunset Boulevard. The fact was that he had no self-esteem. And it was easy to trace back to the root of the problem.

After all, it was quite the known story, especially in this office. Jill Roberts Oh, she heard the story. He'd been planning on proposing, and had everything set. Romantic dinner, rosepetals strewn over the room, soft music playing from a CD he picked up.

He went all out for it. Except when he went to his bedroom that morning, to pick up the engagement ring, he found her riding his roommate in pleasure. To say anyone would be crushed when walking in on something like that, would be an understatement.

However, apperantly Jill felt it neccesary to pour some salt on the already large wound by blaming him, for not being able to sate her carnal needs. Not only that, but Chuck had already been blessed with deep-seeded abandonment issues, courtesy of his parents who bailed on him and his sister when they were just kids. She had never quite gotten the full story from Chuck himself, but that was what she pieced together, from all the miscellaneous stories.

She had tried to get the story from Chuck but combined with the blush that would reach his face in record time, every time she would speak to him, along with the fact that it was for all intense and purposes, a very depressing memory, he'd shut down every time she brought it up.

She learned to stop doing it after the fifth time. Never let it be said that she wasn't persistent. That was probably why she was so good at her job, she mused. She asked around for a while, trying to get the name of the asshole who actually got Jill to cheat on Chuck, but she never got further than people telling her that apperantly it was his best friend, and his name was something like Bruce or Boris.

Something with a B anyway.

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At this point in time, Chuck packed up his things and left Stanford. He returned home to his sister and pretty much locked himself in his room and played video games for close to three years, doing nothing with his life. That didn't deter Ellie and Morgan, who was not only his partner, but also his best friend something about him being there for Chuck when his parents bailed to get him to go to UCLA and follow their Communications course.

This enabled him to get a degree, along with Morgan, and start working in the journalism industry. It also allowed them to combine their favorite pastime with their degrees. So it was a win-win situation. So there you had the history of Chuck Bartowski. A sweet, caring guy who got abandoned and betrayed by all but two people in his life. Ergo, his confidence was shot to hell. Sarah found this to be a major pity, as she had seen him when he was happy.

His smile was so infectious, that the only way it wouldn't have any power over you was if you were blind. Not only that, but his voice had the perfect pitch to it, that it could be both gentle and commanding, and he could change at will. Not that she knew if he could pull off commanding, as it wasn't in his personality to try and command other people. But she'd heard people with that same inflection before, people who knew that their voice could command other people to do things, and who weren't as opposed to doing so.

Langston Graham proved to be an excellent example. But she was once again drawn to his smile. She'd been at the mercy of that smile once before. She caught a pop-culture reference, which in itself was almost reason for celebration, that Morgan made to Chuck He waved a hand in front of Chuck, and said something about the disc in his hand not being the game that Chuck was looking for and in passing said: He looked at her for a few seconds, his mouth opened the slightest bit, as if not sure how to respond, which she found adorable, only for it to snap shut, and curl into one of the biggest smiles she had seen in her life.

The result was that her organs, bones and other tissue had melted into putty, that Chuck could do with as he pleased. That feeling of elation lasted roughly ten seconds, at which point Chuck, who was still silently praising her on her usage of Star Wars, noticed he was staring and immediatly snapped his eyes back to a more interesting location.

Like the roof tiles. Still, Sarah didn't mind. After all, she was still trying to find a way to turn putty into usable organs and bone structures. She was only semi-succesful. This happened on the third day after she started working for the L. Daily and she was hopelessly lost from that point on.

So that's how she became stuck in this ridiculous limbo with her own damn pride. Hell, she knew he was chivalrous, it was obvious to anyone. And therefore, to her own insane logic, he was supposed to ask her out. That didn't mean that she couldn't nudge him in the right direction. And today was no exception. Morgan thinking that he can convince me of one of his insane ideas again, even though logic is clearly on my side.

Let's look at the facts.

quickreport 1 2 flirt

The MP5 has 60 bullets ammunition, and 30 in the magazine, without Bandolier. That's 90 bullets Chuck. Unless you're a complete noob who simply sprays and prays, you won't need Bandolier to rack up the frags. You'll die before you run out of ammo. He looked awfully proud with the argument he managed to conjure up.

Chuck wasn't about to be bested though. That's why my kill to death ratio is still higher than yours… Anyway, can I help you Sarah? Chuck looked at her like she'd grown a new head.

He suddenly realized that once again, he was staring and bashfully averted his gaze. Luckily, the roof tiles were old news. He seemed to be awfully interested in the memo board though. Who could blame him though?

It seemed to be equal parts disgust and amusement. Sarah shook her head. Sufficed to say, we won't be reporting anything that other newspapers aren't reporting as well. So I just needed to clear my head, and you know how I love to hear you talk. Chuck's blush reached his face in a speed that caused Sarah to wonder how his limbs were working without said blood rushing through them instead of his face. The results measure total production to date.

We are offering a updated list three times a week that is simple and free of pop-up ads or videos you did not ask to watch or listen to. Read it all The Sweet 16 The Sweet 16 teams are ready for action.

Who are the 16 players you should be keeping an eye on with regard to the NBA Draft? We will release four names each day, leading up to the first game Thursday. We have the top players ranked! Check out our list of the best players to watch PF's C's Injuries can wreck your bracket March 14, Knowing who is injured can be the difference in winning or losing your NCAA Tournament pool, There are several key situations to be aware of for your bracket.

February 25 Tracking the players on pace to earn the NBA's most prestigious honors is good for staying informed. To do this, we use a very simple formula that multiplies the number of minutes played by the player's EFR HoopObsession. Our first NBA Draft player rankings page of the year is a very rough sketch. The draft board will change often as we continue to gain knowledge about the prospects. At this stage of the process, we use the Hoop Obsession draft board to help us identify and prioritize the players that we want to zero-in on.

By June, we will have a much more stable list of the top prospects. The NBA has officially reached the halfway point of the regular season. The Philadelphia 76'ers played their 41st game last night. They were the last team to complete half of the regular season schedule. Analysis of players, season to date.

Six new teams came into being this season. If you thought that perhaps with such a deep pool of players there might not be enough talent to sustain the league, well, think again. Factors from organization of the league, to increased pay for players, and most importantly, the new for "two-way' contracts, have created a talent-rich group of G-Leaguers. Players who in the past may have considered playing professionally in countries outside the United States and Canada, are now willing to accept G-League deals.

Walton closes G-League Showcase with great day. The two-way, rookie guard, for the Miami Heat excelled for the Sioux Falls Skyforce in their win over the host Raptors Read about all the day-FOUR stars.

Sacramento Kings halfway report. There are some positives to build on, but the reality of the halfway point of the NBA season for the Sacramento Kings is that they are a bad basketball team.

Not "bad" meaning good, but bad meaning bad. The Kings completed game with a record of 13 wins and 28 losses. Sacramento ranks last of 30 NBA teams in both offensive and defensive rating. Furthermore, the Kings are dead last in point differential. Read about all the day-TWO stars. G-League Showcase Day One. The most efficient player on a winning team was Tyler Roberson who plays for the Agua Caliente Clippers. Read about all the day-one stars.

NBA three-point shooting, position averages. We made a quick chart of the three-point shooting percentages of the teams that would qualify for the Playoffs if the season ended today.

quickreport 1 2 flirt

Average size of NBA players on Playoffs teams. Annually, we calculate the average listed height and weight for the most used five-man NBA lineups of the 16 teams that would currently qualify for the Playoffs. See the spreadsheet which includes the averages going back to Ben Simmons leads rookies December 11, Many teams are at least at the quarter-pole. We enjoy tracking who is on pace to earn the NBA's most prestigious honors.

The results lend insight to who is 'getting it done' at an efficient rate, while also measuring total production to date. The NBA season is almost four weeks old. The entire campaign will last 25 weeks. We keep track of who is on track to achieve the various awards that are of interest. This list figures to grow daily until July 5th. See the Summer League spreadsheet. Those who want to judge the NBA Draft are free to do so.

But the truth is, we won't know anything definitive for several years. We have made a habit of grading NBA Drafts five years after they take place. The four selections that never sniffed the show were selected at positions 50, 56, 57, and We now have 53 player capsules written for the NBA Draft.

You can access the short reads by clicking on the player name on our draft board.

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As well, the NBA Draft rankings are updated to inlcude all those that are presently "in" the Draft. Our latest NBA Draft rankings "big board" has weeded out all underclassmen except those that have declared, those that are likely to declare or those that are still playing in the Final Four. Read it all The Sweet 16 March 22, Our annual look at the 16 players remaining in the NCAA Tournament that we will be watching most closely.

The NBA Draft is now three months and change away. We continue to scour and scout. Our latest independent thinking has Lonzo Ball atop our draft board. Our top draft prospects includes all eligible players. If a player formally announces he is returning to school, we remove him from this year's rankings.

quickreport 1 2 flirt

The NBA Draft looks rich in small forwards. A good point guard can get your team to the winner's circle. The pivot man is essential to winning teams.

A scorer that also defends is even better. The "four" position is evolving. It is now virtually mandatory that big forwards have the ability to make three-point shots.

Read it all NBA Draft rankings 4.