Scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt in french

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scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt in french

Scorpion is an American drama television series loosely based on the life of self- proclaimed genius and computer expert Walter O'Brien. The series follows. Jan 19, In Scorpion Season 1 Episode 15 there is a lot of Paige and Walter flirting. Well, it's more like Paige teaching Walter how to flirt, but. Walter And Paige, Walter O'brien, Scorpion, Tv Couples, Katharine Mcphee .. Paige trying to teach Walter how to flirt for a mission:P .. Gabel at the “Scorpion” photocall during the Monte-Carlo TV Festival in Cannes, France on June

Porthos steps up and asks to please not make things more difficult, when a man about two-thirds his size attempts to throw a punch at the Musketeer, Porthos swats him away like a mosquito. Although the villagers clearly outnumber the soldiers, the Musketeers are taking them out easily without even using weapons. They catch him quickly and bind him to all four horses, forcing him to walk while they all ride. Back at the palace, we see a maid running as fast as she can with a bowl of apples and we hear a woman screaming.

The following scene, takes place in the main room of the palace as Queen Anne dressed in full attire and her son join her husband. Louis says he wants him to become his special counsel and a member of his court and he believes he foresees a time when Treville will get named First Minister and take the place of Richelieu. Queen Anne saw right through Richelieu and knew he manipulated her husband, Treville, incredibly loyal to the King is a good man, who would point Louis in the right direction on matters of major importance.

Capaldi moving on and the death of the Cardinal, gives the show-runners some room to play with as the characters are no longer the same as in the Dumas novel. So the scenario that seemed too good to be true, proved that it was exactly that.

Louis now feels betrayed by the Captain of his Musketeers, saying that Treville refused to step up to serve his country and he had cut the King to the quick. The Musketeers return to the palace and hand Rochefort over to their Captain. He then preens as he says to her that the King summoned him to the palace and Constance smiles at his joy.

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They enter the carriage sent by the palace. He demands that Louis relinquish him to the Ambassador at once and says the Cardinal never would have allowed it, which was the wrong thing to say, at the wrong time, to the wrong person. As he leaves he asks to talk to Rochefort alone and the rest of the Royal Court exit quickly and quietly. He tells the Ambassador to call his Governor at the prison and arrange for He and General De Foix to escape, but for the four Musketeers to get killed.

As the rescue party prepares to take off they realize that their mission will have one of two outcomes, as General De Foix knows all the military strategy France would utilize in a war against Spain. Athos moves forward and has his pistol shot out of his hand by the Spanish soldier. They take the opponents uniforms and ride to the prison pretending to return the escaped Rochefort. He climbs the sides and just as he nears the top, an opposing soldier sends the bucket down to get himself a drink.

And please don't ruin gooty for me.

scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt in french

I'm just trying to help. Hey, guys, what's up? Nothing that concerns you. Well, is everybody ready? We've got a long drive to the festival grounds for Sylvester's big birthday outing.

When I worked for the FBI, I used to have to schlep stuff out to the evidence warehouse, not far from where we're going. It is in the middle of nowhere.

That's the only way they could get the nerds out to Nerdfest to pull a profit. We, sir, are headed to celebrate my day of birth at the Los Angeles Renaissance Festival. It's today, damn it. And we will get in ahead of the masses with these-- our VIP passes. So don your garb, for today, we're gonna party like it's Why'd they put the parking lot so far away?

They had electrical transformers in the s? Oh, man, that isn't supposed to be thee. The county runs utility lines through this area. Land's not good for much, that's why they put government warehouses out here. Let us not talk of such crass matters as commerce.

Scorpion - Walter & Paige [s1-s3]

It is time to celebrate. Let the revels commence! Come on, birthday boy. The men here are all pretending to be knights and warriors, while the women are pretending to wash their clothes.

Even the fake past sucks. Oh, it couldn't have been all bad. What about the age of chivalry? Would you All right, look Hey, hey, there's a blacksmith. You like that kind of thing. The simplicity of this time period is so amazing. Yeah, well, you know, if they really wanted to make this place authentic, they would throw raw sewage out in the street, and give a few of these people the plague.

They have authentic food. They have big turkey legs and roasted ears of corn. Well they could have had cheesy French fries.

scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt in french

They had cheese, they had potatoes, they had France. Actually, the potato was brought from Peru to Spain by conquistadors. This place is about fun. It's not a history lesson. Actually, this place needs a history lesson, starting with us-- it is silly for you to be dressed as Maid Marian and me as Robin Hood because not not only were Robin and Marian not figures of the Renaissance but rather of the late medieval period, also, they were probably not even real people at all.

Make way for the king. I, King Phillip, hereby declare her costume lacks but one thing-- a rose. Paige gasps Which, alas, pales beside such beauty as your own.

scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt in french

Why, thank you, my liege. Please, chuckles call me king. Therefore, would most certainly not be presiding over an English festival. What is your problem? The past is, by definition, past. Pretending to be in it is silly. I'm going to enjoy the festival on my own. Good morrow, my king. That is a caltrop. It's like road strips cops use to stop cars, but for horses.

It's horrible, but this guy's technique is excellent. I'm dressed like an idiot. Yeah, but you look amazing. What a way to go. Meet me at the hayloft at Ye Old Livery Stable in five minutes. I want to see this guy finish.

You, me lady, shall experience pleasures the likes of which no man Don't ruin it. Oh, Toby, can I talk to you for a moment? Yeah, you couldn't have picked a worse time. It's driving me nuts that Walter can't just relax and enjoy this place, and if not for Sly, then for me. It's like, it's like every week I'm giving him boyfriend lessons. I-I knew it would be hard, but this hard?

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And sighs I don't know, we're just-- we're such different people. Well, um, you know, Happy and I are, uh, we're like, uh, double chocolate, which-which is an amazing flavor, but, um, so is chocolate and peanut butter. You just got to give it some time. Y-You know, it took Happy and me a long time to be on the same page. Look at us now. We're gonna get it on in a hayloft.

scorpion paige teaches walter to flirt in french

Ooh, I'm happy to hear the effort to bring us a Scorpion baby continues apace. Pardon the interruption, kind sir, but if a child is thine heart's desire, what wouldest thou say to this magical pregnancy amulet?

Anne Boleyn was wearing one when she conceived Queen Elizabeth.