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The new trend is for Big Six publishers to start “digital only” imprints. Star digital imprint; Random House's Alibi, Flirt, and Hydra digital imprints With no advance and 35% royalties, the money isn't as good, plus authors. Loveswept and Flirt are Random House's digital only imprints focused on The great thing about publishing digitally with Random House is that your book still. recent controversy over deal terms at Hydra, Alibi, Loveswept, and Flirt. Random House will cover general publicity costs for the imprint, and up to to Twitter Email This Pin This Share on Google Plus Share on Tumblr.

Gina, Matt and Heidi Our publishers are committed to building a varied, bold, and rich group of authors who are poised to be rising stars in the marketplace. Sue, Shauna and Junessa Our top-notch editors have a personal stake in all of their books and work closely with writers every step of the way to deliver the best story possible.

Writer Beware®: The Blog: Second-Class Contracts? Deal Terms at Random House's Hydra Imprint

Erika, Madeleine and Alex Our marketing and publicity team helps authors forge wide-reaching and long-lasting relationships with readers, as well as take advantage of promotional opportunities. There is no strict word count limit for submissions. We are interested in full-length works 40, words or more. Firstly, thank you for your interest in Random House! We make every effort to respond to submission inquiries, but we often cannot respond to all; please do not resubmit previously submitted queries, as this may create delays.

If we are interested in considering your full manuscript, you will be contacted with further submission instructions. You may present any manuscript in which you control exclusive copyright. We are open to previously-published manuscripts as long as the submitting author now controls all electronic and print publishing rights. Next, put said brand in a genre-specific digital cage, with a ringmaster offering some editorial and production support.

Kick off the show with a few established writers and, finally, allow the unsigned, self-published or unpalatably niche pen-monkeys in to play. Random House has been one of the earliest and most comprehensive adopters, with Hydra sci-fi and fantasyAlibi mysteries and thrillersFlirt new adult, or soft porn and Loveswept romance and women's fiction. Harlequin UK has Carina multiple genres while Little, Brown is breaking with convention to focus on literary and non-fiction with Blackfriars.

Democracy, speed and low overheads, plus author support and brand heft: Cue a scandal around the "predatory" Hydra contractswhich have been derided for offering no advance, deducting costs such as editing and design, and retaining rights for the term of copyright.

Random House Hydra, Alibi, Flirt, Loveswept Contracts Improved Following Writer Pressure

Sit back, scroll through your RSS feeds, and watch the name-calling ensue. From the author's perspective, though, such imprints seem to offer the limitations of digital-only publishing, without providing any of the offsetting advantages available to self-publishers — control over format, publication dates and pricing; creative freedom; better royalties.

Authors need to think carefully about what value is being added here and look closely at the contract's terms and conditions, comparing them with what they get if they publish themselves. Should we be giving them credit for at least trying to find a compromise? Evidently, the imprints vary hugely in their aims and approach. Which One Is Best? Small Press Digital My first book was small press digital. These companies are suffering, because they cannot compete with self-publishing.

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And small presses generally price higher than self-pub, maybe even as high as trad-pub although some are learning the advantages of low pricing.

Unless the small press has a dedicated, exceptional marketing team, they are unlikely to be better at marketing than the author. The one who took it, got out of it because things went south in a hurry, even before publication.

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The publication date was moved without warning. If this is important to you, this may be compelling see caveats above. Having a publisher means you have someone else to guide you through the debut process. They may promote your book through their marketing channels. They may get you reviewed by the larger reviewers.