Bu valentine meet results for gymnastics

Boston University David Hemery Valentine Indoor Invitational

bu valentine meet results for gymnastics

BU David Hemery Valentine Invitational results. Recap · Results. Hide/Show at Towson Tiger Invitational at Dr. Sander Invitational Boston University Logo. Feb 9 (Fri) All Day. at Valentine's Invitational. Seeded by: Yale University Track and Field and Cross Country - New . top ten program finishes at the Boston University Valentine Invitational.

It is my hope that political differences among the nations participating in the FIG can be resolved.

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It would be most unfortunate indeed if the eastern and western gymnastics communities would split and competition between the two sides would be discontinued. It is my hope that differences will be resolved and the sport of gymnastics on a worldwide basis will continue to flourish.

Gymnastics Federation For the first time, Americans have joined the ranks of the world's finest gymnasts.

bu valentine meet results for gymnastics

This handbook is a must for all devotees. All the favorite gymnasts are here: Ohio State University, in Columbus, was the sight of the Championships, which had previously been held in Dayton. Mike Wilsonmen 's coach, and Mr. Larry Cook, women 's coach, at OSU, did an excellent job of organizing and hosting the competition. A total of 44 gymnasts qualified for the three day meet on April 24, 25 and Of the qualifiers, 40 participated in the Championships. At the conclusion of the first day of competition, compulsories, there were several surprises, including a rather high percentage of newcomers in the top 14 finishers.

With the Olympic Boycott, perhaps creating a loss of motivation, drive and enthusiasm among the top gymnasts, the drive for higher compulsory scores was lacking. Consistency and experience surfaced once again, as members of the Fort Worth World Championship Team secured the first four places during the compulsories.

bu valentine meet results for gymnastics

Many outstanding improvements were made over last year by such gymnasts as Casey Edwards, 4th, and Wallace Miller, 6th with a score of There were other new faces in the top 14 worthy of mention, including Carlos Spivey, 11th place tie of Although some of the veteran gymnasts including Peter Kormann, Mike Wilson and Tom Beach, encountered only a few problems, they finished surprisingly, in low places. From a technical view point, I could not observe any significant technical improvement in compulsory exercises as a whole, even though there were many solid routines shown in the competition.

bu valentine meet results for gymnastics

One of the bright spots was the "Peach Baskets" being executed well in the Parallel Bar routines by several gymnasts and the improvement in the technical execution of the Handspring vault which was apparent in the height and distance after flight.

Many outstanding performances were given on the second day, Optionals.

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Jim Hartung scored the highest in the optionals, a Outstanding performances by Ron Galimore on floor exercise and vaulting, scoring 9. A very consistent veteran, Larry Gerard scored satisfactorily with A very strong comeback from last years plateau was evident by Phil Cahoy's impressive optional routines scoring 5th highest with a A college freshman from the University of Nebraska, Scott Johnson displayed an outstanding performance scoring the 5th highest optional total with It should be noted that a very unfortunate break on the pommel horse event on the previous days competition put him on the way down in the all around placement 21st placehowever, his performances were very impressive throughout both days competition except for pommel horse.

A very explosive Casey Edwards had a few problems in floor exercise and pommel horse routines but his aggressive performance in the other 4 events, helped to keep his head from the previous day to finish sixth all around. The selection of the National Team at the conclusion of the two days of competition, showed that 7 of the 15 members are newcomers this year.

All of the new members are still in school, which gives a solid foundation for the National Program. By comparison statistically, the results of this year versus last year are much more encouraging, even though it may not have shown during the performances.

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The most striking fact is that a gymnast had to score a total of The average all around score of the National team members for is Highlights from the meet included freshman Kelsey Seto making her all-around debut, and junior Zara Karuman going 4 for 4. MIT posted a team score of a MIT's scores from the meet are posted in the results section.

The team took first place with a record team score of Junior Karis Stevenson qualified for finals on three events and the all-around, and finished 9th on vault and 13th in the all-around. Three meets into the season, we have already topped our highest team score from last year and are still making great improvements every meet. In our home meet against URI, the Engineers had a great first meet.

bu valentine meet results for gymnastics

Despite Karis being sick and thus the team having an incomplete team scorethe team averaged a 9. Sophomore Zara Karuman went four for four on her events, ending with an impressive One of the highlights of the meet was the first competition of our alumna Julia Zimmerman on vault, debuting her vault for the first time this season including in practice! The team also had a great floor run, making all their routines to score an impressive Despite some falls on other events, the Tech still scored over aa huge score that gave us a second place finish at the Invitational behind URI.

This past weekend, the team traveled to Springfield to compete in our first varsity meet of the season. It was a great meet with a lot of energy, and the team ended up with a One of the highlights of the meet was having our alumni fan club of Marie and Laura there to cheer us on and make us posters! Also competing at the meet was Southern Connecticut. Despite having only six members, the MIT club scored a with 5 scores counting.

bu valentine meet results for gymnastics

The team started with vault and everyone hit. This trend continued through bars and floor until. Beam also went well despite a few falls and bobbles. This past meet she was a true competitor and showed her best routines!

She also recently added a front handspring — front full as her second floor pass. With the return of Gina from her month in Italy and the addition of Stephanie Schmit, the gymnastics team has grown to seven people.