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sweet flirt ep 9 lysandre x

Lysander is a student attending Sweet Amoris High School, and one of the He is first introduced in the ending scene of episode 4 as a band member with Castiel, In episode 9, Lysander feels a bit nostalgic after talking about his childhood. Hi, I'm Kizmet! I'm also known as KizmetSoul on My Candy Love. Currently I'm a student at Sweet Amoris High. There's a lot of things happening here, including. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Pet Sematary AU Rated: She had to leave all her friends behind and she is more than mad because of this. Will she find new friends at her new school? Her passion is music, but she can't bring herself to show her talent as Rema, so she does it under a pseudonym: She catches the eye of a certain redhead rebel, who doesn't know that the sassy and confident Youtube artist is right underneath his nose. He didn't really go out much, despite protests from his brother.

One day changed everything when he found a girl lying unconscious in the middle of the lake. Unaware of just how deep her role was in an on going celestial war. Now he's gonna have to watch his and hers while she recovers from her multiple century slumber and save the realms. I posted my first chapters on MCL inand I have just now decided to post it here. Because right now, I'm writing a sequel to one of the endings in this one!

X'D This story is based on the characters of MCL, although they are pretty much out of character, lol. I play the dumbo "Mary Sue" who goes for all the boys. The two become best friends, both refusing to admit their feelings for one another.

But during the summer, both of their lives are turned inside out when Dake comes around and steals Kaeleigh out from under Lysander's nose. T - French - Chapters: He sees without looking and he can even tell what you're thinking.

I'm talking to you, the makers of Hetalia… Rated: Candy was a princess who visited her Aunt in the woods everyday. One day she almost died and her magical Aunt saved her life. A little healing magic stayed with the princess and when she sang her hair could heal those touching it. He wears a black belt and holds a watch on a golden chain.

sweet flirt ep 9 lysandre x

The watch has gold rabbit ears. In Episode 25he wears a white lab coat over his clothes like the other students. Personality Lysander is a rather calm and mysterious boy who often has his head in the clouds.

Upon the first few encounters with him early in the story, he is mostly quiet and doesn't really talk much. But, as the story progresses, he becomes closer to Your Candy and starts to open up around her more. Along with Rosalya and Castielyou become one of the few people at school he's really close with even though he's always generally nice and friendly towards others at the school, On top of that, Lysander has shown to always be especially polite and courteous no matter the situation, whether it be good or bad.

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With that, his way of speech will often be more formal than the others'. Even though he might not be the most talkative person, when someone asks for his opinion Lysander will always answer honestly. He isn't afraid to speak his mind as he doesn't care much about what others think about him, but due to his polite and laid-back attitude, he will always say it in nice words and in a friendly manner. A reason for this is most probably the fact that Lysander hates lying or being lied to, which he says himself a couple of times in the game.

Answering him honestly and frankly is often a way to raise his love'o'meter in the game, if the answer is not said in a mean way, however. Along with lies, he also doesn't appreciate disrespectful behavior, and it bothers him when people pry into his personal business. Even though he says too much curiosity is a bad thing, he doesn't seem to mind Your Candy's curiosity if they become close enough. He doesn't even mind it when she looks over his shoulder to see what he's writing in his notebook during a scene in episode 17, but only if his love'o'meter is high enough.

He even smiles and seems to find it amusing. At school, Lysander is one of the better students, and doesn't seem to have much trouble getting good grades. He is good at Math, and also has some interest in literature and history, which probably makes it easier for him to study such subjects. Just like his brother, he is rarely seen worrying much, but is still very responsible and reliable.

Despite of this, he is very often shown to have his head in the clouds. His Lysander's notebook forgetfulness, bad sense of direction, and tendency to lose things are regularly shown in a lot of scenes with him, especially in the more funny ones. Lysander losing his notebook which he usually uses to write songs is one of the most commonly used running gags in the game.

Your Candy often finds it for him, as well as many other things he loses. Another notable trait in Lysander's personality is his patience. As far as the game has progressed, he is never shown raising his voice, losing his temper, nor panicking.

sweet flirt ep 9 lysandre x

Your Candy often notes that he is the only one to stay calm in difficult situations, like dealing with the problems Deborah caused, or when the exams are about to start even though he forgot about them. Having these traits, he can be a very good listener, and is always there to support his friends. This is outstandingly apparent upon Deborah's arrival, as Rosalya and Lysander are at first the only ones to hear out Your Candy's side of the story and believe it. He also often worries about Castiel whenever he is in trouble, and is also concerned about Rosalya and Leigh when they have a fight in episode 6, as he tries to assist Your Candy in getting them back together.

Overall, he deeply cares for his close friends. Even though he is usually very calm and collected, when his friends are hurt or in trouble, it is one of the rare times to see him rather nervous and upset. However, if someone does something bad to him, he is very likely to remember it and hold a grudge.

He can also be somewhat possessive, and if his love'o'meter is high enough easily gets jealous when your Candy interacts with other boys, even if it's just in a friendly way. Such scenes are often portrayed humorously, and most fans find his jealousy rather amusing and lovable, much like his bad memory. Relationships Friends Lysander is on good terms with most students at Sweet Amoris, but is close only with few.

As Rosalya and your Candy are the girls he's the closest with, and Castiel being his best friend, he spends most of his time at school with them. As he usually isn't very talkative, he talks to them much more than with others. Lysander and Castiel have met each other about six months before the start of the story. They became friends due to their similar tastes in music, and have become very close ever since.

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Lysander trusts Castiel very much, and tolerates his short temper without much trouble. Castiel talks to him about a lot of things he doesn't usually share, such as his break up with Deborah.

Like your Candy does, Castiel also often helps Lysander with his bad memory, such as calling him to remind him of the exams, or with his bad sense of orientation. Lysander also gets along well with Nathaniel and Kentin. He and Nathaniel pair up for the orienteering race if your Candy is teammates with Castiel.

They also work well with each other for events such as the concert and the play.

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Lysander often has to stop Castiel and Nathaniel from fighting, however he doesn't takes sides between the two, and equally dislikes both boys' negative behavior towards each other. In the more recent episodes, Lysander is seen talking to Kentin more frequently. They didn't have much contact before Kentin went to military school, but seem to get along rather well after they've started talking. In Episode 21, Kentin might comment that he doesn't mind Lysander's bad memory because he's always nice.

When your Candy sees them talking in Episode 22, she notes it's rare for Lysander to talk that much to someone other than Castiel. Family Lysander's Parents Lysander's parents names are George and Josianeand they first appear in episode They live on a farm in the country side, as they prefer life in rural areas.

While Lysander and Leigh do have a very good relationship with their parents, the two brothers firmly prefer living in the city, and have much different interests and views than their parents. Which is why they moved out from their parents place after Leigh turned 18, and the two brothers now live on their own.

Although their parents don't share the same interests as them, especially when it comes to their art, they still support them with their choices. Even though they don't live together anymore, Lysander's parents stay well informed about their sons' lives.

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They know about their friends and were eager to meet them when they came to school. Lysander seems to appreciate them very much also, as he is happy if your Candy says something nice about them. In Episode 30, you find out that George has been hospitalised and Lysander has been visiting him frequently.

Leigh Leigh is two years older than Lysander.