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single flirt up your life picture

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life FAQ/Walkthrough Version Author: .. Photo Mode is the topmost of the these icons, with a picture of a camera. Summary: Singles? Flirt up your Life is the simulation of the exciting relationship between Mike and Linda. The game shows them in their shared flat, which. Full text of "SINGLES FLIRT UP YOUR LIFE! Can you see the circle in the top right hand corner, which shows the image of the character currently activated (up .

Again, on weekdays, characters will waste most of their time offscreen, while supposedly at jobs. On weekends, you've got two whole days to repeatedly cycle through the same types of actions in an effort to advance the relationships as quickly as possible.

All that, in addition to occasionally cleaning the apartment, repairing appliances that break after a certain number of uses, and buying new stuff from a rather paltry selection of mostly meaningless options, constitutes the gameplay in Singles. There isn't much to it, but it does keep you busy since you have two characters to be thinking about.

single flirt up your life picture

And the game basically controls well, with its fairly intuitive mouse-driven interface. It's easy to move the camera angle around and switch between the two characters instantly, and though you can always pause the game to queue up additional instructions for your characters, it's manageable to do so without having to resort to stopping time. Only in Singles do slender, attractive women in evening gowns spend their Saturday nights using the Internet. Singles is an easy game, which you'd have to go out of your way to fail, though it's theoretically possible to do so if you purposely neglect your relationships over time.

Singles isn't nearly as interesting as The Sims in this respect, though. Your characters can't die or anything, so don't expect surprising or interesting events to occur if you completely ignore their needs for days on end. We tried throwing two naked characters into an empty room for several days purely for the sake of experiment, we assure you and were disappointed to find the two of them still blushing at each other--paralyzed--after a week's worth of game time without any food or sleep.

As mentioned, the other thing about Singles is that it's surprisingly tame for a game that's unabashedly all about having sex. For what it's worth, there's no alcohol, smoking, or drug use--or references to any of these things--anywhere in the game. Then again, you can order your characters to remove all their clothing at any point just by selecting the "naked" option when you make them use a clothes dresser. And, indeed, the game features full-frontal nudity at this point, which explains the Adults Only rating from the ESRB.

However, this nudity is presented in an almost clinical fashion. The interactions between your characters are all very straightforward and are certainly not any more graphic than what you'd find in an R-rated movie. For what it's worth, the graphics in Singles are actually legitimately impressive. The game is demanding of a fairly fast system and is bogged down by lengthy loading times and awkward pauses in transition from morning, to day, to dusk, to night.

But the fully 3D character models and, to a lesser extent, the environments actually look great. Unlike in The Sims, you're free to manipulate the camera angle as you see fit here.

The default isometric viewpoint is useful, but you'll naturally want to zoom in for a closer look during interactions between your characters. The characters can be truly expressive, exhibiting genuine-looking emotions on occasion. Still, the closer you zoom in, the more likely you are to notice some graphical problems that mar the presentation. Characters' limbs will clip through each other and the scenery, and, depending on which pairing you chose, sometimes your characters won't even seem to make physical contact when they should, such as when they are kissing.

Assuming that the goal of Singles is titillation--not that there's anything wrong with this--these types of graphical issues really get in the way. The nubile characters of Singles aren't as interested in love as you might expect. The working week starts at nine o'clock on Monday morning.

A few tips for the start: You can control not only Linda but also Mike. Can you see the circle in the top right hand corner, which shows the image of the character currently activated up to now this has been Linda? Click on the small button below it - the focus of your attention will change to Mike.

They are called "hunger", "fun", etc. You will notice that seven of these indicators "needs" change in the course of time, with the red portion increasing. It doesn't take a genius to guess: Red is bad, green is good! Your basic job is therefore above all to keep these indicators as far as possible in the green for both Mike and Linda. Remember that only the needs of the currently activated character are displayed. You already know from the tutorial how to influence the indicators: Use the assorted objects in the flat to find out the consequences of various actions.

You could also let your singles talk to each other, e. As long as you manage to keep all indicators in the green, everything is fine. Your two singles are happy and in a good mood. Once you have got used to the new set-up, you might want to unpack the boxes in the hall.

How about dedicating some of Sunday to this activity? Clicking on one of the boxes to unpack it activates a new section of the tutorial. It will show you how to place furniture. As a special exception, the content of the boxes is free of charge. You must satisfy all other wishes at your own costs using a mail order catalog. Can you see the big round control element containing many buttons in the bottom left-hand corner? Click on the "flat" button it looks like a stylized house to enter the catalog.

If you wish, you could browse around a little to see what options there are. You will see that you can not only buy new objects but also redecorate and even completely do up and extend your flat. To leave the catalog, click on the "needs" button. It might take a moment to integrate all the new furniture that you may have purchased during the catalog phase into the game.

The singles will set about fulfilling their most urgent needs without your input if you leave them standing around. So there's no reason to worry if one of your singles suddenly sets off to plunder the fridge.

single flirt up your life picture

You can sometimes simply lean back and watch your two bods. However, it's always better to take care of your singles.

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Any independent activities are immediately broken off whenever you take over control and issue your own commands again. If you don't want your singles to act of their own accord we call this "Artificial Intelligence", "Al" for shortyou can deactivate this function. To do so, use the button that looks a bit like a cogwheel access the main menu, click "Options", deactivate "Autonomous characters".

From now on, you really have to take care of everything yourself! On Mondays there is a time slot from 9 to 10 o'clock for sending your singles off to work. To do this, click on the staircase and then on the button "Go to work". Normally, the Al should do this for you - that is, unless you have switched it off. At about 3 p. Mike and Linda will turn up in the flat again, bringing their daily wages with them.

You will notice that their needs indicators have dropped further while they have been at work. By the way, it is possible to miss work occasionally, but don't overdo it, or you'll be out of a job There are some activities that do not always work.

Going to work is for instance tied to a time slot. Going to Bed is tied to the night time. Besides, to start with Mike and Linda will certainly not want to sleep together in a double bed. In the course of time, you might notice further activities with these or similar limitations. The mundane side of life could begin - if it wasn't for that crazy little thing called love.

Alright, so maybe "love" is too strong a word for the moment, but in time, our couple will doubtless develop some kind of interest in each other. They talk, they cook and eat together. They watch films together on their new TV set.

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Before long, Mike and Linda will start flirting with one another Well, this is up to you: Depending on your behavior in your two roles as Mike AND Linda you will gather so-called relationship points in various categories such as romance, friendship or sensuality.

The more points are gathered, the closer Mike and Linda get, the more interpersonal activities become possible which are not yet available at the beginning. At first, this includes completely harmless things such as flirting, or conversations about common hobbies. Later, there might be kisses - maybe only a peck at first, then later a more passionate one Before long, the two will want to make out on the sofa and maybe even to make love.

Even the best sex is no fun on an empty stomach - just ask the responsible product manager at Deep Silver, he knows all about it. If you just started Singles, clicking here will load the latest saved game. If you just accessed the main menu from a running game, click here to continue your current game.

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life

Strangely this button starts a new game! You can choose between: The latter means that the flat is completely empty and has no dividing walls so you can unleash the interior designer in you. For that reason, you have an adequate amount of money at your disposal at the beginning.

Finally, you will have to unlock the "villa" first before you can use it in the game. To do so, you will have to go through the story successfully. In each version, you choose a couple you like from the singles available at the beginning of the game. By the way, in Singles you can also activate the so-called "Pink Mode".

To this end, you'll find two buttons in the "couple generator". This enables you to play a homosexual relationship. With this option you can access all formerly saved games. This is where you can save your current game in order to end your session, try out something risky that might have negative consequences, or simply save your current status. This is to control the more technical aspects of the game. Although the settings that have been automatically selected during the installation process should usually ensure the optimum performance for your computer, here you can do some fine-tuning.

The most interesting item is probably "Autonomous characters", where you can deactivate or activate your singles' Al. If you want Singles to run in a window on your screen, you can activate this function here. This is to quit Singles and return to Windows, but why would you want to do that! Well, imagine there's a camera that you can control and use to watch the flat and what's going on in there.

What you see on the screen is exactly what the camera sees. Sometimes also called the "proper" mouse button by people who have problems telling their left from their right. Well, whatever you like to call the mouse's ear is fine with us. The main thing is that you know what we're on about. Anyway, this thing's job is to make Mike and Linda get a move on. That's one of the things you've learnt in the tutorial: Click on a free space on the ground to make the single currently activated go there.

If you have activated the "tracking mode" see belowtheir movements will be tracked by the camera. Or "wrong" one, if you like.

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This is to move your "camera". Press the button and hold it down. Now move the mouse to the left and right. Do you see the picture moving accordingly? Now try to move the mouse up and down. You see that the picture is now moving up and down as well. It goes without saying that this works with diagonal movements as well. Take your time to experiment a bit - you'll soon get the hang of it. In most cases, this will probably be a wheel.

Simply roll it forwards and backwards. You can use it to zoom in and out moving your "camera" nearer or further away from the action. If you have no wheel, you can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard up and down.

The wheel has an additional function: You can press it down like a button. The character buying the present has the level of satisfaction of the fun need increased, while the one receive the gift has their relationship need satisfaction and Friendship relationship raised. You can buy one gift a day. If the story has been complete you can left click on the stairwell in the flat and select "Go to the beach house" to get both characters to go the the villa.

Working hours don't apply at the villa. Left click on the stairwell at the villa and select "Return to the city" to return to the flat so your character can get back to their jobs to earn money. Required satisfication refered to in some of these conversation options is the average satification level of the different needs on a scale of 0 to 1.

Characters that like hobbies get a larger increase, characters that hate hobbies get a lesser increase. Requires a minimum satifaction level of 0.

Characters that like chat get a larger increase, characters that hate chat get a lesser increase. Characters that like gossip get a larger increase, characters that hate gossip get a lesser increase.

Requires that the other character have a maximum satifaction level of 0. Can only be used once a day. Requires either 2 full circle of romantic relationship, or 1 full circle of the friendship relationship. Can be used up to 3 times per week. Requires 3 full circles in the romantic relationship. Requires 5 full circles in the romantic relationship. Requires 4 full circles in the romantic relationship.

Using this triggers the marriage dialogs. It will continue to appear until uses with all three of the romantic, sensuality, and friendship relationships at 10 full circles. Requires 3 full circles in the sensuality relationship. Requires either 9 full circles in the romantic relationship, or 4 full circles in the sensuality relationship.

Can only be used by the male character. A sofa is required. Requires 9 full circles in the romantic relationship or 6 full circles in the sensuality relationship. A double bed is required. When making out in bed the are two more options to engage in various sexual activities. The animation will vary depending on which character initiates them.

Requires 7 full circles in the sensuality relationship. Requires 8 full circles in the sensuality relationship or 10 full circles in the romantics relationship.

The justice need for the initiating character is also raised. Cancel all other queued up commands to proceed to the dialog or just wait for it to reach the top of the queue.

If you cancel "Talk" it will reappear in a while. Click on the right arrow in the bottom left corner of the screne to progress through the dialogs that appear as you progress through the tutorial and story modes.

The following dialog appears. Him indicates the male or pink mode character, Her indicates the female or rainbow mode character. The male character walks to the living room area and the following game dialog appears. To follow [Male character's name] into the living room click on this text box to get rid of the pesky thing, then click on an empty space next to [Male character's name].

After dismissing the dialog, you'll be controlling the female character. Left click on the question mark by the male character to proceed to the following dialog.

The male character wallks to another point in the living room and the dialog continues: You can see all the way downtown. And into number 28's bedroom.

It's incredible, you wouldn't think they'd be that flexible at seventy. Not that I've been watching. Again left click on the question mark beside the male character to continue the dialog: Then press the middle mouse button or mouse wheel and hold it down. Now wiggle that mouse about a bit baby. Want to move your view round the flat? Then hold down the right button and move the mouse, then you can use the mouse wheel to zoom in on things. Yes, and that does include people in the shower.

The male character goes to the kitchen area are this text appears: Let's see if you've got all the moves. Hold down the mouse wheel and move round until you can see [Male character's name]. Adjust the camera angle as per the instructions in the preceding dialog and click on the question mark beside the male character.

You know, new TV and sofa in here, some hotties for the bedroom. The male character sits down at the kitchen table. Have a look around. The bathroom's over there. Maybe you could freshen up to start with? Four question marks appear through out the flat. One is in one of the bedrooms, another in the bathroom, another between the kitchen table and the kitchen appliances, and the last between the kitchen table and the window.

Click on the question mark in the bathroom first. If you smell, or the rooms smell, then your roommate will start thinking about leaving. Try washing [Female character's name]'s hands in the sink click on the sink and then the 'wash hands' button. This will improve [Female character's name]'s hygiene. You'll see the body indicator go up as the germs go down.

Click on the sink and then click on "Wash Hands". Better get my ass to the bedroom and change before my new roommate thinks I'm an armpit nightmare. Click on the question mark in the bedroom to see this dialog: You keep your clothes in the chest of drawers.

Click on the chest the wooden one that is and pick what to wear. Click on the dresser and Click on one of the female characters outfits. If you select Naked, Underwear, or Towel the female character will get shy when approaching the male character and will cover herself up. This behaviour will continue for both characters until their relationship strengthens, for a character you're not currently controlling they will run to a dresser and change into something else.

Click on either the swimsuit or the casual outfit. The following dialog appears after an outfit has been chosen: Daisy fresh and ready to impress. Think I'll check out the kitchen next Click on the question mark between the kitchen table and the appliances. The following text will appear: To check if the stove still works, click it and switch it on with the handily labelled 'switch on' button. Click on the stove, and click "Switch on". The stove will explode. Is this whole place boobytrapped?

I'll fix that later, but there are a couple of house rules I want to tell you first.

Singles: Flirt Up Your Life Hands-On Preview

Walk to the question mark by the male character to see the following text: Click on the unoccupied chair at the kitchen table and click "Take a load off". The following dialog comes up: I just want to make sure you do your share of the cooking and cleaning.

Oh, and can you unpack the rest of your things before Monday? I start back then. But the hint's taken, I'll empty these boxes. Well now you've got it. Click on a box and click on the 'Unpack a Box' button to see what is inside.

Both character get up. The male goes over to the smoking stove to fix it while the female go to the entrance beside the boxes. Click on one of the boxes and click "Unpack a Box".

The following text appears: You're now in the 'Decorating Mode'. Just left-click to move unpacked items round the flat. If the item gets shy and starts to play invisible dooberry, then you can't put it down.

Go on, give it a whirl. You'll be taken in to decorate mode with the boxes contents. Left click to place the item. If its something that need to rest on a table you can use the kitchen table for now.

The following text appears after the item is placed. Just click it again and move it where you want it to go. All without the hassle of actually having to lift the thing.

We've thought of that too. Just click the item, then click and hold the left button to make the item give you a twirl. Left click on the item you just placed or another item it the flattry rotating it as described in the preceding dialog. Left click to set it down again.

The following text will now appear. You'll find that hiding in the bottom left corner of the screen with its friends. Move the mouse over a button and it'll tell you what it does. Click the "Needs" icons the Yin-Yang symbol in the interface in the lower left corner of the screen. Click on another box and place the item inside it somewhere. Repeat the process until all of the boxes are unpacked. The contents of the boxes are: You can change back into 'Decorating Mode' if you want to buy more furniture or do the place up a bit.

The game proceeds as in story mode. The fun relationship can also be advanced but its not essential to the plot. Try to avoid the trouble plot lines by keeping the work load balanced. Some of the dialogs for the romanctic, sensuality, and friendship, plotlines can be missed if certain conditions are not met, but this doesn't prevent obtaining the marriage objective.

The three relationship plotlines can be advanced in any order although the dialog for third circle of the romantic and sensuality relationships are mutually exclusive.

Attend to both characters needs through the first weekend and throw in some conversation between them, I'll discuss this in more detail in the next sub- section. After your morning routine on Monday morning when its time to go to work you see a factory icon appear. Direct one of the characters to go to work by using the stairwell and selecting "Go to Work" or wait for one of them to decide to go on their own.

The dialog before the first work day will vary depending on which character you send to work first. If the male goes to work first you will see the following dialog: I think we should find who invented them, then kill them and everyone they know. Go and study or get to work to get the dough. Then you can transform this place from a student flophouse into a filmstar swank pad.

Just go back into decorating mode to do your place up. If the female goes to work first you will see the following dialog: Only five more days to Friday night. No, you're right, Mondays are officially bad news. The other character will like spontaneous go to work, if not send them on their way. Avoid getting the relationship into trouble by balancing the workload and swapping the characters task each day.

In the morning when the characters first get up, have the first one use the toilet and was their hands at the sink. Have the other one get breakfast from the refrigerator. When the first characters done washing their hands, have them get breakfast from the fridge, ideally there will be a bit of conversation time at the breakfast table.

When the second character finishes breakfast, have them use the toilet, clean the toilet and take a shower. Mean while the first character should wash up the dishes and clean the dining table. There likely won't be time before work, for the other character to have a shower, they'll have one later.

Both characters should put on their formal or casual attire and go to work. The first character should use the toilet when they get it and have a shower. The second character can take on the trash and cook dinner. The first character should change into some casual attire unless they're no longer shy and get some food from the stove.

Ideally both characters are eating at the same time for some conversations. The first character should vacuum the house buy a vacuum from the study menu in decorate mode while the second character uses the toilet, washes up the dishes, and cleans the dining table if the first character is done vaccuum they can clean the table instead If you replace the shower with a tub, one of the character should clean it as well.

Now its time to do some relationship development. Have the characters talk to each other using the various Fun, Sensuality, Romance, and Friendship options to build up those relationships until its time to go to bed. You can try to keep the development of the four categories even, but its not necessary to do so as long as you don't ignore one or more of them completely. Both characters should use their respective beds.

Swap schedules for the next week day to avoid trouble. Have the second character get dressed and take out the trash, while the first character uses the shower. Have the first character get dressed, and have the character talk to each other using the various Fun, Sensuality, Romance, and Friendship options to build up those relationships until they start getting hungry. Have the first character use the toilet, and wash their hands, while the second character cooks dinner.

Have the first character get food from the stove. After the meal have the first character vaccuum, while the second character washes the dishes and uses the toilet, the first character should clean the kitchen table.

If you replace the shower with a tub, one of the character should clean it as well. Swap schedules for the next weekend day to avoid trouble.

Have one of the character interupt their schedule to repair the appliance. It will be necessary to catch up in the evening by reducing the relationship building time. Be sure to alternate repairs between the characters to avoid trouble. Take advantage of this and adjust the schedules to increase the conversation time.

In the morning, one character could start with a shower, while the other uses the toilet, washes their hands and brushes their teeth, before having their shower. Meanwhile the first character uses the toilet, washes their hands and brushes their teeth. Both then proceed to have breakfast.

Afterwards one cleans the toilet and the other washes the dishes and cleans the kitchen table.